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ProGear 300 BTW exercise by indoor

training cycle with bluetooth smart

technology in free app designed

specifically for at-home use the progear

300 smart technology bluetooth exercise

bike provides a convenient and

comfortable platform for cardiovascular

workouts chain-driven to simulate the

road biking experience the 300 bt is

powered by a three-piece prank system

and a 30 pound cast-iron flywheel these

three elements work together to ensure

smooth and consistent pedaling momentum

this bike can handle up to 275 pounds of

user weight and 5 feet one inch to 6

feet 2 inches of user height via an easy

to use dial controlled tension

adjustment system riders can select a

degree of challenge that's perfect for

them and to accommodate additional

workout possibilities that 300 bt

supports dual directional pedaling for

added challenge to any workout to ensure

riders are comfortable as they exercise

the 300 bt features a cushioned

ergonomic seat that adjusts forwards

backwards up and down

in addition foam covered multi grip

handlebars built in toe cages and four

adjustable floor stabilizers that

prevent tipping and rocking further

serve to maximize comfort and safety

while users work out best of all thanks

to bluetooth smart technology riders can

set 3 workout goals time distance and

calories and keep track of their workout

results using the free my cloud fitness

app available for ios and android smart

devices the 300 bt operates quietly

meaning riders can watch TV or listen to

music as they exercise and fur has all

free relocation the 300 bc comes

equipped with built-in transportation

wheels that makes moving it effortlessly

easy so let's get healthy stay fit and

spend less with the progear 300 bt

exercise bike and indoor training cycle

with bluetooth smart technology and a

free my cloud fitness app


the marcy xj 3220 club trainer cycle is

the next upgrade to your home fitness

center the club trainer cycle helps you

burn more calories from fat increase

your stamina and helps you lose unwanted

weight target and firm your legs glutes

and hamstrings while sculpting your

entire physique increase muscle tendon

and ligament strength bone density and

metabolic rate while improving your

cardiovascular endurance features

include a large balanced flywheel for

smooth operation and continuous pedaling

motion and easy to reach manual

resistance adjustment knob that

simulates different trains for a variety

of cardio workouts it has a fully

adjustable handlebar seat post and seat

to accommodate just about any body type

and writing style adjustable cage pedals

fit and securely hold any shoe size the

club trainer cycle can accommodate any

user up to 300 pounds a built-in brake

that safely brings the flywheel to a

complete stop when you're done with your

workout the club trainer cycle easily

rolls out of the way for convenient

storage and it comes with Marcy's 2-year

limited warranty


receive a great workout and keep

yourself healthy with the SSB 901 Pro

indoor cycling bike the solid frame

design is strong and sturdy 40-pound

chrome flywheel provides increased

stability the unique handlebar design

allows riders to utilize versatile

positions with the various grips the

chain drive will give you a smooth

high-quality ride resembling that of an

outdoor bike the heavy-duty crank system

makes every pedal strokes seamless and

efficient pedals are equipped with choke

pages to keep foot in position while

pedaling turn up the resistance with the

micro tension knob


handbrake will slow or stop the flywheel

quickly custom-fit with the adjustable

seat get the perfect to grip with the

adjustable handlebar high quality smooth

transportation wheels make it easy to

move the bike in and out of the way

bring out the athlete view with the sfb

901 Pro indoor cycling bike by sunny

health and fitness


Kizer m3i indoor bike thanks to the

lessons learned from our past generation

of bikes and our constant innovations

the Kaiser m3i

isn't just any indoor group cycling bike

it's the industry's only indoor group

cycling bike built entirely around you

that's you the rider you the gym owner

and you with a service technician

because you are always our priority

other indoor group cycling bike

manufacturers talk about providing a

road bike experience but they make the

mistake of using a rode bikes back angle

to headtube frame which collapses the

cockpit as it's raised and doesn't

easily accommodate large or small riders

guys are instead recognize that what's

important about road bikes is how the

frames vary to accommodate riders of

different sizes that's why we were the

first to engineer a v-shaped frame

enabling the m3i seat and handlebars to

be simply raised in conjunction with one

another to adjust for longer legs torsos

and arms and allowing the bike to match

anyone from four foot ten to seven feet

tall with a weight capacity of 350


geyser was the first bike manufacturer

to put the flywheel at the rear of the

machine why because we were the first to

recognize the obvious engineering flaw

and other bikes that placed the rider's

sweat zone directly over the flywheel by

transferring the wheel to the rear we

remove the bikes vulnerable mechanisms

from the sweat zone ensuring that the

m3i is more reliable easier to clean and

better protect it from contaminants and

corrosion for further protection the m3i

frame also includes an angle channel

that flows excess fluid away from the

bikes drivetrain as the first company to

use magnetic resistance Kaiser

revolutionized indoor group cycling by

delivering a quiet reliable consistent

ride and enabling the m3i to be the

first bike to display power in real time

based on our dynamometer testing we were

able to predict the power generated by

both legs for any given gayness in any

given magnet position we don't have to

measure it we already know which ensures

that indoor group cyclists can always

hit their power targets with ride data

so immediate and accurate that the m3i

was the first to receive en 9:57

certification for accuracy and safety

the competition followed our lead on

using magnetic resistance but because

they didn't also update their drivetrain

Society they're still lagging behind

today most indoor group cycling bikes

still rely on a heavy perimeter weighted

flywheel or a complex multi belt Drive

to generate the kinetic energy necessary

to simulate a good road bike experience

in fact many manufacturers even brag

about their God belt drive their

perimeter weight and flywheel for their

flywheel to crank arm ratio but what

they're really telling you is they

designed their bike wrong only geyser is

designed to drivetrain specifically

built for magnetic resistance using a

simple quiet single poly v belt drive

the poly V belt was the key to our

design because of its ability to

transmit very high loads over very small

pulleys allowing the m3i to achieve a

road bike experience without a perimeter

weighted flywheel or a more complicated

drivetrain or the unnecessary noise and

vibration of a cog belt the Valley V is

also the choice of automotive

manufacturers to run the accessories in

the front of an engine because it's so


durable and reliable on the m3i the belt

requires no maintenance other than

routine inspection and the belts

pre-tensioned design requires zero

adjustments many indoor group cycling

bike manufacturers will talk about the

distance between their bikes to pedals

and boast about the narrow q factor but

they manufactured their bikes around the

narrow pelvises and footwear of elite

cyclists given the variety of body

shapes and footwear found in any given

group cycling class why wouldn't you

design a bike to fit everyone

instead of using straight crank arms to

achieve a narrow q-factor like our

competitors Kaiser recognized the need

for versatility and that had curvature

to the m3i crank arms to maintain the

proper distance for wider hips this

added curvature also provides ample room

for any type of rider Footwear from bike

shoes to the bulkier Jews shoes most

commonly worn in group classes guys are

also said a new industry standard with

our SPD compatible M series indoor group

cycling bike pedal engineered beyond

consumer standards for group classes

it's more than a pedal it's a

game-changer delivering superior comfort

safety and durability for additional

user fit and comfort the m3i includes

quick intuitive vertical and horizontal

adjustments of both handlebar and seat

positions as well as robust knobs that

require less maintenance than a

traditional cam lock the continuous

design of the handlebars also provides a

wide array of hand positions for indoor

group cycling with fewer parts and a

lighter flywheel the m3i provides a

superior ease of transport the bikes

water bottle holder is incorporated into

the frame design and fits both small and

large sizes the m3i also includes a

standard media tray for holding cell

phones and tablets and a stretch pad to

facilitate pre and post ride stretching

and to enhance ease of maintenance

we designed the m3i drivetrain to be

accessed by removing just eight Phillips

head screws versus over three times more

on some competitors

as the first indoor group cycling bank

to offer a standard computer showing

power output the m3i digital display is

simple with everything that a rider

needs to know appearing on a single

screen the backlit display automatically

turns on when the room light drops below

a set level and unlike other bikes

remains on there are no buttons on the

computer which are an inconvenience and

a cause of wear and maintenance and the

m3i shifter is mounted directly to the

handlebars for ease of use and increased

safety especially when riding out of the

saddle to activate interval training a

rider simply pushes the shifter all the

way down and back up making the m3i

ideal for hit workouts for advanced

users who would a track and record every

detail about their ride the m3i is the

first bike to offer bluetooth with open


Geyser was also the first bike

manufacturer to produce our own

projection system which is designed to

listen only to m-series bikes via triple

redundancy signal we also designed the

m3i with Kaiser smart display enabled

technology allowing compatibility with

all major projection system providers

giving GM owners and instructors a wide

array of options for their members the

smart display enabled technology allows

riders to use their own phone or tablet

screen along with the m3i to access

their favorite training content

compatible with virtually any training

app or video users can compete against

themselves or others at home or at the



introducing the progear 100's exercise

bike indoor training cycle with hard

bolts a compact training cycle with hard

bolts that will give you a

cardiovascular fitness workout just like

you would on a real road bike the

progear 100's seat features cushioned

economic comfort with four-way seat

adjuster seat will adjust forward

backward and up/down with multiple

adjustment levels to fit users from 5

foot 1 inches to 6 feet 2 inches

comfortably made with a durable steel

frame the progear 100 s holds up to 250

pounds of user weight it also comes with

an LCD computer with readouts of

calories burned distance time speed

pulse and scan with larger design foot

pedals and the indoor cycling tow cages

your feet are secured without slippage

while exercising a u-shaped rear

stabilizer makes this bike sturdy with

minimal movement when exercising or

dismounting built with a 22 pound

cast-iron inertia driven flywheel with a

chrome rim the pedaling is smooth and

easy to maintain a consistent pedaling

motion the precision balanced flywheel

makes the bike very quiet as you can

watch TV or listen to your favorite

music without interruption the progear

100 s is a chain driven system which

gives you a real road bike experience

whether pedaling standing up as you

would going up hill or dual directional

pedaling challenge yourself even more by

easily turning the dial tension

adjustment knob to increase resistance

heart pulse sensors will enable you to

stay within your personal heart rate

zone and for any necessary emergency

stops you can easily apply the top down

emergency brake the progear 100 s also

comes with transportation wheels to make

moving it around very easy

so let's get started stay fit and spend

less with the progear 100's exercise

bike into a training cycle with heart