Best LED TV's in 2019 | Smart, Budget & 4K TV's

hello guys in today's video we're gonna

check out the top 5 LED TVs in the

market for this year I made this list

based on my personal opinion and I tried

to list them based on their price

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latest technology reviews ok so let's

get started with a video at number 5

it's the TCO 43's 507 TCL TVs have

typically been the perfect choice for an

inexpensive second TV for a good option

if you prioritize ease of use over

picture quality but the TCO 43 s-51 7 is

a different story it offers a superb 4k

picture with Roku's excellent software

from a design perspective this model

features very narrow 0.35 inch bezels

around the display it houses glossy

black plastic feet which are very sturdy

and support the TV to be balanced and

durable at the same time in addition the

rear panel is metal rather than plastic

which is a small but welcome change from

all the plastic constructions seen on

most tvs in this size and price range

as for the ports they sit on the back of

the TV there you'll find three HDMI

ports one USB port an RF connector for

connecting cable or antenna one digital

optical port a headphone jack and an

Ethernet port for Wired connectivity the

TV also has built-in Wi-Fi so you can

skip the Ethernet cable now let's talk

about performance the TCL 43's 507 is a

43 inch smart LED TV in Ultra HD with a

roku TV smart platform which provides a

comfortable interface and a big app

selection roku TV offers a vast app

store with all the most popular apps

like Netflix Amazon Instant YouTube and

much more in terms of picture quality

this TV is comparable to high-end TVs

due to its great 6002 1 contrast it

displays remarkably deep blacks and

reproduces details in color

very well thanks to its color gradient

moving on

TCL offers fantastic 4k HDR picture

quality so you can enjoy watching your

favorite movies or favorite TV shows it

also has excellent color accuracy with a

delta ii rating of 1.7 which makes it

better than solid performers on the

market furthermore this is also an

exceptionally good gaming TV due to its

high responsiveness and support for

comfortable gameplay in 4k 1080p HD are

and assorted other color and frame rate

settings generally those who purchase

this product are extremely satisfied

with the features that it offers they

claim that for the price you pay it's

well worth it to conclude if you want to

enhance your visual experience the TCL

43s 507 is the answer at number four

it's the Samsung nu 8000 the Samsung nu

8000 is yet another relatively

affordable 49 inch 4k smart TV that

combines an attractive design with

versatile capabilities along with HDR

support so if you've been looking for

something similar let's find out what

this one has to offer for you design

wise the Nu 8000 has a thin 360-degree

construction which basically means that

this TV will radiate with elegance

regardless of your viewing position in

addition at the rear you'll notice it's

brushed aluminium finish that I

personally like but in addition you'll

also find the connection ports that

include four HDMI ports an Ethernet port

an RF cable tuners yak two USB ports as

well as visa holes they'll let you mount

this TV on your wall in terms of

durability and balance this TV sits on a

sturdy wide stand that shares the

aesthetics of the TV and what's

interesting about it is that it has

cable management guides cut into the

back and it's also large enough to hold

a sound bar let's talk about some of the

features the Nu 8000 uses the HDR 10

plus technology which will ensure nearly

perfectly defined contrast and

brightness while it's 4k UHD engine will

provide you stunning picture to keep you

fully entertained with everything you

watch in the beginning I hinted at the

TV's versatility and now I'll make that


more clear this model has an auto game

mode which is going to automatically

optimize the TV settings for your gaming

console so you'll find that your gaming

experience is filled with fast refresh

rates and minimal input lag for your

information new rows users have reported

that this unit has an impressive color

accuracy and I haven't noticed the so

called rain effect nor a motion blur but

instead they saw bright colors that were

consistent and sharp it's important to

mention that this unit has a native

refresh rate of 120 Hertz which means

that this TV is an excellent option for

watching sports and fortuyn gaming

moreover this model also comes with an

advanced smart browsing and voice

control as well so you can find every TV

show you want within a very short period

of time

overall the Nu 8000 deserves your

attention so give it a try

and show yourself of its quality at

number three it's the TCL 55 r61 7 the

55 r61 7 is another flow from TCL it

packs many interesting features and

fluid performance whether for gaming or

enhancing your viewing experience design

wise this model will give you a great

first impression and it definitely has

the same kind of quality as other TCL

products The Stand is composed of two

metal legs that have a rubber padding on

the bottom to prevent slippage in terms

of connection what you'll find on the

back of the TV are three HDMI 2.0 ports

with HDCP 2.21 with HDMI arc one USB 2.0

port a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and

digital optical in and an a/v input that

takes your standard composite inputs

great for classic gaming or older AV

devices so as you can see you'll be well

supplied in terms of connections when it

comes to performance this particular

model is a 55 inch 4k Ultra HD smart LED

TV which uses the roku TV platform for

all of its connected features and

interfaces in addition this platform

offers you nearly all major streaming

video services including YouTube Amazon

Prime video Google Play movies & TV

Netflix and much more moving on the r61

7 supports high dynamic range

HDR content encoded in both HDR 10 and

tobi vision this means most HDR videos

available on streaming services and on

Ultra HD blu-ray will display in HDR on

the TV as for the picture quality this

model produces remarkably impressive

colors that make it comparable with

high-end models moreover the native

contrast is excellent and it has a

decent local dimming feature that can

further boost the black levels while

blacks aren't as deep as the more

expensive models this is still a great

TV for dark environments furthermore the

TCL has superb sound quality the

low-frequency extension is at 143 Hertz

which means that this TV won't produce

any thump or Rumble which is also great

moreover this TV would be a great

addition to your room due to its great

features and performance so you can

often sit in the living room and watch

your favorite movies with your loved

ones overall if you're looking for a TV

that looks as good as it performs which

definitely offers more than what you'd

expect from the price then this is your

best pick at number 2 it's the Sony X

900 F the Sony X 900 F is an all-rounder

with remarkable picture quality but if

that's not enough it's also one of the

best looking LCD TVs we've seen over the

years and has some great features design

wise for the most part this unit is a

sharp-looking space-saving TV which is

quite different from the traditional

Sony aesthetics from previous years the

build quality of the X 900 F is good and

although the TVs almost entirely plastic

it does feel well-constructed and solid

The Stand is much wider than most other

Sony TVs and it leaves space for a sound

bar between the two legs it supports the

unit well and feels secure on the back

of the TV you'll find four HDMI ports

three USB ports one digital optical

audio out port a composite import a

tuner and an Ethernet port securing you

with plenty of connectivity options when

it comes to performance this unique

model is a 49 inch 4k Ultra HD smart LED

TV so just by the name tags you already

know what to expect as for the display

you can enjoy a triluminos to

play maps colors from a wider palette

faithfully reproducing every shade and

hue under the umbrella also 4k HD are

super bit mapping reveals thousands of

shades and gradations of light the Sun

sets as bright and clear as real life

what makes this device really special is

that you have the possibilities who

enjoy watching in different lighting

environments so whether you're in a

brighter room or adult room you'll have

superb visuals this Smart TV has an

impressive contrast ratio good black

uniformity and decent local dimming

features which can elevate your watching

experience to a whole new level

especially in low-light environments

moving on it has a great SDR peak

brightness screen finishes great at

dealing with reflection and glare the

great uniformity is good and the dirty

screen effect isn't visible while

watching sports or your preferred TV


moreover HDR support is another great

plus and when you pair that with a local

dimming it can produce some very bright

spectacular highlights additionally all

of these above match features secure

great gaming in HDR such as with the

Xbox 1x or ps4 overall if you're looking

for a versatile TV that packs many

interesting features then this is your

best pick and at number one it's the

samsung q 9fn if you're looking for a

high-end TV option that will offer you

stunning visuals and realistic picture

colors samsung's q9f n fills the gap

there's plenty to like about this TV so

win the focus on the most important

features and make your decision pretty

easy design wise this unit has a modern

simpli-stik design that will fit well in

any deck or it's as thin as can be ants

it's practically flush with the wall

when mounted the build quality is great

and it's made of durable plastic

materials with metal borders and a stand

the TV stan has a squared of U shaped

footprint and consists of two attachable

metal feet that are then joined with a

matching metal cross bar at the front

considering connectivities the one

connect box is composed of four HDMI

ports an RF antenna connection

connectivity for optical surround sound

and three USB 2.0 ports in addition

Internet connectivity is offer

via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port on the box

regarding performance this unique model

is a 65 inch q LED 4k Ultra HD 9 series

Smart TV the Q 9fn has remarkable

capabilities as we mentioned the 4k

platform and also displaying HDR content

it supports HDR 10 and Samsung's dynamic

HDR 10 plus formats so as you can see

this TV really offers premium display

and vibrant colors to elevate your

visual experience to a whole new level

additionally it has an excellent

contrast ratio and black uniformity and

a local dimming feature is very

effective and it proves dark scene

performance it's also one of the

brightest TVs we've ever reviewed and as

excellent reflection handling making it

a great versatile TV perfect for bright

or dark room environments

moreover the audio performance comes

highly improved it produces a perfect

sound which is great to be heard in

isolation without the need for a sound

bar or extra speakers in this case

you'll enjoy watching movies football

matches or your favorite TV shows what I

liked most about this TV is that it

supports 4k gaming at 60 Hertz as well

as 10-bit color so you can use it for

gaming without any problem another great

indicator that you should probably

purchase it

overall the q9 FN is definitely a

must-have and if you have the budget you

should certainly give it a try thanks

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