✅ TOP 10: Best Leaf Blower 2020

are you looking for the best leaf blower

in this video we will break down the top

leaf blowers on the market before we get

started with our video we've included

links in the description for each

product mentioned so make sure you check

those out to see which is in your budget

range starting off at number one we have

the hitachi RB 24 EAP the dimensions of

the hitachi RB 24 EAP are seventeen

point three by ten point five by 15

inches and it weighs around eight point

six pounds this lightweight and

well-balanced leaf blower is amazing for

its ergonomic design and comfortable use

that won't leave you feeling fatigued or

tired afterward with the 23.9 cc

commercial grade two-stroke engine you

get fantastic power and a longer

lifespan the air velocity produced from

this leaf blower can reach 170 miles per

hour when using the tapered nozzle which

is extremely quick and shows how

powerful this machine is the purifier

low emission engine helps provide less

waste and emission and is better for the

environment the class-leading air volume

at 441 CFM is great for debris movement

and is able to clear huge piles of

leaves far into the distance in very

quick times this commercial leaf blower

is perfect for those that take their

leaf flowing seriously I need to clean

out their front lawns or garden everyday

in those fall months hitachi also offers

a 7 year consumer use warranty and a 2

year commercial use warranty these are

some of the longest warranty periods

we've seen and that should give you

confidence when getting this itachi leaf

blower at number 2 we have the toro 5

16:19 the dimensions of the 5 16:19 are

9 by 41 by 14 inches and it weighs

around eight point five pounds this

powerful leaf blower is able to produce

250 miles per hour of leaf blowing power

this corded machine is great as it can

function as multiple machines first it

functions as a leaf blower and is able

to provide great cleaning speeds and

amazing amounts of power however you can

also turn the five 16:19 into a vacuum

this vacuum can suck up all the leaves

into a bag and is great for those that

have confined spaces and nowhere for the

leaves to be blown to the five 16:19

features a 350 CFM blow mode and 410 CFM

back mode

alongside the ultra low electric blower

vac you also get a bottom zip bag vacuum

tube constant

nozzle and storage hook if you need an

extension cord you'll have to purchase

that separately and number three we have

the DeWalt d CBL 720p one the dimensions

of the DC BL 720p one are fifteen point

two by seven point eight by twenty three

point four inches and it weighs around

nine point seven pounds this Dewalt

beast produces up to four hundred CFM of

air volume and at a ninety mile per hour

speed for a cordless machine this blower

produces excellent power and is able to

clear out debris and leaves in no time

the brushless motor maximizes efficiency

and make sure you get the most out of

the battery the leaf blower also has an

axial fan design that maximizes air

output in runtime for such a lightweight

and compact leaf blower this machine is

great although it's slightly more

expensive than some other picks it does

come with the battery and it's so easy

to transport and take on the go not only

this but Dewalt also offers a three year

warranty the DeWalt DC BL 720p one also

consumes no gas and is rechargeable

therefore producing fewer emissions and

being better for the environment at

number four we have the works WG 520

turbine the dimensions of the WG 520 are

forty by eleven by nine point six inches

and it weighs around seven point two

pounds this quietly flower has been

engineered to get a jet engine type

motor inside of a blower giving you

super powerful and high speed air while

not being so loud you can choose between

two different speeds a slower speed that

is better for tight corners and

pavements and then a 110 mile per hour

turbine speed that can be used on open

lawns and larger spaces the 600 CFM of

air volume produced is immense and one

of the highest in our video the wide

mouthed nozzle allows you to clear huge

areas extremely quickly for being such a

powerful leaf blower you might think

that you need two hands to operate this

but the wg5 20 only requires a

one-handed operation and is lightweight

enough to be moved around with ease at

number five we have the Sun Joe SBJ 59

7e sjb the dimensions of this leaf

blower are 32 by 8 by 8 inches and it

weighs around 3 point 9 pounds this leaf

blower comes with a powerful 6 amp motor

that generates up to 155 miles per hour

of air velocity this huge amount of

power is able to clear most lawns patios

or sidewalks very quickly the

lightweight design is perfect

long time use and it's great for those

that need to take their leaf blower with

them the removable chute means it won't

be taking up too much space in your

garage and it's very easy to store away

Sun Joe also offers a two year warranty

on all their leaf blowers from the data

purchase so you can buy in confidence at

number six we have the Black & Decker lb

700 the dimensions of the lb 700 are

sixteen point five by 11 by 7 inches and

it weighs around four point seven pounds

this powerful leaf blower is able to

move up to 180 CFM of air providing fast

and easy cleanup of debris and leaves

with the 180 mile per hour winds

produced from this beast you'll have

your gardener sidewalk cleared in no

time the 7f motor is powerful yet

efficient and performs very well for a

budget option the blower is lightweight

and can be used with just one hand at

number seven we have the Green Works 24

to 52 the dimensions of the 24 to 52 are

31 by 7 by 10 inches and it weighs

around 3.3 pounds for a start this leaf

blower is incredibly lightweight and one

of the lightest in our video it provides

smooth operation with less noise and

conventional leaf blowers so you won't

wake the neighbors up early in the


the lightweight build of this blower

gives you the ultimate freedom and

ability to maneuver it wherever you want

the battery included charges very

quickly and powers that 2 amp power

motor giving you the 150 mile per hour

speeds the extension tube included helps

to reach those difficult places and

increases the efficiency of the leaf

blower you can choose from six different

speeds depending on the job at hand at

number eight we have the Toro 51 585

power sweep the dimensions of the 51 585

are twenty eight by eight point five by

eleven point five inches and it weighs

around four point seven pounds the power

sweep has a maximum airspeed of 160

miles per hour and can be changed

between two speeds the seven amp motor

is efficient yet powerful and provides

great power to clear your path being a

budget choice this leaf blower might not

be the most powerful in our video but

when comparing price versus performance

it definitely performs well the

lightweight build at only four point

seven pounds is great as it can be moved

freely and taken with you and number

nine we have the combo cordless leaf

blower the dimensions of this leaf

blower are 17.5 by 12 point two by ten

point eight inches and it weighs around

2.2 pounds this extremely lightweight

leaf blower

is great for those needing a handy tool

that is cordless to clear their front

lawns or Gardens quickly although it

might not be the most powerful it's very

convenient and easy to use this leaf

blower also functions as a vacuum and

makes it very easy to sweep up leaves

all you need is a garbage bag attached

and you're good to go

the camo 20 volt lithium Maxx battery

takes about 60 minutes to gain a full

charge which then provides enough time

to clear your house garden or car camo

provides a two year warranty with a leaf

blower so you can get this one with

confidence and for our final pick at

number 10 we have the Husqvarna 58 97 46

401 the dimensions of this leaf blower

are 16 by 4.5 by 17 inches and it weighs

around 3.84 pounds this leaf blower is a

great kids option and although it might

not function like any other leaf blowers

in our video it's a great toy for your

kids to use while you're also leaf

blowing this toy leaf blower makes for a

great way to bond with your kids and to

get them to help with the house chores

the engine lights up and blows air

although it isn't powerful like a real

leaf blower but it does look and sound

like a 125 B blower by Husqvarna it

requires three double A batteries and

runs for a good amount of time so that

sums up our top leaf blowers we hope you

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