hey guys and welcome back to my channel

so for today's video I want to share

with you my best and worst products from

Mac so these are products to me that I

could not live without so if I ran out

of them today in my makeup collection I

would have to go to Mac go repurchase

them because they're just like that good

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oh this is penny and I want to start off

by talking about my favorite favorite

like the best Mac product so the first

one I want to share with you guys is


strobe cream this is really amazing if

you have dry to normal skin so this is

like an illuminating moisturizer or a

primer you could even mix this in with

your foundation that's actually what I

did today and Mac just came out with a

few different shades I think like last

year maybe the year before so this is in

the shade gold light and it just has

this ever so hint of gold in it it's so


and when I first got into the strobe

cream they just had one shade it was

original and it was more of like a

silvery iridescent shade but once they

came out with gold light game over and

they also have this one right here - and

this one is pink light and this

obviously has more of a pink undertone

so if you like more of like a rose gold

highlight or you find that pink tones

are more flattering on your skin you

guys would love this so there's a little

comparison you can really tell a

difference when you see the pink light

so pink light gold light they're just so

incredibly beautiful on the skin they're

not sticky or tacky and they don't like

make your foundation cakey at all a

perfect primer perfect everyday

moisturizer if you like

that really glassy skin type of look so

definitely Mac strobe cream is one of

the best products so this next product

may not come to a shock to some people

and if you guys have been following me

for a while now you guys know exactly

what this is this is Mac's lip liner in

the shade stripped down I personally

think that Mac lip liners are some of

the best in the game they are pencil lip

liner so you do have to sharpen them but

they are like the perfect combination

between stiff and creamy you don't want

a product that is too stiff because

you're not going to get a good color

payoff and you're really gonna have to

tug it your lips to get that lined look

but you also don't want it so creamy

where it's just gonna slip right off

your lips or feather into your skin and

I actually have stripped down paired

with a lipstick a MAC lipstick I will

talk about here in a second so this is

what strip down looks like it's the

perfect brownie nude shade it's really

great to contour your lips if you're

looking to over line and overdraw your

lips to get you know a bigger lip

appearance I would HIGHLY highly

recommend this the next product is mac


I do not leave the house without this

bad boy in my purse so this is like the

little mini travel guy that you can get

in like their little checkout section

and then this is what the full bad boy

big boy looks like so this is a setting

spray and I love everything about it I

love the mist it's a nice fine mist it

smells amazing it's not overly fragrant

or anything and I find that this does

help my makeup last longer so if you

have dry to normal skin this is gonna be

more of like a refresher it's gonna keep

your makeup looking better for longer I

absolutely love these I go through these

probably like I go through water just

all the time so highly recommend this

next up we have some blushes and don't

mind my products they are dirty because

I use them all the time so it was really

hard for me to choose just one blush

because Mac has some my favorite blushes

of all time so I chose my top three

blushes that I rotate often that go with

so many different make

look so the first one I want to talk

about is this guy right here this is max

Melba this is a matte blush I actually

have this on today mixed with another

blush I will share with you guys in a

moment but it's such a pretty peachy

coral shade and this shade actually

looks really flattering on so many

different skin tones and this also goes

with a lot of different makeup looks as

well and I love me a good matte blush on

just certain days and certainly looks

that I'm going for I feel like you

always have to have a good matte blush

in your collection so depending on my


I will go between Melba and these next

two shades so this one right here is

actually a mineralized blush finish and

this one is old really old and I tried

to deep pot it a long time ago and for

these mineralized blushes you cannot be

pop them so just like an FYI so that's

why mine looks all crazy and this one is

in the shade warm sole kind of reminds

me a little bit of a warmer new deer

version of NARS orgasm and it has just a

little bit of Sheen so when you catch

the light and you turn your head you're

gonna have that really beautiful glow so

again if you like more of like a bronzy

or like a warm toned blush you guys

would absolutely die over that warm soul

is balm actually have that mixed with

Melba today and this last one is Mac's

modern Mandarin and I know what some of

you guys are thinking that is orange and

yes it is but you guys it looks so

different from in the pan it can look

very scary and even swatched on the back

of my hand I know some of you guys are

gonna be like whoa this one is a satin

blush so it has that same type of effect

there's no glitter there's no sparkle

but it's just gonna give your cheek that

little bit of glow and I really love

this when I'm going for really bronzy

looks or very warm tone looks or when

I'm on vacation because this makes your

skin really pop and especially if you

have a tan it is just so gorgeous on the

skin and I love Mac blushes because you

can really get a lot of pigment from

them you can also you know share them

out if you like

a little bit of a less dramatic effect

with blush I loved me a lot of blush so

I pile it on and these also two are very

long wearing and I just think that Mac

blushes blend so beautifully into the

skin so if you guys like peachy tone

blushes highly recommend checking out

these three last but not least for my

favorite Mac products or the best Mac

products are MAC lipsticks so these are

three shades I always have to have on me

at all times these are the ones that I

put in my purse or when I'm going out to

an event or I'm going to dinner these

are the ones that I always bring and

that I'm probably wearing on Instagram

so the first one I want to talk about is

this guy right here this one is in the

shade honey love and this is actually

what I have on my lips today it is so

pretty it's kind of misleading it looks

very mommy and very pinky on but it's

such a beautiful nude shade especially

paired with Mac's stripped down I also

have a few other lip liners that I like

to pair with this but Mac stripped down

is one of my favorites the next one is

yeahshe this one does not get enough

height and this one is one of my

all-time favorite nudes this one is also

matte but very comfortable on the lips

oh yeah SH and honey love they look very

similar josh has a little bit more of

like a warm tone to it and a little bit

more of like a brownie tone but this one

also paired with a darker lip liner and

you can even like top this off with a

gloss I just think these are some of the

best nude shades if you're looking for a

good nude shade I would highly recommend

these to loved them wear them all the

time and like I said Yash does not get

enough love and it's so beautiful and

the last one I want to share with you is

actually a color and this is my go-to

red shade as you guys can tell I have

loved it well I don't know if you guys

can tell but it's been used and this one

is Mac's

all-fired this is really pretty because

it has a little bit of that fuchsia pink

undertone so it's actually gonna be very

flattering on so many different skin

tones and I love this to bring on

vacation when you don't want to put on a

lot of makeup but you want to look you

know done up when you go out to dinner

or you are you know going out for the

night or whatever it is

this is the perfect read just to throw

on your lips do a really light makeup

look or even just apply some Mac strobe

cream and you're literally good to go so

I absolutely love this and this one

again is also a matte shade so very

comfortable on the lips if you have dry

lips like me

I hate mattes and these are three of my

favorites and they're all matte shades

so highly recommend all three of those

now I'm gonna move on to my worst Mac

products and the first one I want to

talk about is a brush and unfortunately

I don't have any of these products to

share with you guys because they are

some of the worst products and I did not

keep them around in my collection but

this is the product I want to talk about

this is the 182 synthetic buffer brush

this retails for fifty-three dollars

it's one of Mac's most expensive brushes

after I bought this I only used it a few

times and it completely fell apart on me

all of these bristles actually came out

of the base and I was left with nothing

also to when I would wash this black dye

would come out from the fibers and I

have a bunch of different brushes in my

collection from high-end to really

affordable brushes and I've never had

that happened to me except with this

brush right here I've had Mac brushes

some my Mac brushes since I first got

into makeup but this one did not last it

was not worth the money and I think

there are a lot of other great brush

brands that are out there that are

really affordable that will get the job

done so the next product I want to share

with you guys is a foundation and this

is the foundation right here it is the

Mac Studio water way SPF 30 foundation

actually picked this up in my shop with

me Mac video and I will have that link

down below just in case you guys have

not seen that but the girl color matched

me and she asked me if I wanted a sample

which I'm so glad that she did and I

didn't buy the full bottle it retails

for $36 and it's supposed to be a long

wearing all day non cakey non streaking

moisturizing medium to sheer coverage


it was extremely greasy looking it

looked very heavy I did not like how my

makeup looked on top of it it just made

me look super greasy

you guys are looking for a Mac

foundation I would highly recommend to

stay away from this one just because it

just did not flatter the skin at all it

really emphasized my pores it emphasizes

texture on my skin that I didn't have

and made it look like I had texture on

my skin so I would definitely definitely

recommend to not pick up this product so

the last product I want to share that is

like my worst product is the mac's

blacktrack gel liner and this isn't a

bad product but I think that there's so

many other products that are out there

that are very comparable to it and that

are cheaper than this I used to love

this when I first started wearing it but

I noticed that it wasn't as black and

that's when I started using the blackest

black maybelline one and I just kind of

put this on the back burner of all of my

other gel liners that I had in my

collection and I just felt like it

wasn't anything that was worth spending

your money on because there's so many

different options that are out there

that you can get the exact same effect

with a gel liner and you can get

something that is cheaper and blacker

and better in my opinion that was

everything for my best and worst Mac

products let me know if you guys have

any favorite Mac products that you guys

think I should try what is on my lip but

that is everything for today's video I

really hope you guys enjoyed make sure

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thank you guys again so much for

watching and I can't wait to see you

guys in my next video

rising up like Phoenix's crowds