What Is the Best Internet Speed for Gaming? [Simple Guide]


it's hard to imagine that there was once

a world without internet but maybe even

stranger is the fact that when it became

mainstream people still use dial-up

connections that were very slow and

blocked by the phone line while

connected it was very inconvenient and

today this couldn't be more on true the

internet is one of the most convenient

things in our lives and we're always

connected being on our computers

consoles phones or whatever and nowadays

most people have download speeds between

one and five megabytes per second while

some fiber-optic networks can go as high

as a hundred and twenty five megabytes

per second this is an exponential

increase from the dial ups five

kilobytes per second but it also makes

it hard to navigate the landscape and

you know just how fast the connection

you need here it Gaming scan we see it

as our mission to help you have the best

gaming experience possible so that's why

today we'll be looking at what the best

internet speed is for online multiplayer


the answer to this question actually

isn't that hard to give it somewhat of

an unspoken agreement across the

internet if you should have at least a

download speed of three megabits and an

upload speed of one megabit for most

games to be playable these are also the

minimum required speeds for the ps4 and

the Xbox one these are of course the

minimum requirements so just make sure

your internet speed isn't lower than

this what's more important however is

that you have a stable connection so

that's why I rather than just talking

about speeds we'll spend most of this

video talking about different connection

types and what they do there are two

ways to connect your computer to your

router you can use a wired or a wireless

connection we all know the benefits of

wireless internet connections after all

our phones are connected to the Internet

pretty much non-stop some of you are

probably watching this video on your


but while wireless connections are

certainly convenient

they are also generally slower and less

reliable there's nothing quite like a

good old fashioned cable to make sure

your internet connection is as fast as

it could possibly be and stable at all


although the closer you are to the

router the better the wireless

connection will be so if your gaming

setup is close to your router anyway and

there aren't any walls between them then

you should be good gaming wirelessly of

course everyone knows about the wired

and wireless connections but not

everyone is as aware of what type of

technology they use to connect to the

internet the majority of the world is

connected to the Internet via one of

these six technologies and they all come

with their advantages and disadvantages

first there's DSL which stands for

digital subscriber line this connection

is established by a telephone line which

is usually made of copper this means

that the maximum theoretical speed you

have access to is a hundred megabits but

they are generally slower than this and

will vary from place to place depending

on how good the interest

surest next we have the coaxial cables a

coaxial cable is what we mean when we

say cable TV these cables offer much

faster and more stable connections than

the previous ones but the speed and

quality of the service may not be the

same for all Internet service providers

fiber optic cables are the most

state-of-the-art internet connection

technology at the moment they use light

to transmit data which as you imagine

means that they can reach insane

and still have them be stable but the

downside to this is that fiber optic

coverage is nearly as extensive as other

connection types and some people simply

will not have access to it from where

they live then we have satellite

connections which you never would have

guessed it is an orbiting satellite to

establish a connection with the Internet

what's great about this connection is

that it isn't limited by ground

infrastructure since you will only have

an antenna but then again it's also more

expensive has lower speeds and tends to

have latency and stability problems so

you know browsing comms and finally we

have mobile networks this is another

wireless connection but you're probably

already familiar with this because your

phone uses it the connection stability

will be entirely dependent on the

network coverage and these aren't always

the best plus the price of speed ratio

here is the worst so definitely stick to

using this one only for your phone if

you can in fact for gaming it's best to

avoid wireless technologies altogether

and go with either a fiber-optic coaxial

or DSL not necessarily in that order

I mean that order is listed from best to

worst on paper but if there's one thing

we find ourselves eating demon scan if

that unfavorite specifications should

not be trusted blindly it's not at all

impossible that a DSL internet provider

in your area could be covering a faster

and more stable connection than their

coaxial competitors so definitely make

sure to ask around before making a

choice and lastly we'd like to say a few

words about latency because it's very

important for online multi-player it's

also called ping and what it does is

show in milliseconds how long it takes

for your device to communicate with a

certain server we just want to emphasize

that having a high ping doesn't

necessarily mean that your internet is

that your latency will generally be

higher the farther away the server is

from you this is why most online

multiplayer games will ask you to choose

a server before entering the matchmaking

and the quality of the hosts connection

can also be poor which can result in

some very frustrating matches in fact

some games are quite notorious for

having horrible servers and you'll lag

on them even if you're using a fiber

optic cable not truly the lower the

latency the batter but it definitely

shouldn't be higher than 150

milliseconds because then it's bound to

result in the visible lag for both you

and the other players and that's that we

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