Kindle Fire vs Kindle Paperwhite

I want to compare the reading experience

with the Kindle Fire compared to a

normal Kindle I just recently got this

new Kindle Fire 7-inch seventh

generation so it just got a slight

upgrade about a month ago

and I've had this Kindle for probably

three or four years and it's my second

reading Kindle so in getting the fire I

was concerned about you know would I

read on I know I don't read on my phone

even though I have a Kindle app I don't

read on my laptop

except for news state when I really want

to read a book I always turn to this so

I didn't know if I'd really read or use

this as a reader but the thing is I

found that I have been using it as a

reader and it works just fine to me but

I want to go over some features I would

say that the normal Kindle is quite a

bit lighter or the and it's easier for

me in my opinion to hold even though I

mean this it doesn't weigh much but

compared to this it feels feels like

you're holding a brick but anyway it's

probably probably good good exercise but

if I was to talk about holding or the

handheld ability oral of this I'd give

it to the traditional Kindle reader now

Paige turning which I is kind of works

like that

it's about

maybe maybe is slightly snappier on the

on the kindle fire this fire of course

is brand-new and this one's three years

old so they're about the same I guess

when I read reviews about Kindles and

things people talk about turning pages

and things like that but really both of

these are about the same it doesn't

really matter so I give it drawl okay

the battery of course we know some

Kindle can last like a month I think on

standby maybe two weeks with some of the

newer ones that are more powerful so I

know this reader last about eight hours

so I haven't actually sat and read eight

hours but I usually read about an hour

at a time and then I fall asleep

so it's not that big of a deal but this

thing's gonna have to be plugged in a

lot more than this I mean I don't feel

like I ever ever plugged this thing and

it just it just usually is charged which

is awesome so for battery life the

regular Kindle reader is going to be a

lot better

another thing is outdoor of course I am

outdoors right now non direct sunlight

but this thing reads amazing it looks

like a regular page and what you get

with the new Kindle Fire is not as good

but I found I could read outside even in

direct sunlight it's not it's definitely

not anything like this this is perfect

and this one is it's doable though which

sort of surprised me I didn't think I

could use it outside at all the only

thing is though if I tilt it like that

you can see a lot of glare so I don't

it's kind of annoying you probably if

you're reading you'll probably want to

just adjust it slightly and this one you

get almost nothing but you can see some

player I mean but I never noticed it on

this one it's this one it's like piece

paper so

for outdoor use a regular Kindle is

better the operating system and the

options you have are basically the same

so you can adjust your fonts color

margins alignment how light or dark you

want it text size and you get that too

with the regular Kindle I don't know do

you get color too you don't get color

like they have some interesting color

features black come on which is I mean

good at night I don't know why you would

pick sub TV abut green that's pretty

pretty horrible anyway I usually leave

it on white or black so you get probably

an extra color I don't pretty sure you

don't get all those options with the

regular Kindle and then the overall

screen like I guess if I had to say I

mean it that this one doesn't bother me

at all if I had to choose I might prefer

to read on this but this one totally

doesn't bother me so I'm gonna say the

glares kind of annoying outside but

honestly I never really read a Kindle

outside anyway

although you can it's just always pretty

much read inside so I'm gonna say with

my purchase in the new fire I'm and

pleased with the reading how it reads

and I probably will sell this older one

on eBay and just run with this one

because it's comparable for me and then

it also does of course all kinds of

other things video yeah you name it so

anyway that's my quick review and

comparison of the Kindle Fire reading

experience versus an older just Kindle

that doesn't have all the multimedia

stuff thanks