Which iPhone should I buy? - The best iPhone isn't always the most expensive

Apple currently sells six different

iPhones across four different models so

the question is if you're in the market

for a new iPhone which one should you

buy that's an interesting question

because there's a lot to choose from of

course you have the iPhone eight an

iPhone 8 plus you have the iPhone 10 R

there's the iPhone 11 and then there's

the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max

so needless to say it can be a little

bit intimidating trying to decide which

new iPhone to buy but don't worry in

this video we're gonna break it down and

tell you or at least help you to decide

which new iPhone is the right one for

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upcoming videos ok so we're gonna start

with the iPhone 8 in the iPhone 8 plus

this is the phone you want to buy if

price is the number one factor in your

decision making process that's because

it's the cheapest brand new iPhone that

Apple sales starting at 450 dollars now

I'd also make the argument that if price

is that important you should also

consider buying a used iPhone 10 R for

instance but if you want a brand new

phone from Apple this is the phone to

get if prices everything to you another

reason to consider the iPhone 8 or

iPhone 8 plus is if you want a phone

with the home button a physical home

button now I could see this being a

factor if you're buying an iPhone for

someone who is used to having a home

button or you just don't think they'll

be able to deal with a gesture-based UI

like on modern iPhones now I'm thinking

grandparents or people who may not be

willing to accept change so easily and

it's also worth noting

that the regular iPhone eight is the

smallest and thinnest iPhone that Apple

currently sells so if form-factor is of

high importance to you that is also

something to consider now we're going

into 2020 so it's really hard to

recommend purchasing an iPhone 8 but if

you don't really care about having the

latest and greatest features the best

photo and video quality and you still

want that physical home button that

features touch ID then the iPhone 8

maybe the phone for you now Apple also

sells the iPhone 10 R which was last

year's entry-level iPhone now at a

starting price of $5.99

this is pound-for-pound in my opinion

the best bang for your buck as far as

iPhones are concerned

it features an edge-to-edge liquid

Retina display with no home button and

it also features a true depth camera

which gives you face ID biometric unlock

ability the great thing is that it

features a display that's much larger

than either the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8

plus at 6.1 inches and it's able to fit

such a display inside a device that is

smaller than the iPhone a plus thinks to

that edge-to-edge liquid Retina display

this has the same processor is last

year's flagship iPhone 10 s and it

features a very capable 12 megapixel

wide-angle shooter with F 1.8 aperture

on the rear and while it's kind of

superfluous but in our has the best

color options across the entire iPhone

lineup now the iPhone 11 is in my

opinion the phone that most people

should be looking at while the 10r is

definitely the best bang for the buck

the iPhone 11 provides a substantial

upgrade for just $100 more the biggest

difference is that new dual camera

module which gives you an ultra wide

camera and you get uncompromising

flagship performance it has the same 813

Bionic chip as the top-of-the-line

iPhone 11 pro that gives the regular

iPhone 11 the best performance to value

ratio of any phone in Apple's lineup

with all that said it really is all

about the camera with the iPhone 11 this

is a very camera centric upgrade we go

really in depth with this in our iPhone

11 review but the short and sweet of it

is that that ultra wide camera

gives you so many more options when

shooting photos and videos with your

iPhone it's a real game-changer as far

as flexibility is concerned because

couple with a newly redesigned camera

app it's almost like you have to swell

you actually do have two separate lenses

but it's almost like you have a zoom

lens where you can zoom quickly between

focal links and the cool thing about it

all is is that it's seamlessly

integrated with that new camera app and

it doesn't stop there there's so many

other improvements related to the camera

you absolutely must watch our full

hands-on walkthrough if you want just a

top-to-bottom overview of what the

camera brings to the table but a couple

of other things you get four K's 60

frames per second shooting ability with

not just the rear cameras but also the

front-facing camera as well so all three

cameras can shoot 4k 60 and then you get

the new night mode feature as well which

gives you low-light shooting capability

by employing the use of a long exposure

so not only do you get uncompromising

processor performance that beats any

smartphone not only do you get the

second best camera setup second only to

the iPhone 11 pro but you also get other

new features like better battery life

when compared to the iPhone 10 are

better water resistance and you also get

a really cool color selection although

not as cool as the iPhone 10 are in my

opinion but like I said at the outset

this phone the iPhone 11 provides you

with the best performance to value ratio

of any phone in Apple's entire

smartphone lineup this is the phone that

I would buy myself it's the phone that I

would give my significant other it is

the phone that most people should buy

all right so at the very very top of the

iPhone hierarchy you have the iPhone 11

pro in the iPhone 11 Pro max now

starting at $9.99 the iPhone 11 pro is

admittedly ridiculously expensive so

that alone is going to limit its appeal

but if you are looking for the absolute

cream of the crop then there's no

surprise that the iPhone 11 pro is it

now let's start with some of the more

innocuous features like color choice you

get a new midnight green color which is

intriguing but still not as cool as the

color options that you get on the iPhone

10 are and the iPhone 11 but that being

said I love

stainless-steel band that surrounds the

iPhone 11 Pro it's a much more high

quality feeling band than the aluminum

band that wraps around the iPhone 11 now

one of the interesting things about the

iPhone 11 Pro is that it features the

same system on a chip that's in the

iPhone 11 so you're really not getting a

faster phone when compared to the

regular iPhone 11 I guess you could

consider that to be a good thing and a

bad thing depending on which phone you

buy needless to say it kind of makes the

iPhone 11 Pro feel a bit overpriced for

what it is but that's not to say that

there aren't key attributes about the

iPhone 11 Pro that makes it worth

considering because there definitely is

most outstandingly you have a new try

camera module that's never been done

before on an iPhone so there's three

cameras one ultra wide camera one

wide-angle camera and one telephoto

camera that's going to give you more

flexibility when shooting photos and

video when compared to the iPhone 11 you

also get a new super Retina XDR OLED

display which has a crazy 2 million to 1

contrast ratio so that's gonna make your

HDR photos and videos pop it's gonna

make watching movies with Dolby vision

pop it's gonna make iOS 13's new dark

mode feature look downright amazing

there's no comparison this is hands-down

easily easily the best display that

Apple's ever put in any of its portable

devices now another thing to consider is

that the iPhone 11 pro gives you more

options as far as size is concerned

because you get a small model which is

five point eight inches and then you get

the max model which is 6.5 inches so

it's either smaller or larger than the

iPhone 11 depending on which one you

choose so that's nice just to have that

option in a flagship phone but perhaps

most importantly to some users at least

the iPhone 11 pro max gives you the best

battery life of any iPhone ever that

includes the iPhone 10 are the iPhone 11

this is the cream of the crop when it

comes to battery life so if you don't

care about price you want the longest

battery life you want the most

full-featured camera system you want

options as far as size is concerned and

you want the best display in an iPhone

then the iPhone 11

or iPhone 11 Promax is the phone for you

so all things considered in most cases

I'd stay away from the iPhone 8 and

iPhone 8 plus if you're buying an iPhone

for parents or grandparents or even kids

I recommend the iPhone 10 are and if

you're buying a new phone for a

significant other or anyone else I

definitely lean towards the iPhone 11

but if you're buying an iPhone for

someone who is crazy about taking photos

and videos maybe they shoot feature

films with their iPhone using filmic Pro

then it's all about that iPhone 11 Pro

but even still I probably be tempted to

stick with the iPhone 11 because it's

just that good and it presents an

incredible value for the money what do

you guys think do you agree do you

disagree do you have some comments

suggestions let me know down below in

the comment section be sure to leave a

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