The 3 Best Egg Laying Chickens

hi I'm Becky sunshine I'm gonna talk

about the three best backyard chickens

face chickens I'm gonna tell you about

our heritage breeds and what heritage

breeds are they're old-fashioned

chickens and just so you can kind of

understand what they are

there's heirloom garden seeds that are

like unchanged they're old-fashioned

they come from decades and decades ago

and this is also what heritage chickens

are they're kind of like heirloom

chickens just so you know number one is

the Buff Orpington oh my goodness

everybody loves a big poofy gold chicken

in the coop they're so so beautiful one

thing I really really love about the

Buff Orpington breed is there kind of a

broody breed and if you want to raise

little chicks in your coop with you know

a rooster and a hen and hatch them out

yourself a Buff Orpington is a must-have

there are way more broody than other

breeds of chickens and they lay brown

eggs number two is the barred plymouth

rock and a lot of people just call it a

barred rock it's a great chicken breed

they're kind of black and white and

speckly they're very nice to look at

they are a very cold tolerant breed so

if you live in a cold area that is a

great chicken to add to your coop or to

start your cope with and they are a

great multi-purpose breed so if you want

to have meat birds and egg Birds and you

don't want to have a bunch of breeds you

can just use the barred rocks for that

and also they lay brown eggs number

three is the black astral or they are

such a sweet sweet breed I have a soft

spot for the black astral orbs

this is a wonderful chicken breed it's

very very gentle and docile

it is a black chicken and when you see

it in the sunlight it has like little

greenish purple iridescent color on its


and they're just so sweet and gentle if

you have little children or you yourself

just need a very meek and mild chicken

breed this is definitely the one to get

I have one and she's so gentle and sweet

I call her sweety sweety just follows me

around the yard she's so cute just right

here like a little kid right by my side

I just love that chicken they lay a

light-colored brown egg kind of a creamy

whitish brown egg you will not be

disappointed with these three breeds

they are all wonderful chickens they'll

be nice in the coop they all will get

along very good and you will just have

so much fun raising your chickens thanks

for watching I'm Becky sunshine