Best laptop to buy: Laptop Buying Guide 2013


when you're looking to buy a laptop the

first thing you need to decide is how

much you want to spend and stick to it

there were three main types of laptop

budget mainstream and alter portable

each is progressively more expensive

budget laptops are great for general use

online and word processing but they can

be slow for more intensive tasks such as

video editing they also tend to be

heavier have worse quality screens and

more for no-frills look and feel the

more expensive models mainstream laptops

make the step up with bigger storage

capacities better processors and more

memory and a great all-rounders for

entertainment including photos and video

ultra pours a thin light and powerful

and tend to feature flash storage which

is faster but smaller than traditional

hard drives they're great for carrying

around and are getting cheaper all the

time but there's still an expensive

choice at the moment if you want to play

high-end games it's important to look

into what you're buying

very few laptops come with the ability

to play intensive games at decent

quality you'll have to splash out on a

more expensive model to get added

graphics support from Nvidia or AMD but

when you buy a new laptop the main

choice for many is whether you plump for

an Apple Mac running OS X or PC running

Windows 8 Google's Chrome OS is a new

alternative but it is a more limited

operating system than you get with a PC

or Mac if you've heard a bit about

Windows 8 the rumors are true it is a

fundamentally different way of using a

PC and it is better suited for touch

though it's perfectly usable with a

keyboard and trackpad the great thing

about Windows 8 is that many new PCs are

shipping with touchscreens and as well

as touch screens on traditional laptops

we're also seeing a whole load of new

hybrid designs with slide-out keyboards

as well as Windows 8 tablets with

detachable keyboards so what should you

look for inside your laptop in terms of

memory we recommend at least 4 gigabytes

that's plenty for pretty much all

computing tasks for your hard drive most

laptops are now shipping with at least

500 gigabytes of storage that's plenty

for lots of apps as well as music photos

and videos

the process is the hardest choice Intel

processors are the most common although

some laptops are available at AMD

processors Intel chips are the core i3

i5 and i7 we recommend you ignore any

older types of Intel processors such as

salon or Pentium and go straight for the

core i3

as you'd expect Core i5 is better and is

the best compromise of performance and

price we'd recommend koi 7 only if

you'll be attempting intensive tasks

such as video editing or gaming before

buying make sure you check out tech

videos top 25 laptops article for a

constantly updated list of the best

laptops around