✅Car Insurance: Best Car Insurance 2019 (Buying Guide)

five best car insurance according to

hedges and company a premier automotive

digital marketing and research agency in

2018 that were 276 point 1 million

registered vehicles in the USA an

approximately forty four percent of

those four cars owning a car comes with

great responsibilities and one of those

is of course to be a safe driver however

no matter how careful you are when

driving there are always unforeseen

circumstances that may lead to accidents

car insurance is the contract between

the owner and the insurance company that

protects against financial loss due to

theft or accidents most states in

America require their citizens to have

their vehicles in short as it not only

saves people from the hassle of dealing

with damages and potential lawsuits but

also gives them peace of mind so they

can drive at ease there are different

types of car insurance coverage

available it all might seem pretty

confusing especially if it's your first

time applying and purchasing car

insurance so we've gathered the best car

insurance companies to help you find the

one that suits your needs even if you

have existing insurance stay tuned

because on our list there might be one

that has better benefits than your

previous one so join us now as we share

the five best car insurance companies



taking our number one spot is State Farm

it's one of the most trusted and leading

insurance and financial service

companies in the US State Farm offers an

immense convenience by allowing you to

get online auto insurance from their

website it's fast and convenient because

all you have to do is input your

personal information as your vehicle

driver's license info driving history

and other additional information and

save it or send it in an email to an

agent they have nearly 18,000 agents

nationwide so chances are one of them is

near near area State Farm also offers a

wide variety of auto insurance discounts

for safe driving active military service

members students and families with

multiple vehicles and again you can get

an online quote or personally seek

advice from an agent to know which type

of coverage plan best suits your budget

and preference all of the discounts may

differ per state so be sure to ask the

actual state agent on the right side of

the webpage the most awaited part is the

coverage State Farm has made the

complicated insurance terms more simple

for you to be able to have a more

thorough understanding of each plan in

line with that they list every type of

coverage they offer and its benefits

those coverage options include collision

comprehensive liability car rental and

travel expenses uninsured motor vehicle

underinsured motorist medical payments

emergency Road services and rideshare

driver coverage if you want to know more

you can ask your State Farm agent or get

an online quote

at number two of car insurance companies

on our list is Geico the government

employee insurance company for over 75

years this company has been proving the

most competitive car insurance rates

backed up with their world-class

customer service if you want to know

what car insurance policy is best suited

for your budget and needs Geico has a

personalized coverage calculator where

you can calculate how much coverage you

have as well as your deductible to use

the calculator answer the questions

about you your assets and of course your

driving habits to get a more accurate


Geico also offers a wide array of

discounts to help you save money for the


they have discounts available for senior

drivers military federal employees

student drivers as well as members and

employees what's more is you no longer

need to visit their office to get a car

insurance quote you can have it done on

their website all you need to do is

input your zip code your driver's

license number vehicle identification

number as well as the address where you

will store your car just a simple

reminder every state may differ in its

requirements and coverage so remember to

take a look at the state car insurance

guides when purchasing car insurance

that you may have a lot of questions

that you need clarified with GEICO's

insurance agents being available 24/7

365 means you can contact them any day

at any time they also have a mobile app

where you can get in touch with their

virtual assistant chat with an agent or

call in the app you can even pay your

insurance bill check your balance get an

ID card file a claim and more the 24/7

roadside assistance is also available

when you add the emergency road service

coverage to your insurance policy

in case your vehicle needs to be

repaired they also have an auto repair

Express program for additional security

are you ready to purchase your car

insurance if you still haven't found one

don't worry because we have more offers

to show you stay with us as we unfold

each one of them before we proceed if

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regarding our latest happenings let's

continue landing at number three is

progressive the third largest preeminent

insurance company there are tons of car

insurance companies nationwide so it can

be tough to make a decision but with

progressive you get competitive

coverages and rates easily accessible

customer service and plenty of discounts

whether you have a hefty budget to

allocate for your car insurance or you


progressive car insurance has your back

you can use their name your price tool

where it's possible to find coverage

suitable for your budget they even have

a snapshot program that customizes your

rate based on how you drive the compare

care insurance rate feature on their

website lets you weigh in with which

insurance company has the best rate and

coverage you can also have more than 5%

off when you bundle with home condo or

renters insurance regarding the coverage

you can get an online quote and

personalize how you'd like it to be

progressive we'll help you and your car

will stay protected all the time as they

offer different types of coverage for

someone else's injuries in their vehicle

they have live

for your injuries and vehicle you can

choose comprehensive collision bodily

injury motorist property damage or

medical payments for extra coverage and

benefits they offer roadside assistance

lonely space offs rental car

reimbursement custom parts and equipment

value they also have ride share coverage

and deductible savings if you're ever

short in your budget or just want to

save more money you can avail the car

insurance discount those discounts are

multi-policy the snapshot program safe

driver multi car homeowner sign online

online quote paperless continuous

insurance teen driver student and pay

full or automatic payment help you save

more progressive also has small accident

forgiveness where they won't raise the

rate claims of anything less than five

hundred dollars and they have a large

accident forgiveness where customers of

at least five years with no accidents in

the last three years will not have an

increase on their rate in the event of

an accident

we're now down to the last two car

insurance companies on our list we hope

our video helped you find the right

coverage you need all of these are the

most reputable and leading insurance

companies so if you see one that

interests you head to the description

box and click on the link to direct you

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growing community let's continue at

number four is a company that's trusted

by 16 million households all over

America it's Allstate auto insurance you

can find out just what sort of plan and

coverage you need by using their

personalized car insurance quote to

adjust the limit and deductible based on

your needs all you have to do is input

your personal information and vehicle

information to start quoting if you want

to have a comprehensive analysis of how

much coverage you might need visit the

Allstate website click the

bumper-to-bumper basic and answer the

questions asked you can also get an

online quote for further information or

call 1-800 Allstate to find an agent

near you the coverage options are

collision comprehensive liability

medical payments uninsured or

underinsured motorists rental

reimbursement roadside assistance

personal injury protection personal

umbrella policy and property protection

all of these coverage options protect

you and your car so all you need to do

is study each one of them and select the

one that's best for you there's also

specialty policies for classic car

insurance ride-sharing coverage

in Mexico tourist auto insurance if you

want auto insurance with competitive

coverage at an affordable rate Allstate

is the one you want to choose they offer

a new car discount multi-policy discount

and smart student discount they also

have a vehicle and policy discount all

of these for a rate that will save you

money in the future at number five on

our list of best car insurance companies

is Liberty Mutual purchasing car

insurance can be overwhelming especially

with so many companies offering enticing

options and affordable costs however not

all of them have the sufficient limit of

liability but this is where Liberty

Mutual comes in they offer a variety of

discounts to help you save more without

compromising the benefits they

categorize their discounts by dividing

them into three categories

save based on your policy discount based

on your vehicle and savings based on

your personal information under the

saved based on your policy is

multi-policy and preferred payment

method discounts the discount based on

your vehicle provides a multi-car

alternative energy and vehicle safety

feature discount while the savings based

on your personal information has good

student and new move discounts the auto

coverage options are also narrowed down

into three sections so you can easily

choose which one you need the Liberty

Mutual though cover medical payment and

damage injury due to uninsured motorists

also bodily injury liability property

damage and medical payments and lastly

for your car they offer collision

comprehensive Liberty Mutual deductible

fund accident forgiveness lifetime

repair guaranteed new car replacement

better car replacement rental car

reimbursement towing and labor

auto loan and lease gap and original

parts and replacement all of these come

with unique benefits and coverages that

can be helpful in case of an accident

resulting in physical injury or property

damage with Liberty Mutual you can

bundle policies and save a discount plus

you get to sign up with a right track

program to get 30% off as well simply

enroll and download the right track app

to enjoy this offer you can also get in

touch with one of their agents and get

an online quotation you can call one

eight four four three four nine eight

three nine one to get a quote and there

you have the most trusted car insurance

companies today we hope you enjoyed

watching our video as much as we enjoyed

sharing these companies with you all of

these are from the bleeding insurance

companies that offer the best coverage

at competitive rates because we believe

safety doesn't have to be costly at this

point you may have chosen which car

insurance company to go with so we've

prepared a link that will help you

purchase it at its best value we'd love

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