Top 5 Best FREE ANTIVIRUS Software (2020/2021)

help prevent malicious attacks on your

computer you'll need a program that

offers excellent antivirus protection in

addition to the irises the most powerful

antivirus software can help to defend

against other types of malware including

Trojans worms adware spyware and even

ransomware coming up I'll count down the

top five best free antivirus software to

both Windows and Mac with ease of use

system impact and overall effectiveness

being the most important factors let's

get started

starting off our countdown at number 5

is so close home free while it's well

known as an anti-virus solution for

businesses their Home Edition also gets

very good scores from independent labs

if you want to control it remotely they

offer cloud-based remote management for

multiple computers allowing you to

change the security settings and address

any security alerts from any location

their user interface it's simple enough

to figure out I should point out that

there is no quick scan button available

but they do let you run a full system

scan whenever you want Sophos home free

gives you a 30-day free trial of premium

after the 30 days unless you upgrade the

premium features go away and you'll

still have access to the program with

the free features included for use on up

to 3 devices in at number 4 is a virus

free antivirus just a few years ago and

our last roundup it was number one on

our list but has been passed up by the

competition since then it's still highly

customizable and does very well in

testing they claim to be light and fast

but on an older laptop I down their

system impact to be quite heavy so I

don't recommend it on older computers

with the virus

you can do a quick scan and at any time

you can disable real-time protection

it's worth noting that when you install

a virus several apps are included if you

scroll down you'll see additional apps

that you can install later an annoyance

with the virus and why it dropped on our

list is that you have no control of

which apps get installed with it for

instance it installed the Opera browser

phantom VPN and a system speed up and


see tool but what I find troublesome is

that with opera the envira installer

even made it the default browser on my

system without my permission but if

you're someone that can look past those

issues a virus free antivirus is still a

quality program to consider coming in at

number three is AVG antivirus free it

offers the exact same antivirus

protection engine as Avast which

purchased AVG a few years back while AVG

antivirus free does lack some of the

extra features of its free Avast

counterpart it does offer excellent

protection from viruses and malware it

also helps to block suspicious lengths

and email attachments and prevents

suspicious downloads there dark-themed

interface is not only easier on the eyes

it's also laid out well for novice users

you've got your basic protection

included for free with the features for

full protection locked away unless you


do a quick scan click on scan computer

for additional scanning options go into

settings here you can do a scan of your

entire computer along with other types

of scans to avoid any unwanted programs

be careful when installing AVG antivirus

free they'll give you the choice to

install their AVG secure browser just

make sure to untick the boxes if you

don't want it real quickly before we

move on to the top two picks if you have

Windows 10 Microsoft's built-in Windows

Defender may be all that you need while

their protection scores have improved

quite a bit over the years it's still

only recommend it as the primary

antivirus for those people that practice

low risk behavior online also I

recommend getting malwarebytes the free

version doesn't automatically run in the

background so it won't interfere with

your antivirus software just run it on

occasion to scan your computer it does a

fantastic job of removing malware

already on your system with those out of

the way let's head back to the countdown

in the runner-up spot in a close second

is avast Free Antivirus it has excellent

lab test results low impact on system

resources and includes many useful extra

features some of those additional

features include a network security

inspector password manager and for the

gamers out there a do not disturb mode

just like AVG if you don't want their

secure browser uncheck the boxes prior

to installing when you launch the

program you'll have four tabs along the

left and Status you can run a smart scan

which is essentially the same as a quick

scan in protection you can run various

scams and the Wi-Fi inspector will

search your network for any issues going

into privacy you'll find the VPN and a

password manager they're not the

greatest but might be useful if you're

looking for something simple and in

performance you'll find the Do Not

Disturb mode to block distractions when

you're playing a game coming in at

number one is BitDefender Antivirus Free

Edition there are several reasons why

it's our favorite for starters

consistently gets excellent scores from

independent labs and offers the same

antivirus protection as their paid

version its real-time threat detection

and scanning features have a very low

overall impact on system performance

with a top-notch anti-phishing and

anti-rootkit utility built into the

program some of you will appreciate its

no frills minimalistic design there's

just the one button to perform a full

system scan in settings there's only one

setting that you can change and that's

whether to turn on or off the protection

shield which is best left turned on help

keep your systems secure if you would

prefer more customization options the

other free programs mentioned might work

better for you but if you want a set it

and forget it solution that's easy to

use and offers excellent protection but

defender antivirus free edition can't be

beat thanks for watching

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