Ranking Every Legendary Pokemon From Worst to Best

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legendary Pokemon they are known to be

the most powerful Pokemon in lore and in

actuality across the pokemon universe

many trainers have wanted to meet or

have met legendary Pokemon these Pokemon

are known for their power and are highly

esteemed in the Pokemon world amongst

the legendary Pokemon however there are

some that are indeed legendary but they

aren't that legendary to me I have a lot

of favorite legendary Pokemon and some I

even dislike seeing the vast legendary

Pokemon list gave me the inspiration to

create my own list I'm at least favorite

legendary stew favorite legendaries so

today I'll be ranking all of the

legendary Pokemon from worst to best

note that these aren't competitive

rankings at all or ranking weakest to

strongest these are just my legendaries

from least favorite to favorite there

are also over 40 legendary Pokemon so

I'm gonna keep the responses for each of

them relatively short on the ones I

really like however I will go a little

bit more in depth all right you know how

the rankings are gonna go down let's

rank these divine beasts regigigas this

is literally the worst legendary pokemon

to exist it's super slow it's supposed

to be this super legendary pokemon with

its pokedex entries but its ability slow

start says otherwise this Pokemon is

legit garbage track Yun I really don't

like taki on that much it has nothing to

do with it being in the swords of

Justice trio to me I just think its

design is bland and it looks like a red

sheep or oxen whatever it is cosmo um

nebby was cuter than this this evil form

I really don't get it significance when

you evolve it from Cosmo it kind of sits

there it involves in this so glare alone

Ella regice it's not even that I really

hate rejoice the fact that this exploded

whenever I have done randomizers of the

home games and killed my Pokemon just

really annoyed me type null

I think Noah's boring is it supposed to

be an Arceus clone or something I know

that the typing changes with the memory

it holds and it's a beast killer but

still Civ Ali pretty much the same exact

thing I said about nelec so I think it's

a little better-looking Regirock I like

running assault vest on Regirock but

it's like regice I hate it when it

explodes I mean randomizers co Balian

I like co Balian more than tracking on I

just think it's designed as a little

more sleek looking I also love the glare

it gives off in its image so glare I

understand that so Leo is supposed to be

still tight because of something out can

be related I really don't know what it

is but I like the science behind it but

I prefer Lou Noah a little more

Kosmic I like nippy and I think it's

really cute I'm kind of glad the meme is

dead though haze elf I like using a

dolphin competitive the nasty plotting

set is super fun I love running

explosion to the being of will power is

just a really cool label for it you

veldt Oh whoo this is bacon bird this

looks pretty good I mean I like evil

tails oblivion wing attack it looks like

a Dragonball attack you see this is the

embodiment of willpower

I think willpower is the best human

attribute to have plus I love you see in

the Pokemon mystery engine exporter

series the theme of fog-bound lake and

the Ilham Issei is beautiful

zygarde I loves a guard its forms and

it's shiny I just wish we could have

gotten more information on it and its

own game Pokemon Z should have happened

Heatran one of my favorite competitive

Pokemon to use however I will say I

wanted to have more of a story I thought

it was kind of given to us in the snow

games I like this Pokemon I just wish it

had more story details and a little bit

more background kiram I liked kiram but

I really like the fusions of Kirin black

and cure my Kirin black is amazing its

tail looks like a huge nightlight Karam

Cesaro a co Pokemon overall dialga back

to mystery dungeon references I love

primal dialga regular Dialga is a cool

legendary but I love the evil plot of

primal Dialga in the mystery dungeon

Explorer series plus the demonic eyes

just look great does snore is also a

jerk Groudon I like Groudon but it's my

least favorite out of the trio of requ

is and Kyogre i would rather get flooded

than have nothing but land

I wish Gratton also got a proper movie

Moltres rubber chicken bird also shiny

rubber turkey Moltres is pretty cute

Palkia can we get a primal Palkia please

and pokemon pearl i wan to go to outer


it's the entity of space space pokemon

space rules Virizion my favorite added

the swords of justice also welcome to

Verizon Wireless your call cannot be

completed as dialed

please hang up and try your call again

this Pokemon is awesome zette Krum

pokemon white was my first of the Unova

games to play I remember using zekrom to

crush the entire Pokemon League it was

really fun it's here because of


Reggie still ready still is here because

of its shiny it looks like five gum and

I like using it competitive with a

variety of tax this is also one of the

best walls to run and I think

it's my favorite Walter run thunder wave

toxic you name it do this thing rocks

her Steel's I should say Landorus I used

to do pokemon league format battling I

was able to draft Lander synchrony time

in a league this legendary ground flier

shred things I love it because it's just

so terrifying the deal with thunderous I

love electric it's one of my favorite

Taipings thunderous practically embodies

that I don't know what it is but I get a

real Zeus cannon vibrant thunderous

xerneas my favorite Kalos legendary I

used to enjoy evil tome more then I got

a shiny xerneas and it shiny is just a

majestic looking when Zurn runs geomancy

- you better start running Cresselia

some people dislike Cresselia due to its

competitive reputation for being fat and

pretty bulky I am one of those people

however I will say I love the island

crests on in the cinema games Cresselia

gives good dreams

I let good dreams give me some dreams

please Chris I'm begging it good dreams

necrosha / alternate oh I like prisms

and I think they are really beautiful

and I mean Nick rasam is beautiful 'no

Cossman is lower on the list because of

alternate Rosman it's you because ultra

cross Simone was the first battle that

challenged me as a Pokemon player in a

long time so good on you ultra Crossman

and you're also pretty majestic looking

especially Luna lion across me that's a

dope fusion

tornadoes I love tornadoes mainly

therian I am a huge tell the Phantom I

think turning is therian looks like the

helm rock came from winwaker i think

it's my favorite zelda bust restaurant I

always wanted a dragon fire Pokemon

restaurant did the job great thanks Game

Freak Giratina

I love spooky and scary creatures

Giratina is just that a ghost and

dragon-type pokémon

it's the entity of a hell based Pokemon

and I love it the blue fire it hasn't

its shiny form it's just truly

frightening and majestic Rayquaza ah

it's just so epic a flying serpent

dragon it's just so dope it's mega form

is a tad busted though but at SHINee

mega form is busted and greatly decide

love Rick wisdom Kyogre my favorite out

of the Hoenn trio I use Kyogre all the

time whenever I would battle my friends

I remember I ran a waterspout Thunder

blizzard and I think hydro pump it's

weird but I love it shiny - it's a big

lovable pink whale thing

latias I loved Latios and Pokemon heroes

and the music it had behind it the EON

duo is just adorable Latios reminds me

of a little fast blue jet but it's blows

past everything it's mega form is also a

mega jet Zapdos the electrifying zappy

bird Zapdos is majestic i liked it a lot

in Pokemon mm I loved it when it

communicated with Pikachu

reading defog and Zapdos is also super

viable lots yes

I mentioned earlier I love the eon tree

oh yeah I like Lodi asked a little more

than latias pokemon ruby was my first

toing game and i realized you could get

lot es in sapphire I wanted sapphire

Latios is this utterly adorable

latias was more adorable in Pokemon

heroes - I think it kiss - not really -

sure Greco I wanted raikou to get a real

appearance in a movie so bad it never

got a proper appearance raikou is so

underrated as legendary give it some

more love hello

the first time I saw a Shi hoo flying

over the rainbow made me love it

instantly I needed to find out what this

Pokemon was I remember reading the

pokemon johto magazine as a kid with the

new Pokemon in there

I saw ho and I immediately knew that

Pokemon I saw was the Pokemon a Shaw

it's a dope Pokemon all around and it

just has one of the most epic histories

and all pokemon lore luna la luna is the

best aloha legendary pokemon come at me

a majestic outer space looking moon bed

I love Lou Nala and I love the moon it's

one of the best legendary Pokemon and

it's one of the many Pokemon I

appreciate Enola Articuno I understand

the Articuno is horrible from a

competitive standpoint but come on this

ice bird is beautiful I love the shade

of blue it has in the ice it creates as

it just flies by mess prett mess purty

is my favorite out of the lake trio I

love how cute it looks in the way dis

lets you chase it inside the cenotes

I see it as a friendly game of tag that

it plays with you meh spray is one of

the cutest legendaries in my eyes

Mewtwo who doesn't like Mewtwo the star

of Pokemon the first movie the most

well-known man-made Pokemon it's even

got two mega evolutions even though X is

pretty trash and it's a parent's and

let's coat was darn near incredible its

reputation for being powerful certainly

exceeds my expectations it's not too

strong it's a true legendary Pokemon

easily Entei I mainly love Entei because

Pokemon 3 is my favorite Pokemon movie

the entire movie is based on Entei being

the father of on that main protagonist

Molly a little girl ash used to know

Entei is the father and Pokemon games

confirmed and taste should be the father

in the main series Pokemon games he's

the true dad of Pokemon Norman yeah the


lugia okay pokemon 3 is my favorite

pokemon movie but lugia and pokemon 2000

is just so compelling and it felt so

life-changing watching the movie seeing

ash right on it at the end of the movie

with a song playing in the background

this made me love lugia ever since all

right my favorite legendary Pokemon is

suicune suicune is known as the north

wind there's just something about

suicune that I really love I'm not sure

if it's because pokemon crystal is my

favorite pokemon game of all time or if

it's just because simply it's as

beautiful looking suicune just has that

aura of a heroic pokemon that saves the

world when natural disasters about to

hit it just has that serious demeanor

that makes me admire it the blue north

one hero is indeed my favorite legendary

pokemon of all time well that pretty

much wraps up my legendary Pokemon lists

from worst to best I love a lot of

legendary Pokemon as you guys can tell

but some like regigigas I absolutely

despise legendary Pokemon to me should

be legendary and should be practically

perfect I think the ones I love the most

fit that description fairly well other

than probably Articuno anyways enough of

me ranting what are your favorite

legendary Pokemon let me know in the

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