Best Load Boards For New Owner Operators

you've been a company driver at your

whole life okay you're ready to make the

next move you're ready to get your

authority rated by a truck but you're

think to yourself you're scared because

you've been fed all these loads all

these years and you don't know what to

do you hear about spot market you hear

about load boards but you don't know

which ones to use today we're gonna help

you out today's video is brought to you




in life you should never talk about

anything that you don't know I am a

mover okay I don't work the spot market

I don't work load boards that's not my


but I have a friend that does 18 years

as a truck driver he's dispatched over a

hundred truck drivers at a company he

owned his own freight brokerage and now

he's the owner of Radko transport and

he's here today to give you some tips on

what love boards to use I appreciate you

so much Mike thank you for being on the

issue my show hello friends my name is

Mike I own and operate radical transport

in today's video let's talk about load

Wars and which is best for somebody

that's just starting out there's plenty

of them to choose from well actually

there's only two main ones which is

truck stop and dat if you choose to go

that route what I recommend that you do

is open up both of them get the cheapest

plan for both load boards and use them

both and see how they work for you see

which one you like more which one's

easier to use which one gives you more

Freight for what you're doing because

for example if you run a flatbed you

know you'll have better luck on truck

stop a flatbed rgm truck stop now is

probably the way to go if you're running

a reefer drive AM you know it seems like

dat might have a little better edge but

both of those load boards will have

plane you Freight getting into this

business as an owner-operator

independent contractor one of the better

ways that you may go is go to companies

like CH Robinson coyote logistics tql

England prime land star all those big

companies carriers and magda brokers

they have their own boards that they

post Freight on first so they'll the

freight will hit those boards and then

they'll trickle down to a truck stop and

dat if that Freight can be covered now

truck stop and geeky they also have

smaller brokers that

you know might have some contracts that

they have manufacturers so on and so

forth so it might be worth your while to

keep truck stop or Det and also sign up

on the big broker website I found that

the best way to get the highest bein

Freight as if you develop relationship

for somebody with somebody like seat

Robinson or coyote logistics and if

you're a one guy show if you got one

truck one trailer maybe two trucks two

trailers you know the way I work and the

way I run my business is I don't use the

80 or truck stop I have developed

relationships with big brokers and three

you know you don't need more than than

that you know that keeps me busy they

have plenty afraid and as you build

relationships as you do quality work in

old owned LTL their Freight if it's not

meant to be LTL they look at that and

that's you know you bring value in

honesty integrity so if you work with

the big brokers then pretty soon you'll

find yourself you know getting that

three four dollar a mile loads you know

something that will never ever the

freight that I personally haul never

hits the boards I mean it's you know

there's plenty of us out here that the

gravy train goes to and then all the

cheaper freight and goes on the boards

so as a new guy that's coming into this

industry I'm not sure you know what

equipment you're looking to be getting

into I'm talking from a perspective of

re for a drive in you know your best bet

and your biggest bucks are gonna be in

creating relationship with the big guys

because they have Freight that just pays

astronomically I mean I you know that's

where the money is you know or you can

go work direct eventually

but that's a little more involved you

know you got to pay you got to wait a 60

90 days to get paid and there are no

guarantees as brokers are mandatory -

they have to carry a bond so if they go

under if something happens you know you

have something to go back to I want to

thank the Asian my show for this

opportunity to answer this question I

really enjoyed it was a lot of fun

Alex love your brother and take care

yourself thank you Mike for your honesty

and for helping out the new guys I just

want to say out there that we are not

sponsored by truck stop we're not

sponsored by DAT we're not getting paid

for any of those things okay I just want

to put that out there

it's just Mike beliefs from his 18 years

of experience that for the new guys and

girls truck stop and dat would be a good

place to start now just like you said

relationships are everything build them

with the brokers it's gonna take time

and if you think that it's just gonna be

fly-by-night then that's what you'll be

a company that's fly-by-night here today

gone tomorrow