Top 10 Manuka Honey Brands 2019

what is manuka honey manuka honey may be

a new term for you a while back I too is

a stranger to this term from my

understanding before honey came from

bees and not from anywhere else right

well a while back when I google the term

where does manuka honey come from I

found out that manuka honey actually

comes from New Zealand and it has a

specific type of bush that only exists


bees pollinate manuka bushes and that is

how this specific type of honey is

produced over time it has been learned

by natives that actually using this

natural ingredient to treat their wounds

works the word has spread and caught

fire and there are plenty of manuka

honey brands existing today that claim

to be the best my goal today is to take

you through our top ten coming in at

number 10 the Witherspoon ROM and Nuka

honey k-factor twelve water spoon likes

using the k-factor to measure the

quality of their honey as the scale

indicates the amount of manuka pollen

thus showing the Jen Eunice of the

product raw manuka honey from water

spoon has a ke factor of 12 which

denotes that almost all the pollen in

the honey is from manuka flowers that

simply means that the product is genuine

manuka honey and can be very effective

for treating a wide range of illnesses

coming in at number nine the Manoa

manuka honey

UMF 20 plus the new chrome manuka honey

is obtained from the native forest in

new zealand and put into the selling

containers directly which means that

every jar is pure and natural during

harvesting the honey undergoes a

creaming process to ensure that the

product is smooth and delicious while

staying all-natural and keeping its

distinctive flavour coming in at number


weatr spoons raw premium manuka honey

water spoon offers the honey and its

natural form without any addition or

removal or constituents

also the company does not pasteurize the

honey it sells it wrong apart from that

this company uses the k-factor to

establish the degree of medical

usefulness of the product the K factor

is a measure of manuka pollen in the

honey coming in at number seven Happy


um f15 Plus manuka honey Happy Valley

manuka honey comes with the UM F mark

thus giving you confidence that the

product you are buying is genuine New

Zealand produced manuka honey

that has high levels of mg and DHA the

Happy Valley manuka honey is tested

independently and has been shown to

contain high levels of beneficial

compounds based on these independent

tests this brand has a umf range of 15

plus coming in at number 6

airborne manuka honey airborne manuka

honey persistently rates at an NPA of

between 8 and 12

due to its awesome natural property if

you don't know what mpa means it stands

for non peroxide activity the mpa refers

to antibacterial features beyond the

natural healing properties of honey

the excellent MPA Ratings give this

brand its unique potency to deal with a

broad assortment of ailments coming in

at the halfway point number five manuka

dr. 24 plus bioactive honey now totally

indigenous element of manuka aside i can

guess how confused you are with the term

bioactive i'm here to solve that

well people there's a rating system in

place called ta rating this measures the

total peroxide activity within manuka

dr. the higher the rating the more

bioactive it is in this case the rating

is 24 plus the higher rating the better

it is for your health coming in at

number four come vita certified Yuma 15

plus manuka honey did you know that come

vita are the largest manuka honey

dealers in the world getting there is

not easy

it needs the company to install measures

to ensure that products are unmatched

quality the UMF honey association um FHA

independently tests every batch of the

honey to assess the levels of the three

major compounds mg DHA and lepto Spearin

the unique health benefits number three

manuka health so what's so special about

this brand bald acts as a natural suitor

add manuka health to your tea and this

will ease a sore throat to a great

extent a new canal 400-plus worked it's

magic to remove my long standing cough

problem not only that this jar of a

wonder is known to counter tonsillitis

as well it's no secret that these things

can help your health

besides that manuka expertly treats skin

conditions like acne and eczema coming

in at number two Keva certified if

you're looking for the product that will

offer you the most

powerful healing power Kiva certified

Brahmin uka honey is the one to get with

AUMF of 20-plus this product contains

high amounts of healing agents Kiva

manuka honey is harvested from hives in

the remote pristine hills forest and

other areas in New Zealand where the

manuka scrub grows abundantly the honey

is then independently tested and

packaged for sale coming in at number 1

manuka honey by good-natured you have to

have the raw indigenous and authentic

product to work its magic

that's why manuka honey by good nature

comes in at number one it is produced

packed and packaged in Australia this

brain goes to great lengths to ensure

you get the authentic taste that you pay

for the great lengths the good nature

goes through like producing packing and

packaging all in the same place keeps

the quality at an all-time high thank

you guys for stopping by and hearing

about our favorite and manuka honey

brands make sure to check the link in

the description to check out the

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