These Are 10 Best Indoor Dog Breeds


there's no shame in being a homebody

holding down the couch definitely counts

as a hobby and working from home is a

hot trend right now like many of us

introverts certain dog breeds would much

rather stay home and then mess with the

outdoors or obligatory social functions

some of our human lifestyles are a great

match for these hermit Alan's as long as

their exercise and stimulation needs

continue to be fulfilled in this video

we have listed the ten best indoor dog

breeds ever here we go

number 10 Italian Greyhound

perhaps a surprising choice for an

indoor pup is the lightning-fast Italian

Greyhound these pups are unique breed

with a lot to offer for the experienced

dog owner it's common knowledge that

Italian Greyhounds are born runners

however people often mistakenly think

that they have exponentially high energy

levels that require wide-open spaces to

run and burn it off the fact is their

energy levels aren't terribly higher

than your average pup usually they'll

just need a few daily walks and a little

playtime to fulfill their exercise needs

number 9 Pomeranian looking for a little

puffball of fun to keep you on your toes

the Pomeranian is the picture of canine

elegance and personality and a great fit

for indoor living

a common breed among royalty throughout

history Pomeranians have a regal

appearance that is an outward reflection

of their outgoing personalities they're

often considered one of the most

beautiful dog breeds out there these

furry little fire balls are a bundle of

fun and will constantly keep you

entertained number eight pug if you want

a dog who's easy to please

fun to look at and bursting with

personality give a pug a try

pugs are notoriously nice basically when

you're happy they're happy they make

great indoor dogs because they love to

be with their family if you're home a

lot of the time your Pug will be

completely satisfied with their indoor

lifestyle they do tend to be on the

portly side so you'll have to implement

an exercise regime to keep these lazy

couch potato dogs in check

luckily household games or short walks

can easily keep the energy levels in

check and your Pug will appreciate the

time spent with you number seven

Chihuahua the small but mighty Chihuahua

may like to strut his stuff at the dog

park but in reality he's probably just

as happy staying home in bed

chihuahuas are one of the smallest

breeds in the world often weighing

around five pounds making them perfect

for living in small spaces they can be

perfectly content in the confines of a

one-bedroom apartment as it seems like a

mansion to them while they need regular

exercise their short little legs have to

move twice as fast as other dogs in fact

you'll probably have to slow your own

pace so they can keep up with you number

six French Bulldog

skyrocketing in popularity the French

Bulldog is a popular choice of city

dwellers and instagramers across the

United States

weighing under 30 pounds and standing

around a foot tall the French Bulldog is

one of if not the most popular of the

small indoor dog breeds it's easy to see

why their small size matched with their

laid-back attitudes make them perfect

for families and new pet owners they

tend to be great with dogs smart

children - the key selling point for

French cheese is their low energy levels

just a short bout of exercise each day

to take the edge off will keep them

happy they're a perfect fit for busy

households and homes with little or no

yard number 5

Chow Chow the Chow Chow was popularized

by Queen Victoria and it seems these

dago's haven't forgotten this these

stunning pups love to be the king of the

castle and can happily spend most of

their time indoors playing and

interacting with the peasants don't be

fooled by their precious mix of fluff

and smushy face Chows tend to be rather

difficult to train and oftentimes are

wary of new canine encounters and other

new stimuli that's why they make a good

dog to live primarily indoors where they

can stay with their familiar

surroundings number 4 Basenji a lot of

indoor pups from the smaller yapping

members of the toy group - howling

hounds tend to be extremely vocal for a

quieter auction considered the unique

and barkless Basenji the Cyndi's are a

great apartment dog this quiet breed

won't wake your neighbors and all hours

of the night with their barking however

they may surprise you and your neighbors

with their unique yodeling sound but

it's an adorable sound so how can anyone

complain additionally they're perfectly

sized for smaller spaces usually

weighing less than 25 pounds number 3

Maltese while a Maltese would look right

at home in a Soho penthouse they'll

happily adjust to pretty much any code

door.home the maltese requires a lot of

professional grooming to maintain that

pearly white and sleek coat so you won't

want him to spend much time out in the

dirt or snow outside to mess up that

sophisticated hairdo fortunately a

Maltese will be perfectly happy spending

a lot of time indoors

typically weighing less than 5 pounds

and standing less than a foot tall their

small stature makes them one of the best

dogs for apartment life though they do

tend to have a high energy level the

exercise needs of the Maltese can

usually be satisfied with some fun

indoor games or a quick walk or two

number two dachshund the dachshunds

adorable trot turns heads wherever he

goes even though he's bound to get

attention when he goes out in public

he's probably happiest just staying home

with you out of the limelight times have

changed since the dachshund was

initially developed hundreds of years

ago to climb down holes and hunt prey

while they've retained their high prey


they are quite affectionate and loving

pups their small stature makes them one

of the best dogs in apartments as

they're easily below required size

limits and don't need tons of space to

be content and comfortable number one

basset hound are you prone to eating

away your feelings sleeping in and

skipping the gym then you've got a lot

in common with a basset hound the basset

hound is known for being the

quintessential couch potato like some of

us humans their activities of choice

tend to be overeating and napping in

fact their short length and brawny

bodies make exercise quite challenging

and often times impossible Bassets are

simple fellows who tend to be able to

entertain themselves

just a simple chew toy will keep them

busy for hours without the need for

constant exercise like every breed your

basset will need at least a little bit

of time outside that concludes our video

of the 10 best indoor dog breeds which

of these did you like the most

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