Every iPhone Ranked — Best to Worst!

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the description the iPhones are ready

the brackets are set

I asked all of you what you consider to

be the best iPhone of all time Wow merci

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then let's get ready to rank I'm Rene

Richie and this is vector the

quarterfinals start off with the 21 I

phones to date all warmed up and ready

to hit the octagon or polygon or

whatever it is

iPhones fight it out in in the first

bracket we have the original iPhone all

bead blasted aluminum with plastic RF

skirt big for the time 3.5 inch LCD

display 2 megapixel camera and 2g edge

networking it was the first though the

originator and has all the nostalgia on

its side it's up against the iPhone 3G

which switched out the aluminum for a

full plastic back and added both GPS and

3G networking it was the same only

better and it launched alongside the app

store rounding out the bracket is the

iPhone 3GS almost identical to the 3G in

appearance it bolstered the internals

with twice the processor speed twice the

networking speed and added a mag no

meter a digital compass and yeah video

recording finally and yet it was enough

to win blowing even the original out of

the water with 53% of your votes iPhone

og got 35% and the 3G got only 12% but

the 3GS moves on the second bracket

kicks us off with the iPhone 4 all glass

and stainless steel sandwich it had the

first Retina display no longer

scratching our eyes with pixels the

first Apple processor with the a4 and a

front-facing camera filling them instead

with FaceTime the iPhone had been

exclusive to AT&T in the US

up until the iPhone 4 six months later

the Verizon version launched with

support for CDMA and evideo networks and

with an all-new all fixed antenna system

it was the iPhone 4s that fixed the

antenna for everybody though it got the

Apple a5 processor a 12 megapixel 1080p

rear camera

airplay and Siri Apple's digital

personal assistant and the 4s still got

most of your votes way most 62 percent

of them compared to just 34% for the

four and just 4% for the Verizon for

which ya

Verizon but the 4s takes it all bracket

the third the iPhone 5 went from 3.5 to

4 inches and 3 by 2 to 16 by 9 it also

got LTE and lightning and an aluminum

unibody that arguably made the boxy

design even better instead of keeping

the iPhone 5 around another year and

just dropping its price Apple replaced

it with the iPhone 5c same guts but

unabashedly plastic glory in all the pop

colors it was Apple's first attempt at a

new less expensive iPhone but they also

took the iPhone 5 added Apple's first

64-bit processor introduced touch ID the

biometric fingerprint sensor and wrapped

it all up in a new champagne gold finish

and that was the iPhone 5s as much as

some people called the iPhone 5s yes

boring even more people missed it when

it went away so when Apple brought it

back with updated internals those same

people jumped on it sure it was less

expensive but it was also still small

and still gorgeous especially in rose

gold though not quite buy enough to win

this bracket not against the iPhone 5s

which pulled in 48% of your votes yep

the ser again the se did come in second

though with 25% just nudging out the 5

5c thanks just 3% r.i.p iPhone 5s moves

on bracket 4 it gets big with the iPhone

6 people have been waiting a long time

for the iPhone to grow extra half an

inch or more and Apple delivered with a

4.7 inch display along with the new

curved design and an NFC radio for Apple

pay but it was really the iPhone 6 plus

that brought the bigger 5.5 inches of

bigger also optical image stabilization

and iPad style apps in landscape mode it

might have been too big for some pockets

but finally big enough for many tastes

the iPhone 6s added pressure sensitive

3d touch and a reinforced aluminum shell

to handle it and concerns over bending

also DCI p3 color and a 12 megapixel 4k


on the back all with a rose gold color

option cherry on top take the iPhone 6s

and stretch it out to plus sizes at oh

is and the landscape split view software

and you know what you get the iPhone 6s

plus but not quite enough to win the

regular iPhone 6s takes it yes yet again

an S year and a giant neon pointer to

the disconnect between coverage and

consumers and with 39% of your votes the

iPhone 6s plus did come in second though

with 30% and the regular six with 18%

and the regular 6 plus were 30% but the

6s advances bracket 5 is interesting it

starts with the iPhone 7 which looked a

lot like the iPhone 6 and 6s but without

the antenna lines and with new matte and

jet black finishes also better haptics

and the first efficiency dot performance

fusion chipset with the a10 but the

iPhone 7 plus is where things got even

more interesting with the first fusion

camera system one wide angle one

telephoto and the ability to capture

depth data for real-time effects like

portrait mode iPhone 8 was yeah mostly

there to give classic home button and

bezel iPhone lovers and updated iPhone

to love with an A 11 processor better

cameras wireless charging and a color

palette reduced back down to silver

Space Gray and a copper gold the iPhone

8 plus was much the same only bigger

dual camera system but with portrait

lighting now as well but ultimately it

existed to give people who weren't yet

ready to move on something to cling to

but it was the iPhone 7 plus that your

votes cling to 30% over compared to 26%

for the 8 plus 25% for the 7 and 19% for

the 8 so the 7 plus moves on bracket 6

and last enter the age of iPhone 10 with

its all-new all bezel deleted stainless

steel and glass design that fit a 5.3

inch display in roughly the same space

as the old regular sized iPhone also

face ID biometric facial geometry sensor

and a notch to house it rather than keep

the iPhone 10 on the market another year

Apple pulled an iPhone 5c style

switcheroo the iPhone 10 R got the

latest processor and a slightly larger

6.1 inch display what it gave up was the

OLED screen technology

and dual camera system but also a couple

of hundred and a half bucks off the

price take the iPhone 10 and add a full

on multi-core neural engine smart HDR

and dynamic depth control stereo video

recording tougher glass and of course

the return of the gold option and you

get the iPhone 10s take the iPhone 10s

and stretch it out but keep everything

including the camera system exactly the

same and you get the iPhone 10s max a

6.5 inch display maxed out in a body

roughly the size of the old plus and

here's where the new and novel finally

beat out the polish of an S ear iPhone

10 took it with 36% of your vote beating

out the 10s max which got 28% the 10s

came in with 22% and the 10 are legit

surprising to me given its fan favorite

status trailed at 14% the semi-finals

kick off with the iPhone 3GS versus the

iPhone 4s versus the iPhone 5s a battle

of the S years from plastic to glass to

aluminum 3.5 inches to four inches 30

pin dock connector to Lightning 3G to

LTE standard to retina black-and-white

to gold and the iPhone 5s takes it with

58% of your vote the arguably even more

iconic iPhone 4s is second at 33% and

the 3GS comes in dead last with just 9%

the iPhone 5s moves on to the finals in

the other match we have the iPhone 6s

versus the iPhone 7 plus vs. iPhone 10

we've got the ends of one ERA against

the beginnings of the next LCD 2 OLED

from single camera to double standard to

fusion to neural Engine processors

aluminum to steel in glass chassis z'

rose gold to jet black to gold again and

to the surprise of I'm guessing

absolutely no one the iPhone 10 takes it

with 75% of your votes the seven plus

edges in second with 14% and the 6s

comes in dead last with 12% so the

finals and to be completely honest here

I expected the iPhone 10 to make it all

the way here but I kind of expected it

to be against the original iPhone or the

iPhone 4s it was all of you though who

made it all about the iPhone 10 versus

the iPhone 5s 20:17 vs. 2013 bezels

versus notches home buttons versus just

gold versus silver and black headphone

jack versus the lack and the winner is

with an astounding 69% of your votes to

just 31% for second place the iPhone 10

it makes perfect sense when I reviewed

it I called it the best product Apple

had ever made

period and while the 10s made it just

that much better it wasn't enough to

overcome the sheer impact of the 10 an

impact that blasted notches into the

tops of phones across the industry and

gestures all of them the 5s arguably the

SE will continue to be regarded by many

as the pinnacle of iPhone design that

was hell the current iPad pro is teasing

a comeback even now but it's the iPhone

10 that redefined what the iPhone will

be and this time the future wins out

so to recap and acknowledging that this

is horribly skewed towards the type of

people who follow my work and subject to

the way the brackets were set up to

begin with this is how all of you ended

up ranking all the iPhones to date

iPhone 10 iPhone 5s iPhone 4s iPhone 7

plus iphone 6s iphone 3GS iPhone iPhone

4 iPhone 6s plus iPhone 10s Mac's

iPhone 8 plus iPhone 7 tied with iPhone

se iPhone 5 iPhone 10's iPhone 8 iPhone

6 iPhone 10 our iPhone 6 plus iPhone 3G

iPhone 4 on Verizon and iPhone 5c and if

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four would be iPhone 10s iPhone 4s

iPhone 7 and iPhone se but hit like if

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you so much for watching and see you

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