iPhone 11 vs iPhone 7/8/X/XR/XS - Real world camera comparison

hey friends welcome back to the channel

if you new here my name is alia I'm a

doctor working in Cambridge and in this

video we're talking about iPhone cameras

now the iPhone is Apple's best-selling

product line and it is the main reason

why they are the most valuable company

in the world and so it's very much in

Apple's best interests to gently

encourage us to upgrade our iPhones

every year if you're like me you would

have seen the marketing videos and

thought damn I really want one of these

shiny new iPhones but if you're like me

and we have to justify the purchase to

our parents and to ourselves we can't

really say that oh I just want that new

iPhone because it looks shiny we have to

give what looks to be a good reason for


and this year the good reason that Apple

gave us was all about the cameras but as

you might know if you've seen any of my

previous videos I'm a big fan of really

overthinking purchases and specifically

tech purchases to a be more intentional

with upgrading and B to try and maximize

the happiness and value that I derive

from spending money on buying new tech

products and so in this attempted piece

of investigative journalism I'm going to

be comparing the cameras across the last

5 years worth of iPhones and trying to

figure out if there's really a

noticeable difference and if that

difference is enough to warrant

upgrading your iPhones as usual to save

you time I'm going to start with the

conclusion and then if you're interested

in watching more of the video we'll talk

about the main camera the selfie camera

the ultra wide a telephoto portrait mode

and then we'll do a video test of the

various cameras in the video description

and in the pin comment you will find

timestamps to all of these various

sections so please feel free to skip

around the video if you feel like it and

a big thank you to Daniel Wellington for

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iconic watch range which I will show you

in full video form at the end of the

video when we're going to be testing the

various video capabilities of all these

various iPhones so stay tuned for that

so after doing some semi extensive

testing I came to three conclusions

firstly I think the ultra wide lens the

new one on the 11 and the 11 Pro is

actually pretty good secondly I came to

the realization that actually the iPhone

8 which is now available for like $450

is actually really solid and takes

fantastic photos and is a fantastic

budget option and finally I realized

that all of this stuff comparing cameras

is all pretty pointless because to be

honest if we really think about why

we're taking photos most of us are in

the position where we're taking photos

in order to make memories that we can

maybe look back on later and so

realistically even though we all like

watching these camera comparison videos

we're never going to be in a situation

where we're actually comparing the

images side-by-side and for the last

three four five plus years the cameras

we've had in phones have been so good

that no one looks at these photos and

thinks our dam I wish the quality was a

little bit better or this isn't enough

of a happy memory captured by this

particular phone and so partly the

conclusion I came to after doing all

this testing is that this whole camera

comparison stuff is really overhyped

obviously it's an apple's best interest

to tell us or like oh my god this camera

is amazing it's gonna change your life

but you know if we're on a budget or if

we can't justify me spending $700 to

upgrade our iPhone every year then we

shouldn't feel bad about not upgrading

our iPhone and I think one thing that I

want to get through in this video is

that it's really hard to tell the

difference between an iPhone 8 10 10 R

10 s 11 11 Pro it's genuinely really

hard to tell the difference so with that

bit of unsolicited preaching out of the

way let's now talk about the various

cameras on the new iPhone the net start

with a wide angle so the wide angle lens

is the standard lens that's been on

iPhones since the dawn of time it is the

normal lens they're just calling it the

wide because technically in camera

terminology it is quite a wide lens so

to test out these lenses I put a message

on my Instagram story and I asked for

volunteers to come into Cambridge town

centre and to help me with some filming

and for very kind new friends showed up

so we all met up at downing college

which is one of the 31 I think colleges

that make up the University of Cambridge

and this is a photo of one of their

student accommodation buildings and even

if we're directly comparing the

different cameras side-by-side I think

at least to my eyes that is quite hard

to tell the difference between all of

these shots and yeah I'm sure if you

zoomed in and looked at the angles and

corners and stuff you probably would see

a difference but those aren't the things

that we actually do when we look at a

photo like we we never zoom in to see

what the vignetting on the lenses so to

me all that matters in these camera

comparisons is can I tell off the bat

just by looking at the photo that this

is a nicer photo than what I'm used to

shot number two some fairly random

flowers in down in college and now we're

adding in the iPhone 7 for comparison as

well I think the iPhone 7 does look

objectively a little bit worse than the

iPhone 8 and above which is kind of

interesting because it's actually got

exactly the same camera as the iPhone 8

it's just that the image processing in

the iPhone 8 improved regardless the

iPhone 7 isn't available anyway anymore

I really the only comparisons that make

sense are iPhone 8 iPhone 10 R and

iPhone 11 because those are the ones

that you can buy from the Apple website

let's now try a photo of me and down in

college again iPhone 7 you can sort of

tell that it's not very good because the


blown up although objectively still not

too bad a photo if all we had was an

iPhone 7 we would take that photo and

think oh damn this is a pretty good

photo but then if we look at I phone

eight and above then we can really see

the detail in the sky if that matters to

us and again I can't really tell the

difference between the a to the 10 and

the 11 and here are some more

side-by-side comparison shots and again

hopefully this reiterates that in normal

circumstances with normal camera

shooting you know taking photos of food

taking photos of each other it really is

quite hard to tell the difference

between the iPhone a to the iPhone 10

and the iPhone 11 so that was comparison

of the wide lens I either default normal

lens that we've all been used to

shooting with our smart phones let's not

talk about the second most important

lens and that is the front-facing selfie

camera and again if we focus on just the

iPhone 8 the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 10

are / 10s you would expect there to be

some differences and indeed there was I

posted this photo to my Twitter which

was a comparison between a selfie taken

with the tennis max versus with the

11pro max and for the most part people

realized which one was which although

the percentage is still quite high for

the iPhone tennis max of that sort of

shows that oh yeah most people really

can't tell the difference and now doing

another real-world photo test so while

we were filming on this day I took

selfies with all the various iPhones and

I've taken them into Lightroom and done

the standard editing that I would in

order to post them to Instagram and now

here is what they look like on my

Instagram and I wonder if you can really

tell the difference between them so shot

number two here is actually the one

taken with the iPhone 11 I can tell that

it's just a little bit better than the

others but again like even if I took a

shot number 4 which was just taken with

the iPhone 7 which is like 4 years old

at this point if I saw that shot it

would have the exact same memory value

to me as the shot taken with the iPhone

11 like yeah the often 11 is objectively

a little bit nicer but what difference

does that really make to anyone unless

you're comparing them side by side here

are some more shots with a selfie camera

and again you can decide for yourself if

the improvement in selfie image quality

warrants spending all that money to

upgrade the iPhone I personally don't

really think it does and I'll put a

Google Drive link to all of these photos

in their highest resolution down in the

video description so if you want to

download these and compare them for

yourselves and kind of zoom into the

corners and do whatever you want to do

whatever makes you happy then by all

means feel free

okay let's not talk about the ultra wide

lens and that is the standout feature

for this year's iPhones in the iPhone 11

and the NA 11 Pro if you're into

photography it means you can get some

kind of nice architecture shots and

interior design shots that sort of thing

but if you're like me and don't really

care about that sort of photography then

I actually think the ultra wide lens is

pretty good for getting photos of people

in a group setting a little bit easier

and the ultra wide mode also kind of

works in selfie mode whereby you can

zoom out a little bit from the standard

selfie position that we're used to I

don't know maybe that contributes to a

high quality memory okay let's talk

about the telephoto lens now and there's

a lot of confusion about this when I

spoken to people this iPhone 11 pro has

three lenses on it wide ultra wide and

telephoto whereas the iPhone 11 there's

nothing Levin is the 11 where the iPhone

11 has two lenses on it the wide and the

ultra wide now if the telephoto lens

actually useful I mean we've had

telephoto lenses on the iPhone since the

iPhone 7 plus that was like the sell out

feature of the 7 plus it had two lenses

one was a telephoto and I've been a plus

size model iPhone user for since the 7

plus and to be honest I have almost

never found myself needing to use the

telephoto lens here are some photos that

you can take standing in the same spot

this is a shot of the downing student

accommodation with the normal wide lens

this is what it looks like with the

ultra wide from the same spot and if we

zoom in telephoto wise then we can get

these slightly more zoomed in detail

shots if we're so inclined now spoken to

people about this on the internet and it

seems like there is one school of people

who really love the telephoto lens and

for those people it's you know it's a

no-brainer to get the iPhone 11 Pro

because you have the telephoto lens on

it and it's pretty good but then for

most people it seems like we don't

actually use the telephoto lens like I

honestly can't remember the last time I

find myself wanting to use the telephoto

lens and so for me the iPhone 11 where

is it this one the iPhone 11 is perfect

because it's got the wide and the ultra

wide actually in a way I kind of regret

going for the 11 Pro max on the Apple

upgrade program I should have just gone

for the iPhone 11 but hey what can you

do let's quickly talk about night mode

as well and that is another feature

available only on the iPhone at Evans so

the other day I was on a night shift in

my hospital and I took some of these

shots so it's not murder useful I think

it sort of is but in very specific

circumstances like I don't really go

around much at night taking photos but I

suspect that if I knew I had the option

of night mode I probably

would take a few more photos and

actually the other day me and my mom and

uncle were roaming run San Albans which

is the town that my family live in we

came across the Cathedral and my mom and

uncle wanted a photo by the Cathedral

and normally this would be a really hot

photo to take and you wouldn't get any

decent results out of it because of the

back light coming from the Cathedral and

the lack of the lack of light going on

their faces but using the night mode in

the often eleven I managed to take this

shot which is in kind of going back to

this whole thing about making memories

it is a memory now of the two of them by

this Cathedral which looks kind of nice

obviously it's really grainy and it's

not a great photo but the point is that

the memory exists and the memory won't

have existed if I didn't have no mode

finally on the photo front let's talk

about portrait mode now the annoying

thing about portrait mode in the past is

that it used to use the telephoto lens

so this is the tennis max it's got the

wide and the telephoto and so in order

to get a portrait mode photo you'd have

to go quite far away from people often

I'd find myself wanting to take these

one and I was at a restaurant with

people but I wouldn't be able to because

it would just be there wouldn't be

enough light and it would be too close

to the person if they're just sitting

across from me but now because the

iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 pro have the

wide and ultra wide lenses it means we

can take portrait mode photos without

having to step really far back and use

the telephoto this is quite nice again

going back to I think of making memories

does it make for a better memory if you

have a portrait mode versus a normal

photo I kind of think it does like I

really like the aesthetic of the blurred

background Booker and that is I think

the main reason why when we look at a

photo taken with a proper camera we

think damn that's a good photo it's

usually because the background is

blurred to some degree and so I quite

like having portrait mode and I think it

is a definite improvement having it

using the ultra wide lens which means

we're not faffing around trying to go

backwards and forwards trying to get

that message shot that was it from the

photo front just as an interim

conclusion on that front

I think the iPhone 11 is really the

sweet spot it's $700 or 729 pounds in

the UK but I think the iPhone 11 is

actually really good bang for buck

because you get the ultra wide lens you

get the night mode you get the portrait


yeah the wide lens is basically the same

as every other iPhone if you're if

you're on any kind of budget then the

main point I want to make is that you

don't need to upgrade your iPhone just


camera because one esteem doesn't make

that much difference and if you want to

move into iPhone but you're on a tight

budget then the iPhone 8 for 469 dollars

at the moment is actually a really solid

option and yeah you don't get these

fancy features like ultra wide and

portrait mode but you get like a really

solid phone that gets you into the Apple

ecosystem and I'll make another video

about this where I talk about Apple

versus Android and why I just love alpha

products but I think the more Apple

products you have the more they

synergize with one another with one

another and the better the whole overall

experience becomes and I don't think

just speaking to my friends who've got

Android phones that you really get that

with Android but you know let's not

start a flame war in the comments

because it doesn't really matter

the point is iPhone 11 really good value

for money iPhone 8 really solid as well

iPhone 11 Pro probably not unless you're

desperate for the telephoto I kind of

regret getting this but now let's move

on from photos and talk about the video

capabilities of these my phone's okay so

to end we're gonna do some video

comparisons of the iPhone 11 Pro the

iPhone 10s the iPhone 11 and the iPhone

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isn't that exciting so yeah that was a

camera comparison of the iPhone 8 versus

the iPhone 10 versus 11 versus Lim pro

like whatever um like I said at the

beginning like Apple loves to tell us

that we we should be upgrading our

cameras and when watching camera

comparison videos and reviews and stuff

like we all like all youtubers just

focus focus a lot on the camera and I

think that's fine because we're all

interested in tech and the camera does

get an upgrade every year but when it

really comes down to it the main point

of taking these photos at least to me

maybe I'm wrong feel free to disagree

with me in the comments the main point

of taking these photos and videos and

stuff is to make memories and to tell

stories and for the last five plus years

it really hasn't mattered what camera

you have to make those memories or to

tell those stories and unless you're

looking for something very specific like

you know you really like the ultra wide

lens and you want to take sprawling

landscapes or architect photos or you

really love portrait mode and you want

to be able to do that then fair enough

then it kind of makes sense to upgrade

your iPhone but there's so many

different factors that come into whether

a purchase is worth it whether it's

worth upgrading based on our own

circumstances our own budget war wood

and get out of it all these things and

I'm gonna make a video about that once I

can formulate my own thoughts on this

but yeah hopefully this was semi useful

as a camera comparison main conclusion I

think iPhone 11 is pretty solid

a secondary conclusion the iPhone 8 is

actually really good as well and I

suppose realistically we don't actually

compare camera side-by-side so it

doesn't actually make us any happier to

have an iPhone that takes a very

slightly nicer photo if you compare it

side-by-side because as we hopefully saw

from this camera comparison and if he

looked through my Instagram you'll see

some more comparisons it really is quite

hard to tell the difference between the

iPhone 8 10 10 R 10 s 11 and 11 Pro like

it really is quite difficult so yeah I

hope you found this video useful thanks

very much for watching if you liked it

then gonna put another video here of my

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro reviews which are

coming up very soon thanks for watching

I'll see you in the next video bye bye