TOP 3: Best Laptop Stand 2020

while having a portable laptop is handy

the lower screen height tends to cause

neck and muscle discomfort the use of

laptop stands will help to lift up your

screen to reduce muscle and tension

stress while you are working surfing or

viewing a movie but with so many choices

out there it is not always easy to

figure out which is best for you in this

video we're breaking down the best three

laptop stands on the market this year

based on price features style and

situations they will be used in so

whether you're looking for a dedicated

tabletop laptop stand or a versatile

all-in-one we'll have an option for you

so if you're interested in finding out

which laptop stand will be the best for

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don't miss anything first off we have

the comfy desk our pick for the most

versatile laptop stand traditional

laptop stands are okay at your desk but

when you're working on the couch or in

bed it's not always practical to be

doing a balancing act with your laptop

on top of your lap comfy desk is the

perfect versatile portable workstation

solution in both your home or office

comfy desk allows you to conveniently

work on your bed sofa and couch it's not

only a place to securely rest your

laptop but it's also a cooling pad a

mousepad a place to read your books and

magazines a place to surf on your tablet

and the comfy desk can even double as a

monitor stand or dinner table while you

are watching TV it's like having your

own little transformer laptop stand the

position of the comfy desk can be

adjusted to the exact required level you

need so your laptop can be held at

virtually any position or angle and it

can be rotated 360 degrees and locked in

place at various angles to top that when

not in use

comfy desks can be quickly collapsed for

storage or easy travel there's two

built-in cooling fans that dissipate

heat from your laptop keeping it running

cool and efficient the unique aluminum

design is strong yet lightweight and

completely customizable to suit whatever

positioning you need the greatest thing

about the comfy desk is how it brings

the convenience and functionality of

your desk to your sofa or bed perfectly

balancing your laptop while keeping it

cool at the same time whether you are

working surfing or binge watching

Netflix comfy desk will keep you

comfortable and your laptop cool for

about the same price as many regular

laptop stands comfy desk also doubles as

a versatile handy multifunctional fully

adjustable table that can be used in a

variety of locations next up is the

raine design M stand our pick for the

most durable tabletop laptop stand

unlike the comfy desk the rain' design M

stand Trades height adjustment and

overall versatility for a very solid

durable build the rain' design m stand

is priced just under $40 and is designed

for those looking to use their laptops

like a desktop the M stand is about as

far from a portable laptop stand as you

can get it's shaped in a curve and has

some serious heft to it you would be

hard-pressed to conveniently store it

let alone tote it around in your

backpack but if you want to stand that

lives permanently on your desk then this

is a great option the entire stand is

made out of sturdy aluminum that both

resists damage and acts as a heat sink

for the laptop and it has an elegant

minimalistic design just position your

laptop on the stand and connect a

wireless or USB keyboard and mouse and

you are ready to go

the M stand raises the back end of your

laptop about five and three-quarter

inches off the desk which puts the

screen at roughly the right height for

most sitting people you won't be able to

tweak it to fit your height laptop and

workspace but using it is certainly

better than using your laptop flat on a

desk if you or your laptop are

particularly tall or short though you'll

be better off with an adjustable stand

like the comfy desk mentioned earlier

when used with a self-contained keyboard

the M stand does a great job it's

stylish sturdy and allows a decent

amount of airflow around your laptop

it's molded from a single piece of

aluminum and has a hole in the rear to

trail your cables if you are looking for

a great docking station with good cable

management then the rain' design m stand

is one of the

options out there finally we have the

roost laptop stand our choice for the

most portable laptop stand unlike the

other two laptop stands in this video

the Roose laptop stand is a portable

work of magic that can completely fold

up into a frame small and thin enough to

fit into your pocket at just under $75

the ruse is extremely useful for

travelers but it is a pricey option

though although the roost is made of

lightweight plastic it doesn't feel

cheap and is very well constructed

because portable laptop stands fold up

or break down for transport they're

usually not as stable as desktop stands

but that is not the case here

the Roose laptop stand is very stable

and well balanced even while holding

15-inch laptops that weigh over five

pounds the stands rubber feet and laptop

grips minimize vibration and hold your

computer firmly so that it doesn't slide

around or shake when you type when you

fully extend the reus laptop stand out

you'll have a fully functioning 6 to 11

inch height adjustable stand it's stable

enough for a desk but lightweight and

compact enough when collapsed to carry

around it's quick and easy to set up and

break down and folds down to roughly the

size of two large Snickers bars and to

end and you can easily throw it in a bag

to take it wherever you're headed for

the day

the Roose laptop stand is a really

excellent alternative to the rain design

M stand if you require the ability to

adjust the height if you work while

traveling or if you commute between

multiple workspaces and want to stand to

use at both home and at your destination

the Roose laptop stand is a top choice

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