Who is Alex Vervoordt? World Famous Interior Designer to the Stars | Art of Style Documentary | M2M

I always liked lovely things since I was

a child I didn't even know the word

collecting but I would collect beautiful

stones I would find or even beautiful

flowers I think for the beginning I lost

very humble things and there's the way

of life living with beautiful things and

make of every moment of the day a feast

even if it's very simple I'm not the

real collector who wants to possess I

really first of all want to give things

a better place we're not seeing objects

I don't think it's just the beauty

because when it's just only beautiful I

find a bit superficial I think the

spirit of the object attracts me more

I think out opens your eyes from the

beginning it definitely has been an

evolution my mother she was a master of

dressing beautiful tables with face

simple things and she preferred my

father brought beautiful butterflies

from the meadows rather than big long

roses from a flower shop

they wanted to small cozy house but this

small house my mother changed every

three months and like my mother's change

the house I changed my room all the time

my father was a horse dealer he loved


the could hear halls he would know was a

good horse all of the bad was I still

write horses every day if I can but I

don't have the same feeling for horses

my father had so I thought I need to

study to make money enough to be a good

collector that was 14 and I went to

England and everywhere our fast is

nothing for sale can I go look at your

attic and I already discovered amazing

things and I came back on the boat with

tables on my shoulders and bags with

silver and a painting I always think

it's fascinating to buy something

forgotten and to give it new life 21st

century me is a sense of recuperation

there's no space anymore to know for us

enough to make new no no rocks enough to

make new I think we have to make new

things that exists already

these are beautiful 16th century Spanish

panels we still have to make a table of

it it's not decided yet it's quite

beautiful as it is we don't cut at all

believe it totally genuine the old is

like sacred we don't touch we just add

okay with antiques I love to design like

panels that are 16th century and if we

turn that one it needs 300 years to make

that panel it's impossible to imitate

it's unique for me they had the most

beautiful contemporary 21st century

abstract art made by time

the castle existed since 1108 and it had

not been on the market since 1729 with

my wife made we came from the light for

the landscape the nature so once a

thousand years old so you can never

really possess it and I felt myself like

I was called by the castle to work for

it we just took our own earth from here

and we painted with earth mixed with

lime the walls the wood is from here the

walls are from here and so it's

connected quietness respect positive

energy all these are very important

qualities in home simplicity is the

ultimate sophistication and proportion

is very important

I think a house should have different

expressions when architect is too

beautiful into perfect you don't want to

put anything in it I think in a home

it's nice to have both to have full

rooms and empty rooms we have clients

all over the world

I loved that I can be useful helping

them to feel the quality of this way of

life it's about balance

I think the house should be long first

of all to the place where it is and then

I think it should belong to the people

are gonna live in it hello you know

people who love glittering gold won't

come here I'm most fascinated by

something very old a luge a contemporary

of a contemporary that looks the old

Indian eyes it's looking for the

timeless this acidity panel gonna pair

up tempo so the last people talk that's

more Universal but a sponsor she is here

you know La Jolla means ontraport


in 95 with all the workshops and all the

people working the castle became too

small so we were looking for in

industrial place and it once has soft

sale that first building of Canal and I

was so in love with it and bought it


there was the big central building the

round building in concrete outside in

the middle the where all the grains came

in from there the grains were dispatched

over all the other buildings for the

living areas we worked with four

different architects it gives the

feeling of a village and for the museum

part I worked with a friend Japanese

artist with whom I do many projects it's

all based on sacred geometry every door

every room every volume and do you feel

that energy and I think it gives

abstract art a much more spiritual

approach and I think my dream was to

make it like the Menil family did not go

Chapel I think I would like to have

Chapel of universal peace

and people are silent

what's interesting with this piece

banished Kippur you feel emptiness it's

not only spiritual source of physical

I like the combination of the art of

living and also the sacred part of

looking at us

it only has value if you can share it

and it can inspire other people

we're now making a book about our

collection but for me the essence of

thing I feel that the art is my teacher

I think the idea of the art the teachers

their managers your life that's what

this book is about exactly it's not

about only and I realize it's not it's

just like it's a like it's a lot about

giving things a better place but that

you cannot say from my own collection

things like not place is the best

and somebody asked you it customs what's

your profession I never know what to


I think I'm mainly our dealer but I

think it's a name that just doesn't suit

me completely I like to be creative as



in my mind I want to be very free person

and I want to be ready to shake my mind

every day and I want to be open-minded

they're definitely not dogmatic

every time on every trip since I was a

child I was was buying with my heart

with my feeling with my intuition and

even now if I'm in front of an important

work of art I want to be like a fishbone

baby who knows nothing sometimes I take

off my glasses and just want to feel the

energy it's much more what you feel than

about what you see