Best kratom for pain

hey what's up what's going on

everybody's Chris I wanted to take a you

know take a minute to talk about my

personal experience with her Tom now if

you're watching this video you've

probably been all out there doing a

bunch of research you know you in you're

probably on the fence you know you're

probably trying to see other people's

experience Wicker Tom and you know

what's it doing for them and things like

that so I won't talk about my personal

experience now granted I'm clearly not

doctor this is not medical advice you

know I'm not I'm not sure I'm I'm not a

medical professional right so this is

just my personal experience my

experience hooker Tom what I've been

through with it and the types that I use

and when I take them and things like

that so for anyone who's looking for

information on on this you know I'm just

giving my personal experience so I was

in the car accident not too long ago

going to a party it was raining real

hard the driver and I was in the

backseat the driver was going super fast

they may or may not have been a little

tipsy no one was severely injured we

didn't run into another car we actually

hydroplane and we ended up hitting a

tree you know a few of us were ejected

from the car but ultimately everybody

was fine just know a lot of pain bruises

and bumps and things like that and the

thing is you know I don't like dealing

with pain a lot like dealing with it and

I didn't want the opioid thing you know

I don't you know I seen that in wealth

me I didn't see that ending well for a

lot of people a lot of people you know

they get hooked on it and things just

get crazy so I want to stay away from

that and marijuana marijuana is cool but

I want something you know something


so um trunk or Tom right so the con I

like the kid I like to get a few kinds

so for one I like green male and that's

like a it's like something you take in

the morning right it's gonna give you a

little boost a boost in the morning you

know and it's gonna put you in it's

gonna put you in a good mood right it's

gonna put you in a nice good move on

Green Mile a you feel like you can you

know sir

take on the day a little better you know

in a better mood you know depending on

what you go through on that show to go

through on a daily basis that's when you

take another one I like I think I think

and part my favorite I'm red Borneo and

that's like a afternoon late I mean not

late night but like a late afternoon

early night one right that I like to

take so and I like that one because you

know I work hard all day anyway anywhere

from the gym to go in the word coming

back home and at that point I just want

to relax I'm there I want to feel like

I'm in the zone I want to feel like

super calm I'm gonna feel super mellowed

out but still focused right and that's

what red Borneo does for me personally

that's what does for my body and I know

a lot of people ask about dosage right

how much did you take how much this net

so as far as dosage is concerned

obviously depends man it all depends so

it depends on how much you weigh

male female like the whole nine it all

depends on that so my my advice you know

as I mention I'm not a special but me

personally I would say experiment

experiment with with what works like

don't go out there if you officially the

first time like use common sense don't

go out there and go crazy and take this

high dosage you know and you don't know

how your body's gonna react to it don't

do that right like we don't want you to

do that so for me personally around

let's see spoon probably six grams six

grams maybe pushing towards seven but I

think that works for me best that works

for my body granted I started with three

four or five grams you know just to see

how my body would react and grandma I

felt it at those you know at those

levels but it wasn't it wasn't we're you

know we're 6 and 7 grams take me right

and that puts me in the right place I

know that's my personal dosage and that

works for me now it may not work for you

so as I mentioned the key is

experimenting experiments and

experiments and experimenting and

speaking speaking about experiments in

you know I had a few experiments I did

so I bought some cheap Croton from a gas

station um and you know I didn't really

feel too good so

I could give you advice on that stay

away from anything that's cheap by gas

station related croteau and stuff like

that like stay away from it man like if

you're gonna do it make sure it's high

quality you know that's a no-brainer

make sure is you know it is I don't have

to say I'm gonna say pay top dollar you

know if you don't have to but don't be

afraid to you know invest a little bit

in it because you know you're dealing

with a better quality you know that

you're not gonna take some crap that's

gonna you know mess up your stomach and

stuff like that you know and all kind of

weird things but make sure you invest in

some high quality ones and I'm gonna

give my recommendation as I mentioned

green male and red Borneo should be a

link in the description you guys can

check it out man if you feel like it

some for you if I could do more research

and speaking of research that's the key

man research is the key if you want to

know more about the effects and things

like that and you know what the effects

is gonna happen your body make sure you

guys go that ll path comm so LP ATH and

make sure you go there and you can check

it out you know see you can read up do

some research read up on some effects

and things like that how it makes you

feel when people normally take it and

things like that but as of now it's

pretty much everyday thing for me I like

to take it makes me feel great it makes

me feel like I can move I can conquer

the day right it makes me feel like I

can be in a position in order to no

really fulfill my day to day and that's

it man as I mentioned like six or seven

grams leaning more towards seven and a

flag that's the sweet spot for me and

once again I can't I can't really talk

about enough experiments and experiments

and experiments and you have to

experiment and see what works for you

you know in regards to dosage and things

like that I remember the first time I

tried a year ago like a friend gave it

to me and it was amazing I I learn from

remember what kind of was I will tell

you guys if I remember and you know now

I used the green Mullane uh the red

Borneo but yeah so that's it guys that's

my experience on it um usually after car

accident and I realized it was much more

than a

pain reliever right kind of boosted my

energy levels it made me be in position

to which where I want to be where I was

focused you know I felt great feel great

about life because sometimes you know

things can get you down right but as I

mentioned do this responsibly guys I

think really think about it like don't

like don't just jump out on the ledge

right you want to do your research and

that's why we watching this video on

other people's experience watch other

videos as well you can do that but make

sure is high quality man make sure it's

high quality and that's why I take from

our personal experience and make sure

you guys check it out man is gonna be in

the description do some breathe and

check it out and let me know what you

guys think man I appreciate y'all for

listening see our song peace out