What is the best iPhone ever?

a couple months ago we determined

through all of your votes as well as my

opinion what the worst iphone ever is

and today we're gonna be finding the

best hey how's it going I'm Joshua from

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question what is the best iPhone ever


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here now obviously when talking in terms

of just the best phone overall the

iPhone 10's max reigns supreme it's the

best iPhone on the market right now as

it's the newest but today we're kind of

looking past that and instead focusing

on the impact and success of past

iPhones as opposed to just which is the

fastest and has the best camera which

phones brought the most changes how long

did they last all these factors will

come into play when finding the best

iPhone due to how new the iPhone 10 RN

10s are I think it's really too early to

judge them and so they will be

unfortunately exempt from this video and

about a year we'll have a better idea of

how they fared so maybe we'll revisit it

then but for now we're looking at the

first iPhone all the way to the iPhone

10 and we're gonna determine which is

the best I'm gonna go over every single

option and choose the ones I believe to

be real contenders and at the end of the

video I will choose a winner and compare

that winner to what you guys thought on

both Twitter and the community tab of my

youtube channel also if you don't want

to be spoiled don't scroll down to the

comments just a heads up and with that

let's get into this let's start where

this all started the original iPhone

from 2007 it's unbelievable how much

this single device impacted and

revolutionized the market and yet here

we are now with literally every single

person having a smartphone in their

pocket at all times the iPhone was

really something special and well I

think it being the first of its kind

does leave it mostly void of criticism

it did have its setbacks that keeps it

from being the best iPhone ever it

didn't have a competitive price point it

lacked a 3G network capabilities the

build quality wasn't very good all

things considered and it's unfortunate

that they heard problems with it because

I think this probably should have been

the phone to beat so the first iPhone

was amazing don't get me wrong

but I don't think we can call it the

best luckily all these issues in the

first iPhone were fixed in the next

iteration of the two

2008 iPhone 3G it had 3G and a much

better price point did that made it more

appealing to potential buyers with that

said it also degraded the iPhone from an

aluminum body to a plastic one even if

the aluminum wasn't very good in the

first place I would say plastic is worse

and the phone brought nearly nothing

except for the aforementioned

improvements not to mention it's as slow

as molasses on its latest update iOS 4

for the time the iPhone 3G was a success

but with perfect hindsight we can see

that it really didn't bring a whole lot

to even consider it good 2009 the iPhone

3GS this phone brought much better

speeds and a much better camera a

typical a slight upgrade that we've

become accustomed to this phone was

actually the first one to record video

which is cool and it ran really well on

each iOS version it received up to

Iowa's 6 the 3GS is one of the most

solid well rounded iPhones in my opinion

but it isn't exciting there really

weren't any big-name features and so

it's with some regret I have to say as

much as I love this phone it can't be

considered the best although I would say

that it could be considered great 2010

the iPhone 4 where do I even start with

this phone it brought so much being the

biggest redesign in the iPhone line

until the iPhone 10 and overall just

being a masterpiece you could tell Steve

Jobs really loved this phone when he

announced it and for a good reason it

was a beautiful device we had a new

stainless steel frame and glass back a

far cry from the plastic of a year prior

this design has held up amazingly well

especially considering the iPhone 10

switched back to it last year we got the

first ever Retina display and holy cow

it looked amazing compared to the iPhone

3GS and literally every other smartphone

at the time

Apple was so ahead of the game in 2010

it wasn't even close and this phone

really cemented that fact but as much as

the iPhone 4 brought it wasn't perfect

antenna gate was a thing basically if

you covered the antennas with your hand

you would drop calls which was a pain in

a major design flaw and of course the

iPhone 4 was supported all the way to

Iowa 7 which is extremely slow on this

device in all fairness it did speed up

significantly with 7.1 but that damage

was already done and the floor has been

heavily regarded as a slow mess since

the update

despite the missteps Apple made with the

iPhone 4

it's still hard to argue that it isn't

not only one of the best iPhones but

best smartphones in general 2011 the

iPhone 4s the 4s was your typical S line

upgrade for the most part faster speeds

better camera and in this case Siri the

forest was really sought oh my gosh

alrighty the 4s was really solid at

launch but it was still pretty small and

didn't bring a whole lot new to the

table it also has aged the worst of

basically any iPhone being practically

unusable on iOS 9.3 point 5 the 4s

unfortunately is not one of the best

iPhones but probably one of the worst

simply for how poorly it's aged I

actually lived with a 4s for an entire

week by the way cuz I'm crazy so if you

want to see that there'll be a link in

the description below 2012 the iPhone 5

the iPhone 5 was the lastest Steve Jobs

era iPhone as well he had passed on by

it's released it still held his input

for the design and carried the last

classic iteration of software we saw iOS

6 the phone was crazy fast with a huge

upgrade over the 4s doubling its RAM and

it was just a pleasure to use this size

was perfect for a lot of people and to

this day it's one of the lightest

iPhones we've ever seen the design was

so good Apple reused it with both the 5s

and four years later with the SC

furthermore the iPhone 5 felt fast on

every single version of iOS it received

that's seriously impressive and it's

fair to say this is one of the best

iPhones Apple has ever made 2013 the

iPhone 5c where do I even start with

this phone it was terrible all things

considered I mean okay it ran well and

if you had one you probably liked it as

it wasn't a bad phone but literally the

only reason it that it was even okay was

because it was literally just the iPhone

5 and a cheaper plastic shell this was a

mess of a phone and at only $100 less

than the 5s there was literally no

reason to buy the 5c I've talked enough

about this phone in the past this is

definitely one of the worst iPhones ever

created and is probably the most


also 2013 we got the iPhone 5s

this phone made a bigger impact on the

smartphone world that I think anyone

realized at the time with a few main

upgrades that really mattered touch ID

for one as it completely changed the way

everybody handled smartphone security

and then the a7 chip set the a7 had the

first six you

or bid architecture in a smartphone and

while that might sound meaningless let

me assure you this was a huge deal and

pushed Android manufacturers into a

frenzy to try to match it the iPhone 5s

was forward-thinking in every way

imaginable linked to a video on that in

the description below by the way and it

has aged the best of any iPhone ever by

far with it still being updatable to

Iowa's 12 right now that's right this

phone from 2013 can do almost everything

the newest iPhone 10s can do that's

absolutely insane and Apple deserves

huge props for creating such a stacked

device that's been able to last us so

darn long the iPhone 5s is without a

doubt one of the best iPhones ever 2014

the iPhone 6 and 6-plus Apple had been

killing it with the iPhone 5 and 5s and

the 6 seemed to continue that trend we

had to size options both being much

bigger than any iPhone we had ever seen

which capitalized on the then rising

phablet trend the phones brought a

much-needed refresh to the iPhone line

and the sales reflected that the iPhone

6 and 6 plus are the best selling smart

phones ever with over 220 million units

shipped that's an insane number and it

is completely unmatched by any other

modern device well the six was a massive

success back then with perfect hindsight

we can see that it was a bit of a mess

bendgate of course was a thing and this

resulted in not only bending but touch

disease as well as a variety of other

issues the phone also didn't bring

hardly anything new other than the size

and so for me I would consider to be one

of the worst iPhones Apple has ever done

simply because they could have made it

so much better 2015 the iPhone 6s and 6s

Plus these phones looked essentially the

same as the iPhone 6 but they brought

some extremely necessary additions the

most important was the higher grade

aluminum that greatly increased the

durability so the phone's no longer

would Bend we also had a huge jump in

performance and in the camera this is

about as good of an s-line upgrade as

they come we also got 3d touch a

headphone jack and he's still a very

good second-generation touch ID this was

a great phone and perhaps even one of

the best early 2016 the iPhone S II

there was a small portion of the market

that felt ostracized by the bigger


there hadn't been a small one in about

two and a half years at this point and

that last phone was the five s the SC

served to appeal to these customers and

it did the SC had the same body as the

5s but with the internals of these

success it was a great little phone and

it came out an even better little price

even today the SC is one of the best of

budget options out there but it isn't

one of the best iPhones while it was

great for what it was the SE used in old

design and brought nothing new I love

the SC but it isn't the best iPhone ever

late 2016 the iPhone 7 and 7 plus this

was a bit of a polarizing release the

iPhone 7 removed the headphone jack and

it's easy to say people weren't

especially impressed the phone looked

too similar to the iPhone 6 to be

considered much of a redesign and while

it brought water resistance and the 810

ship and the first secondary camera lens

it just wasn't unique enough for people

to get behind it unfortunately there is

no way to consider this phone to be one

of the best 2017 the iPhone 8 and 8 plus

these phones were meant to be cheaper

options for those who weren't ready to

give up the home button and they were

actually pretty good for what they were

in fact I've called them massively

underrated in the past the iPhone 8

brought a glass back where I was

charging a better camera and so on but

it was all overshadowed by its bigger

and better brother

which we'll talk about right now also in

2017 the iPhone 10 we're quite early in

the life of the iPhone 10 but I think

it's fair to say this is one of the best

phones we have ever seen it had the

biggest redesign of any iPhone ever or

at least since the four we've done away

with the home button and have a nearly

bezel as display only intruded by a

notch that holds apples very cool face

ID technology love it or hate it it's

hard to argue that the iPhone 10 is one

of Apple's best phones ever to be

released plus it brought an emoji and we

all know how important an emoji is and

that's about every single iPhone

eligible to be considered the best again

we aren't going to be looking at either

the 10s or the 10 arm as in my opinion

they're too new and can't really be

looked at objectively and so with that

we have our winners of round one the

iPhone 4 5 5s 6s and 10 these phones all

qualify to be potentially the best

iPhone ever that's actually a large

amount of phones and I think it's just a

testament to how good

Apple has been over the years at least

sometimes and even if you're about as

anti Apple as they come you have to

admit Apple tends to do more phones

right than they do wrong but we can only

have one winner and so let's knock out

the easiest first the iPhone 6s is a

good phone actually I'd argue that it's

a great phone and it had a lot of

support in the votes which all shown a

bit what's impressive is that this

wasn't actually an option but people

wrote it in the comments a lot and I

couldn't exactly ignore it I had a other

option that you could choose and it got

more votes than I expected it to the

fact is there can only be so many

iPhones that can be considered the best

and I don't really think the success

stands up to the rest of them it's an

amazing phone but it's missing the wow

factor it did bring a lot to iPhones in

general and does help the evolution it

greatly but at the end of the day it was

just what the iPhone 6 should have been

and didn't bring anything huge there

were no big-name features and I think

that's something you need to have to be

considered the best so now we have the

iPhone 4 or 5 5s and 10 and this is

where it gets a bit hard as all of these

phones are great for their own

individual reasons the 4 5 and 10 were

all redesigns that's a bonus for them

although the 5 was probably the weakest

redesign in the bunch as it did look

different but not massively different

from the 4 the 5s also had a redesign

but in software only and you can't

discount the importance of iOS 7 oh man

this is pretty hard I'm finding it

extremely difficult to pick a winner

each phone has a legitimately good

reason to be the best but let's knock

off two more phones here the iPhone 5

has one of the most solid designs ever

and a piece of technology to the point

that Apple was selling a phone with the

same body as the five up until late 2018

but that's really all the iPhone 5

brought sure it was a bit faster than

the 4s and yes it had I was six which is

iconic but when it comes to support it

was outdone by the 5s and in terms of a

major redesign the iPhone 4 and 10 have

it beat I've said before the iPhone 5 is

what an iPhone should be and I stand by

that it was an amazing phone and one

that stayed that way throughout its

entire life but as good as it is it

isn't the best and neither is the iPhone

4 now the iPhone 4 is a great phone


one of the best and if you think it is

the best I definitely won't argue with

you I think that's valid but it's

unbearable on Iowa's seven at least to

me and I'd say that that just kind of

ruins it for me while the iPhone 4 was a

huge redesign I don't know if it's as

big as the I found tens so I think it

deserves to get knocked out sooner

also antenna gate happened and that was

a serious oversight on Apple's part the

iPhone 4 was my first iPhone and believe

it or not I actually had an Android

before that but as much as this phone

means to me it isn't the best iPhone

ever all right

now we're down to the iPhone 5s and the

iPhone 10 to be honest I really didn't

think that these would be the finalists

when I started doing all of this but

after writing out the pros and cons of

each iPhone I realized that these two do

seem to be the best of what Apple's come

up with over the years the iPhone 10 was

the largest redesign we've ever seen and

probably ever will see gone is the home

button and that's something no one saw

coming even just a few years ago when I

first got the iPhone 10 if you watch my

older reviews I mentioned that it's like

holding the future in your hand and it

is the iPhone tens beautiful OLED panel

mixed with the stainless steel and glass

back makes it easily the most premium

feeling phone of 2017 and it still holds

up today with the tennis having the same

body you might cry about the knotch but

the notch has been replicated on nearly

every Android phone in 2018 for a reason

it was a good design choice although

most of the Android phones trying to use

it don't understand that it doesn't look

good when you still have a chin the a 11

chip was a beast the camera was great

and literally almost everything about

the iPhone 10 was perfect it was the

ultimate upgrade and the impact of it

can't be understated but the iPhone 5s

is better the iPhone 10 deserves at

least second place for sure and if you

personally think it should be first I

get it but in my opinion it's just too

new for us to have a good understanding

of how it really compares we've had over

5 years of the 5s to analyze it and see

how its aged but the iPhone 10 is only a

year old and as such it's really hard to

say whether or not it's a better phone

than 5s because we really don't know

whether or not that it will be the TENS

life isn't over but the 5s is is coming

to an end

personally I think the 10 may end up

being better than the 5s but again we

won't really know until

few years down the road the iPhone 5s

was 64-bit again this is the first

smartphone that ever did it it had touch

ID which set the standard for mobile

security it brought I was 7 the first

and only overhaul of iOS that pushed

Apple forward into the future and of

course with the iPhone 5s we've had over

five years of full consistent support

something that's never been done before

it wasn't a massive leap forward like

the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 10 but it

doesn't need to be and for what it is I

think it's done an amazing job the 5s

just doesn't really have any flaws and

as such I think it belongs at the top of

the iPhone tower without a doubt and so

here it is my opinion the 5s is the best

iPhone but what did you all think let's

turn to the Twitter poll first with the

least amount of votes we have the iPhone

4 at 10% this was a bit surprising to me

as I personally saw it as more important

than the iPhone 5 speaking of which

coming in at 20% we have the iPhone 5 at

26% we have the iPhone 10 and finally

with 44% to the vote we have the iPhone

5s the clear winner so you guys

basically agree with me you had the

iPhone 5 quite a bit higher than I put

it but generally I think we can get

along here and that's always nice to see

having a popular opinion usually means

less dislikes okay let's look at the

YouTube poll first off we got over

22,000 votes which is insane as well as

over 1,400 comments apparently people

are pretty passionate about this at the

bottom of the vote we have the iPhone 5

with only 6% that's a stark contrast to

the Twitter vote that's for sure

moving up we have the iPhone 4 and 9%

and then we have other at 12%

it's hard to gauge what people are

voting for when they chose other but I

think most people have the iPhones

success in mind at least according to

the comments which of course I threw

into consideration but overall

disregarded as I don't think it did

enough to be the best still an

interesting pick regardless though and I

can see why people would like the iPhone

success in second place we have you

guessed it the iPhone 10 at 18%

this leaves the iPhone 5s as the

overwhelming winner with 55% of the vote

that's actually a crazy large amount and

much more definitive than what people

were saying on Twitter has things over

there were a little bit closer so all of

our opinions mostly matched up and

that's pretty rare on YouTube there were

a ton of interesting comments

unfortunately I didn't

read them all as there were literally

over 1,400 and while I'd love to share a

few today we are kind of running out of

time but I will answer one that stood

out to me the most prominent issue with

me calling the 5s the best iPhone when I

was writing this is that it didn't

really have any crazy redesign I mean it

did on the software side but the

hardware really didn't look any

different than the iPhone 5 and Brian

here says the four or the ten make the

most sense they were both revolutionary

redesigns to the phones the others while

all necessary and the evolution of the

iPhone didn't feel like the massive leap

forward that the iPhone 4 and 10 made

this is a super valid point my problem

is with the iPhone 4 is that it was kind

of ruined down the road if it had stayed

in the state that it was at at launch I

think it would be easily the best iPhone

but I was seven kind of ruin things and

again it's completely fair to call the

iPhone 10 the best iPhone but I think

it's just too new at the moment if we

check back in in a couple years we might

be able to confirm that it really is the

best but at the moment I think the 5s

still holds the crown and with that I

think it's finally about time we close

out this video the iPhone 5s is the best

iPhone out there right now but I can't

wait for Apple to release something even

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