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hi guys welcome back to my channel how

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okay so today I'm going to be sharing

with you guys what are in my opinion the

best supplements for treating iron

deficiency anemia as well as all of them

nasty hair loss that comes with that so

guys make sure you stay tuned till the

end of the video I'm also going to be

sharing how long it took me

before I started seeing results on these

supplements and also how long it was

before my iron levels actually rose

really quick before we get into this

video I do want to make a quick

disclaimer I am NOT a doctor yes I am a

psychologist but I am NOT your personal

doctor so if you feel like you are

experiencing anemic symptoms or you're

experiencing low energy please do talk

to your GP about it go and get a blood

test so that you can confirm what your

status is before you start taking any

iron supplements iron overdose is a real

thing and I want to make sure that you

guys stay healthy and whole so please

make sure that you do your due diligence

and you go and speak to your GP before

you start taking any of these

supplements okay guys now let's get into

this video some of you may already know

that I've had my own personal struggles

with low iron over the past few years

and when I was looking at the numbers I

was actually strangely encouraged to

find out that up to one third of the

world's population actually struggles

with low iron or iron deficiency anemia

however I can't say that I wasn't gutted

to find out that it's more common or

more prevalent in women who are of

childbearing age and even more so

amongst women who belong to ethnic

minorities like black women or Hispanic

women focus of women of color who are

childbearing age that are then on meet

restrictive diet of which I was all of

those things I was three for three

but honestly seeing how much great

feedback I've been getting from you guys

on these videos about iron lets me know

that I'm in great company so shout out

to you guys because honestly you guys

want the real MVP it's just so good to

know that I'm not the only one

struggling with these things and that

some of the stuff that I'm sharing is

actually helping you guys through your

own journey and your own struggles with

low iron and iron deficiency hair loss

now just in case anyone watching this

video isn't 100% sure about what anemia

is the easiest way that I can explain

this is

plain and simple we need energy to

survive oxygen gives us energy and what

helps us carry the oxygen around our

bodies our red blood cells when we don't

have enough red blood cells we don't

have enough oxygen now what we need in

order to have enough red blood cells to

give us the oxygen that we need for the

energy to survive is iron hence iron

supplements so to sum it up in one

simple flow chart iron gives us the red

blood cells that we need to carry the

oxygen around our bodies in order to

have the energy to survive you guys with

me okay now the thing is even though low

energy is probably the poster child for

anemia one of the other symptoms that

we've noticed in tracking wonderful

research and obviously from personal

experience as well is the fact that hair

loss is actually one of the other

telltale signs of low iron and anemia

now the generally accepted healthy range

for iron levels or ferritin levels are

between twelve nanograms per milliliter

of blood and 150 nanograms per

milliliter of blood for women of course

it's much higher for men but that's not

what we're talking about today now let's

just clarify it because I'm also aware

that within that range there are further

broken down ranges because it is quite a

big gap in between 12 and 150 so let's

just check that okay yeah so yeah we can

see here like ferritin guide to

interpretation so low is considered 15

nanograms per milliliter of blood so

that would be any 15 or less basically

would you would be considered anemic and

anything in between 16 nanograms to 14

nanograms per milliliter would be

considered borderline so this was the

category where I fell into I wasn't

clinically anemic but I was borderline

and then normal would be classified as

in between 41 and 150 nanograms per

milliliter here it says 41 41 and 400

but I think that also can

during males so also be capped at 150 so

a normal range for a woman would be in

between 41 and 150 milligrams committing

to her blood so I actually did a video a

couple months ago about the real reason

why your hair isn't growing and in that

video actually explained how even women

whose ferritin levels were in the

healthy range so above 41 was still

losing their hair studies actually

showed that women who had ferritin

levels that were lower than 70 nanograms

from elisa was still experiencing iron

deficiency hair loss although iron hair

loss so if you haven't had the chance to

see that video yet I would highly

recommend that you go and look at it

I'll put the link up here so you can go

and watch that and then come back to

this video or you can just watch it

after this video now with further levels

that were 23 nanograms per milliliter

safe to say I was comfortably borderline

anemic but the thing is because doctors

don't typically recognize anything under

15 or anything under 12 as a threat to

your health they didn't actually give me

any sort of indication of how I could

increase my eye level it wasn't until I

started learning a bit more about

nutrition and trying out different

supplements that I ended up coming to

find the mega food blood builder which

has been by far the best iron building

supplement that I have tried hands-down

now the first thing that I will say I

really appreciate about these

supplements is the fact that with every

single capsule so with one dosage you

get 26 milligrams of iron now just to

put that into context for you guys up

until finding these supplements I had

not been able to find any iron

supplements that were commercially

available in the United Kingdom that had

more than 18 milligrams per serving now

the reason why this is so important is

the fact that your body loses about two

milligrams of iron every single day and

so through your diet whether that's by

food or by supplements or a combination

of both you need to be able to replenish

those two milligrams of iron per day now

if you guys have seen my other video

about how you can boost your iron levels

I'll pop that up here I talked about how

ingestion does not necessarily equal

absorption so even if you are ingesting

26 milli

per day you're not actually absorbing 26

milligrams of iron per day and so to get

a more accurate understanding of how

much your body would be absorbing of the

iron that you are actually ingesting

it's about five to ten percent so let's

say on average seven percent and so if

I'm ingesting let's say twenty five

milligrams of iron per day then I'm only

actually absorbing about one point seven

five of those milligrams per day which

doesn't even meet the two milligram

requirement anyway and that's for

somebody who has already normal eye

levels topless of somebody who has high

levels that are depleted and so it makes

sense to me that if I wanted to give

myself the best chance of meeting those

requirements for replenishing the iron

that I have lost that I would ingest

more iron of course within a reason and

so having access to supplements like the

blood Builder that helped me get that

last bit that I need to be able to push

myself over that line it is so helpful

and the second thing that I will say

that makes these supplements so

effective is the fact that they have

vitamin C folate and vitamin b12 and I

would classify all of these additional

nutrients and vitamins as absorption

boosters and by that I mean they just

help your body to actually absorb the

iron that is being ingested again if you

haven't seen the video that I did on how

to increase your EIN levels I talked

about the difference between heme iron

and non heme iron key mine you get from

animal protein and non heme iron you get

from plant sources and it's the kind of

iron that you would typically find in

supplements now vitamin C is one of

those vitamins that helps your body to

convert non heme iron into a form that

is easily absorbed and stored by your

body where it might otherwise have

struggled to do that and again vitamin

b12 and folate help your body to absorb

the iron that you are ingesting the

other thing that I will say about this

is the fact that it also has beetroot

now beetroot is a very very rich natural

source of iron I did a video on iron

boosting smoothies and it was one of the

key ingredients for one of them it's

extremely iron rich and so it's just

that extra boost of iron but from a

natural source as well okay before I

jump into this next point I'm just gonna

go ahead and put a TMI

disclaimer right here if you're

squeamish and you don't like talking

about bodily functions and I would say

just skip the next 60 seconds or so of

this video and I'll see you after this

point so one of the big things that I

really did appreciate about these is the

fact that at the time when I was

struggling with new AI and I was also

struggling with irritable bowel syndrome

and it was not easy trying to find iron

supplements it just wouldn't constipate

me honestly for me it was not a

trade-off that I was prepared to make I

didn't think I was asking too much to

find some supplements that boosted my

iron without making the IBS symptoms I

was experiencing was just really quickly

before I forget if you live in the UK

and you've been having a hard time

finding good iron supplements the only

place that I've been able to find these

is on Amazon so I've actually popped the

link in the description box below I put

one there for these ones which are the

main ones and I've also put another one

there for the minis in case you have an

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now coming off the back of my previous

point these supplements are everything

friendly and by everything I mean

everything so these supplements are

non-gmo verified they are also many my

glasses for this hold on see Jesus heal

my eyesight Lord ah much better

yeah glyphosate residue free pesticide

and herbicide free also certified

gluten-free certified vegan there's a

Kay here we don't even know what that


and it's also dairy-free and these are

also soy free honestly I wouldn't be

surprised if these are pet friendly as

well these don't quote me on that

so yeah safe to say that these

supplements cater to every kind of

dietary lifestyle ever now the final

thing that I will say about these

supplements is the fact that they do

come in mini form so there are two types

there are the normal ones that come in

the normal size so they're not

necessarily so big but they're also not

that small but I can see how it might be

uncomfortable for people who aren't used

to swallowing big tablets so they come

in a

Mini's version where the tablet sizes

are a bit smaller so again they cater to

all of your dietary needs

now it's convenient as it is to have the

minis the dosage of the beetroot in the

minis is actually more so I don't know

why it seems like you almost have a

trade-off between having to have the

bigger supplements and lower beetroot

content or the smaller supplements and

the higher BTU content and you also have

to take more of the pills if you're

taking the mini so instead of taking one

capsule you end up having to take 2

capsules which I kind of feel like

defeats the point of having minis anyway

but honestly it's not so much of an

issue for me I have the big ones as you

can see they're not actually that big to

be fair they're probably smaller than

others that I've tried and then the only

other thing that I would say about these

supplements is the fact that they are a

little bit pricier than your standard

supplements out there but again I feel

like that's to be expected because they

do have a higher content now as valid as

all of these points are I don't really

know that would consider them complete

eternals for me they might be for other

people but for me they didn't really

matter especially because of how quickly

I began to see results from using these

supplements and even though it has been

a few years now since I've managed to

get my levels under control I can

remember that within about two weeks I

started to feel better like

symptomatically I wasn't struggling as

much with low energy if at all I also

had more focus my mood improved I wasn't

feeling so depressed most of the time I

was happier I was laughing I was joking

I was more bubbly and then within the

next two to three months I started to

see more tangible results in terms of

how much hair fall I was having my hair

was falling out less and the hair that

actually was then growing from my scalp

was coming out a little thicker than it

had been when my iron levels were really

low now I would say it took me about six

months between when I started taking

these supplements to when I could see my

friends and levels going up in my blood

test results now I will caveat this and

say that I wasn't taking these

supplements as often as I should have

been so you're supposed to take them

every day just because I wasn't used to

having to take supplements and I didn't

typically take vitamins

while to get into the habit of doing it

consistently so that could have affected

how quickly I saw results and also the

fact that I didn't actually take another

follow-up blood test until about six

months after just because I didn't

really remember to go and do another

follow-up blood test so that's

everything from me today guys I really

hope that this video has helped you

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