The 'Most Effective' Method Of Intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting is changing the way

people eat but there are so many

different ways to fast these days is one

method better than all the rest personal

trainer and health coach max Lowry says

cutting or eating down to just two meals

a day is the best way to tackle fasting

head-on my name is max Lowry and I'm the

author of the two meal day and the two

more day is the simplest and most

effective method of intermittent fasting

so 16a is basically it's you you break

your day off into a period of a 16 hour

fast with an 8 hour eating window and I

think it's just you know for me this is

just a more natural way of eating

obviously most people that start doing

the stream of day is because of weight

loss and yes they're losing weight but

actually the we're constantly hearing

how people have so much more energy

throughout the day they're not having

mirrors energy crashes then also

dependent on food for energy they're

using body fat they realize that they

don't have to constantly eat to to get

themselves through the day but lowery

believes that the 16-8 method might not

be as perfect as it seems

with just one slight adjustment he says

you can make it far more effective the

reason ice off to the tomb your day and

it's not the 16a it's because one of the

main issues that people come into with

the 16a is that they get obsessed with

the time periods and they start counting

down the hours until they can eat and

they end up eating because the clock

tells them to rather than the body tells

them to it's essentially the same thing

in terms of what's going on but just

changing the focus to listening to your

body is when it becomes a way of life

because you know you're understanding

yourself better if someone says okay how

do I start tomorrow first of all choose

whether you are gonna find it easier to

skip dinner or you're gonna find it's

easier to skip breakfast so say you're

skipping breakfast don't say okay what

time do you know you have to breakfast

you know average person says 8 a.m. I

will say okay rather than 80 M go into

work or whatever you're doing and wait

until 10 a.m. and see how you feel and

then basically over the course of two

weeks push it until it's 60 an hour gap

and the whole time you listening to your

body you're kind of hopefully learning

to understand that just because your

stomach is empty does not mean that

you're hungry then the main thing is is


you're fundamentally need to be eating

Whole Foods you know cook from scratch a

lot of other intimates and fastening

methods have been not only you can eat

one you know for just in a small time

period or eat one for five days that

doesn't encourage changes in behavior

long term which is obviously

fundamentally what the issue is for some

people so all I'm trying to do is just

educate people and give them the tools

to listen to their bodies better and

that's that's really what it boils down