What's the BEST Laptop Stand on the Market?

between mezzanine construction

organization and frankly just way more

important projects this one has kind of

fallen through the cracks but finally

months after our first one arrived we're

digging through what is hopefully not a

large pile of brushed aluminum garbage

to find the best MacBook stands


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them later on in the video so at the end

of our search we ended up with eight

macbook pro stands mostly because it's a

common search term and we want people to

find our video but also because nothing

prevents someone from using a macbook

stand with a razor blade or whatever

else unless they're terminally

unimaginative so first up is roosts

roost stand two out of ten named

terrible but anyway the product itself

is pretty cool it's by far the most

compact stand and our roundup and

quickly folds down to thirteen inches

making it perfect for carting around

with you so you can quickly prop your

laptop up in class or at a LAN party or

wherever you happen to be with that said

it's not my favorite as a permanent desk

installation because it's wobble control

is unexceptional at best and it's molded

plastic and nylon elastic construction

at this price point didn't really blow

us away 12 South's new stand the curve

is more of a desk fixture solution than

a portable one and it's IMO by far the

most aesthetically pleasing stand in our

roundup today and I'm pretty sure this

one is gonna end up in Ed's apartment at

some point but it's not the most rigid

stand in our lineup and on my admittedly

kind of shaky desk it's a little bit

jarring on something more solid though

it works well enough so if you're after

a stand for looks this one gets our

recommendation rain designs n stand

comes in two attractive variants the M

stand and the M stand 360 and in three

different colors as you'd probably guess

the 360 variant spins around so my first

thought was POS system maybe but then I

was like who the heck uses a Macbook as

a point-of-sale system so yeah according

to rain design it's meant as

collaboration tool so I'll leave it up

to your imagination there as a stand

it's pretty darn good with basically no

wobble but as a heat sink seriously you

guys it's obviously complete

unless you apply a generous layer of

thermal goop to the bottom of your

macbook every time you use it

I mean rubber feet and a sizable air gap

anyone hello anyway adjustable stands

are more my jam so let's look at a few

those now Rain design to eye level has a

clean Apple esque aesthetic and a good

degree of adjustability but the laptop

holding plate is simply too thin

resulting in an unacceptable amount of

wobble regardless of your desk the near

five-star rating on Amazon frankly

didn't make a ton of sense to me until I

realized that many people were probably

using this product with a 13-inch

MacBook Air and that should be fine

twelve South's high rise for MacBook is

honestly no better the laptop platform

is wimpy and doesn't properly support

the 15-inch pro this adjustment

mechanism feels like they sacrificed

usability to tick off the adjustable

feature box and frankly I think it looks

way better upside down I mean seriously

check that out they should do a revision

where it's just they move the the pads

around and it's just upside down

bringing us finally then to a product

worth your money the crane stand

elevates this bad boy has all the

features without any usability

compromises its three-way adjustable

with bottom and top joints as well as

extensions on the support to get a huge

range of motion as you would expect from

a stand targeted at DJ's and while it's

a little more time consuming to adjust

once you get it in the right spot thanks

to the little teeth that lock in place

it does not move my only gripe with this

one is that it looks like a piece of

production equipment and that's not in a

good way so if you're a modern design

hipster you'll probably want to stay

away from this one last but not least is

12 South's Park Slope it's kind of in

its own category

were features and that there really

aren't any of them it's all in the name

it slopes your laptop when you park it

on top

putting our 15-inch MacBook Pro at just

the right angle for comfortable typing

similar to the kick stands on the back

of your keyboard the extra screen height

is neck friendly and as you can probably

imagine this one doesn't wobble I

honestly just wish they had used this

gage and steel material on some of the

other stands so in conclusion what stand

to buy if aesthetics been the curve or

the M stand they're both sturdy and look

great so it's just a matter of which one

matches your setup best for

adjustability the only real option here

is the crane stand I wouldn't even

consider the other two unless you're

rocking a thin and light and as for an

elevated experience my go-to is 12

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