Best iPhone X Cases!

what's up guys let's talk I phone 10

cases we're all getting your new iPhone

10 tomorrow and you want to be able to

protect it but personally I don't like

bulky cases and that eliminates a lot of

types of cases but there are so so many

brands and just designs everything to

choose from so I wanted to help you

narrow it down for your shiny new iPhone

10 to be able to look good but at the

same time to be protected as well so

let's take a look at the top 10 iPhone

10 cases right now there's a lot of

cases that haven't even been released

yet that I still have my eye on but just

the way you can buy right now I wanted

to share with you some of my favorites

all right so let's go ahead and start

with the one that was sent to me that I

find the most creatively packaged this

was by oleg Zara

never have I ever went to open a tech

related device and had it's come in an

old army ammo crate or box which is

really interesting so I kind of hoped it

wasn't a mom or something but inside

this is what we got is actually like

around spent rounds in here kind of

interesting this is by Alex R and this

is a really interesting case just

because it opens up it becomes a utility

case and inside you've got this little

thing this case actually has a lot of

multi uses so this very interesting

contraption that comes from the case

actually has all these tools in it the

ruler screwdriver nail file

a blade a serrated blade a whole bunch

of wrenches sizes interesting so multi

use case comes in a couple colors

actually fits the phone pretty well but

there is that one the next up is one

that I use right now on my iPhone 8 plus

and I personally intend to use on my

iPhone 10 and that would be the pitaka

Kevlar case these are incredible they

last so long they're great against drop

and this version of the case actually

fixes my biggest issue with this case is

that the rubber surround around the

camera would always come out it's super

annoying but now it's plastic so that's


this is probably the slimmest case you

can get it looks good and gives you an

incredible protection I've dropped this

so many times it starts chipping away a

little the Kevlar kind of starts

unthreading but

that's after hard abuse I mean it still

looks great over a year later personally

the case I'll be using next of the UAG

series you guys know I love these and

this year's are no exception I've got

beautiful new colors so this is like

sort of an a red here looks really

awesome the monarch series they've got

the regular plasma series which are

always favorites they're very thin and a

new series for the Clio so personally

I'm gonna take a look at this one

because it actually looks the coolest to

me and this is our hardcore heavy duty

case it's actually reinforced with metal

inside it's super sturdy and it looks

super awesome I love the color so not

too bad

incredibly durable still fits in the

palm of your hand very nicely but at the

same time looks awesome it's got this

leather look inside super cool and also

the plasma series which is a thinner

version of that case this is a favorite

for many of my friends personally it's

very slim very durable holds up very

great over time so you AG can go wrong

with this one a little spendy I mean

this one right here I believe is like 50

$60 but still they hold up I think they

are worth for the money alright so next

up you really can't go wrong with

Apple's case this is the official iPhone

10 leather case and of course it comes

in silicon as well but these things they

do look good but they don't really hold

up very well against the drop I mean

they feel good they do age as you guys

know leather will change color will

change texture with time so how it looks

now is that how it will always look but

still these things are pretty nice they

just don't last that's what I don't like

about them the leather personally I

don't really take care of my cases too

well and the leather does get scratched

and faded especially if you pull it out

of your pocket a lot but otherwise I'd

say it definitely looks good just isn't

gonna last too long and the color does

change with time but overall still

pretty nice next up is the case ology

parallax vault and coastline ones this

one is cool because it is clear and you

can see through its providing protection

around the phone so if you wanted to

look at the back of your phone this one

would definitely provide you a view of

that also I like this one because of the

geometric design always been a fan of

that's from case ology overall really

nice case nothing

like in-your-face but will do the job

for protection and next up is the Rhino

shield crashguard

I've reviewed these on my channel before

really nice bumper cases not a lot of

companies make these anymore and if

you've ever used the old iPhone 5s

bumper cases these these are pretty

close I mean a really nice they fit very

comfortably it actually takes a struggle

to get it on your phone but that's good

because it means it won't be falling off

on accidents this leaves the back

perfectly exposed and they actually do

have screen protectors they can just put

on here so that way you don't get

scratches on the back or the front of

the phone so that one's favorites

definitely from them they also have the

mod where you can replace the back with

different designs but at the same time

have that same bumper protection and

these are incredibly durable and drop

them from a drone at an incredible

height and they have survived so they

have protection and on the actual box

says 11 feet so that's crazy for a case

to have that said grid protection is

awesome so that's the Rhino shield crash

guard and the mod and here's the Jack

Spade designer a case this one is a

little spendy but the reason it caught

my eye was how similar it looks to the

original iPhone I love the little back

panel here looks pretty dang cool and it

has this fabric feel to it which I

actually really like on cases it is

super slim and will offer a pretty

decent amount of protection for your

phone so mostly because of the tributes

I chose this one to the original iPhone

but it's at the same time it is pretty

cool seems like it'd be pretty durable

and day-to-day usage and yeah there's

your black antenna housing for the

original iPhone on the iPhone 10 10

years later and of course the ex Doria

defense lux man I have been reviewing

these cases for a while and I really

like their latest finish so it's sort of

like an aluminum look for the back of

your phone really industrial looking and

I really like that because not a lot of

people offer something like that oh wow

and it actually definitely feels just as

good as it looks it's super light and

this definitely is not real aluminum but

feels really cool something different

that's for sure you've got an aluminum

border also I love the industrial feel

and look of it

so there is that it's not exactly like

there are other cases but this one is

really nice and it seems I can be pretty

durable as well so I adore your defense

can't go wrong with these always like

this brand in general make really

awesome looking cases they do channel

one of the speakers out here to the

front which is a very interesting design

choice not sure if that would affect the

speaker quality though but otherwise

it's an awesome looking case next up is

by anchor their new care packs series

for the new iPhone 10 this one has a

transparent look and actually this is

how you open it down here it's sort of

like a milky black which I like and very

slim not much to say about this case I

mean it does the job it's it looks

pretty decent lets you see through your

phone very comfortable and it's not

gonna snag on the inside of your pocket

when you're taking it in and out like

many silicon cases that look like this

to do so pretty cool pretty simple

I like the side panel here looks pretty

decent that's care packs by anchor and

this is the platinum walnut ooh wood

series for the iPhone 10 this one really

caught my eye just because of how

different it is you don't really see a

lot of wooden cases nowadays and this is

real natural wood here looks really cool

the sides of the case I'm not sure if

I'm in a super a great agreement with I

don't really like once I kind of hug it

like this I'd rather go all the way

around and not leave the buttons exposed

because a lot of dust gets in there but

the back looks good definitely something

you got to take care of I think it'll

scratch but gives your iPhone 10 and

elegant to look at not many cases do and

this is the model lexicon pearl case I

just saw it and liked it just because of

how unique the color was you don't

really see a lot of these not something

I would use personally but if you do

have the silver one I think it would go

pretty well with it sort of like a

leather feel I doubt that's real leather

but very similar to the original Apple

leather case just a little bit cheaper I

liked how elegance it is logo even here

looks pretty good on the case so there

it is pretty simple

alright guys as I finish up here just

wanted to say if I had to pick two of my

favorite ones here we definitely have to

be the pitaka carbon fiber case for the

iPhone 10

and the UAG series I mean you can't go

wrong with these

they are totally worth the money I think

in my opinion but otherwise really great

contenders from all of these Apple

leather one the X story of Defense the

elixir series for the multi used little

instrument in there pretty cool Rhino

shield otherwise I hope you guys enjoyed

this hope they gave you a little idea of

what's out there with cases there are

still so many to choose from but these

are some of my personal favorites I'll

be enjoy guys peace