Bright Light Therapy For Depression SAD Sleep Guide (How Happy Lights Work? Lamp Reviews & Tutorial)

hey everyone out there I'm hoop smiles

in this video today gonna be talking

about bright light therapy what I plan

to cover in this video I'll start out by

talking about my personal experience

with my mental illnesses I'll also talk

about what is bright light therapy who

is it for and does it actually work also

I'll be talking about what kind of light

therapy lamp you should get I'm also

going to talk about how to use your lamp

I also put the time stamps to each

section of this video in the description

of this video so you can jump forward to

different parts of the video at any time

this video is sponsored by Carrick's

health brands which is the maker of this

light right here

BD light classic plus I also put a link

in the description of where you can buy

the daylight classic plus along with how

you can get a significant discount on

this light therapy lamp so first off I

want to talk about my mental illnesses

so in the past I've struggled with OCD I

also have depression I feel like there's

been times where I've wanted to die in

my life you know times where it's so

hard to find the motivation to get up

and do the things that I want to do and

be expressed in my estimation I've now

been using bright light therapy for

about two years and I want to talk about

my experience of how using bright light

therapy has impacted my life and if it

actually works which I will get to later

on in this video also by no means am I a

doctor so if you're gonna use bright

light therapy I recommend that you

consult your doctor first before doing


so what is bright light therapy in short

bright light therapy is using lamps such

as this one right here to mimic sunlight

now these light therapy lamps may have

other names as well such as happy lights

light boxes light therapy boxes etc now

before I continue on any further in this

video I just want to let you know that a

lot of the information that I used about

bright light therapy I got from the Care

X blog I also used some graphics from

the blog as well so I definitely

recommend checking out the kerrick's

blog I put a link in the description of

this video it has a lot of helpful

information a brow about bright light

therapy now according to the kerrick's

blog we all need sunlight to live

healthy lives our exposure to sunlight

aids in the production of a variety of

vitamins and minerals including

melatonin and serotonin which directly

effects our energy levels and emotions

so what happens if you live in areas

during the winter months that receive

less sunlight this is where bright light

therapy can help you can use a strong

artificial light source like this one

right here to mimic sunlight in doing so

it can help aid our bodies in the

production of melatonin and serotonin

when we lack sunlight exposure

who is bright light therapy for bright

light therapy can help people that have

seasonal affective disorder depression

sleep disorders including insomnia

jetlag shift work adjustments and senile

dementia now there are some groups of

people out there where bright light

therapy may not be recommended some of

the groups may include but may not be

limited to people with bipolar disorder

systemic lupus erythematosus people that

may have sunlight sensitivity also

people with certain eye conditions as

well before you go out and do bright

light therapy I definitely recommend

that you talk to your doctor first get

clear first if this is going to be okay

and right for you

now here's the big question does bright

light therapy work in my experience

bright light therapy totally works

I found it to be a great way for me to

wake up in the morning so if I get up

out of bed and I turn the light on I

find that it can just kind of help get

past that mental fog that that slowness

to wake up in the morning so yes I think

it definitely does work in that way I've

also used it paired with cognitive

behavioral therapy for insomnia and that

I felt you know helped to kind of

restore my circadian rhythms now if you

are interested in learning about how

circadian rhythms affect your body here

is a graphic from the Care Act's blog

where you can go to get more info about

this topic now here's the thing when

using these lights I do recommend that

you practice other healthy ways of

living so if you just like you know eat

a ton of junk food the night before or

something and you expect like oh I'll

just wake up and use my happy light and

feel happy you know don't be surprised

to find out that you're not probably

gonna feel that great okay so I would

say that these lights don't necessarily

alleviate some of the suffering and

problems that you may encounter by

living in other unhealthy ways in your

life so when using these lights I do

recommend that you pair using bright

light therapy with other healthy

practices in your life you know such as

eating well you know establishing a

healthy sleep cycle you know maybe going

to a therapist getting counseling if

you're doing this for depression or

whatnot so I do feel like if you pair

this sort of therapy with other healthy

practices then you may get tons of

benefits from using these lights also

want to put out there that I live in

Seattle Washington and it can get really

really dark here during the winter

months I feel like there can sometimes

just be like eight and a half hours to

nine hours of lights so for those of you

that live in an area where you just

don't get much sunlight during the

winter I definitely recommend a bright

light therapy lamp now here's the thing

regardless of my opinion about bright

light therapy since the 1990s there have

been multiple studies that have shown

bright light therapy to be an effective


or circadian rhythm disorders and mood

disorders in particular a study done in


showed that bright light therapy was

just as effective as cognitive

behavioral therapy in improving the

symptoms of acute depression also if you

want to check out more about that study

and look at the findings of that study I

put a link in the description of this

video that will take you right to the

webpage to do so now when it comes to

getting a lamp for light therapy what

are some things that you should look for

now to get the most out of your bright

light therapy it's recommended that you

use a light therapy lamp that can

produce 10,000 Lux now what is Lux Lux

measures the amount of light that

reaches a surface from a given distance

now here's an idea of what the Lux

measurement is of natural sunlight

versus indoor lighting now according to

the US Environmental Protection Agency

Americans spend approximately 90 percent

of their time indoors artificial light

is not nearly as beneficial to our

bodies as natural sunlight is so as you

can see looking at this graphic right

here the lux measurement of indoor

lighting is not nearly high enough to

reach the therapeutic level of bright

light therapy for bright light therapy

to be successful on a therapeutic level

then yes I definitely recommend that you

get a lamp that is 10,000 Lux now I also

want to put out there too that if you do

look for a lamp online for bright light

therapy not all the lamps out there are

10,000 Lux so you want to be really

careful make sure you check the lux

rating of the lamp because I wanted to

compare the daylight classic plus right

here with this happy light buy verilux

so the daylight classic Plus this is a

10,000 Lux lights so this would be a

great light to use for bright light

therapy that is at that therapeutic

strength for it to be successful whereas

you know this light right here I believe

it's 7500 lux so it's under that

therapeutic strength so this particular

very Lux happy light

right here would not be the best choice

to do if you're looking to get the most

out of bright light therapy now the lux

rating is one of the most important

things to consider when getting your

light therapy lamp but there are some

other factors that you might want to

consider as well such as the surface

area of your lamp so if I look at the

daylight classic plus right here this

lamp just has a huge surface area so

having a larger surface area can provide

a higher Lux output now another factor

that you might want to consider when

getting a light is you might want to ask

the question does the lamp tilt is the

lamp adjustable also something else to

consider when getting a light therapy

lamp is you want to ask the question is

it UV free now the daylight classic plus

right here just happens to be a hundred

percent UV free now I want to go ahead

and do a quick comparison between some

various happy lights right here here is

the Sun touch plus by nature brights and

then here is that verilux happy light

model that I showed you before as you

can see you know both of these models

have a fixed tilt so you can't adjust

the tilts of both of these lights right

here but what's great about the daylight

classic plus is you can actually adjust

the tilt so if I press this button I can

change the tilt of the light which is

really helpful also what's cool about

the daylight classic plus which you

can't do in the Sun touch plus or this

light right here is I can also adjust

this light vertically as well so if I

press this button in front I can bring

the light down or if I want to I can

bring it back up as well so that's a

nice feature of the daylight classic

plus now if you are interested in buying

the daylight classic plus lamp right

here I did put a link in the description

of this video of where you can buy this

lamp also Carrick's the makers of this

lamp are providing my viewers a discount

so if you go click on the link you can

get a great great discount if you use

the coupon code hoop smiles at checkout

now in this next section I'm gonna give

you a little tutorial on how to use your

bright light therapy lamp now depending

on the type of lamp that you have the

directions on how to use your light may

vary from lamp to lamp now to get

started you want to go ahead and use

your light about twenty to thirty

minutes every morning after you wake up

if possible try using your light at the

same time each morning to help program

your internal clock for light therapy to

be more effective position your lamp at

a 15 degree angle pointed downwards just

above your eyes with your head

positioned in the center of the lamp in

terms of the closeness of the lights

it's recommended that you position your

face about sixteen to twenty-four inches

away from the light now if that's too

close for comfort you can also try

sitting further away from the light for

an extended period of time now this next

step is important do not stare directly

into the lights now if you really want

to see how effective your light therapy

treatment is it's recommended that you

keep a log before and after your light

therapy then if necessary depending on

the results of your log you can make

adjustments now some of you out there

might be thinking how am I gonna even

get up in the morning and find the time

to sit in front of a lamp you know for

twenty to thirty minutes

that sounds really boring or something

along those lines well there are some

things that you can do such as you can

eat breakfast in front of the lights you

could also read a book you know maybe

you work on something really the key

here is you want to practice doing

healthy habits you know wake up each

morning get in front of your lights you

know have it on for twenty to thirty

minutes and and make that a healthy

practice each day now I have a question

for everybody out there if you struggle

with depression what do you do to help

yourself to make it better please share

that in the comments section below I

would love to hear your feedback of what

works for you and once again if you're

interested in getting the daylight

classic plus go down to the description

of this video click the link and then if

you do get it use the coupon code hoop

smiles at checkout and you

get a nice discount on this lamp right

here also I do have other videos on my

channel about bright light therapy and

sad lamps so I do recommend checking out

those videos also want to give a big

thank you to Care Act's health brands

who sponsored this video and they also

gave me the daylight classic plus so

thank you everybody out there for

watching until next time