Best Kitchen Faucets in 2020 - Top 6 Kitchen Faucet Picks

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at krause we're driving industry

standards forward

we are proud to introduce a new standard

in kitchen faucets with bolden

a faucet with industrial design

customized to fit the needs of your home

crafted from solid brass and designed

with a drip free ceramic cartridge

it's built to last with a compact 18

inch height

bouldin fits where other commercial

style faucets will not

the high arc spout with open coil accent

offers ample clearance

for filling large pots and pitchers

equipped with an easy retract

flexible nylon hose bolden allows you to

reach every hard to hit corner of your


easily change between the aerated stream

and spray functions at the flip of a


experience the new standard in kitchen

faucet design

with bolden quality designed for a

better kitchen


regardless of your cooking cleaning or

entertaining style kohler kitchen faucet

task sprays will make life in the


easier our sweep spray features

specially angled nozzles that create a

wide forceful blade of water

it sweeps away stuck on food from dishes

and rinses your sink clean

berry soft is a light spray that gently

washes fruits and vegetables

it's the perfect way to prep without

bruising your produce

for everyday cleaning tasks our ring

spray delivers a precise and powerful

flow of water to wash away debris

pause function allows you to halt water

flow to extend the spray head beyond

your sink so you can water a plant or

fill your coffee pot

our airaid stream makes it easy to fill

large pots and vases quickly

look for our kitchen task sprays on

kohler pull down and pull out kitchen


as well as select side sprays

kohler kitchen faucet task sprays

practical innovations for the busy