good morning and welcome back to another

Bangkok vlog what was right night is

right oh if you've seen our last video

we are staying at the 1 3 7 137 pillars

Hotel & Suites it is an amazing place to

stay ready to move in like we were

saying like we could just move in right

now just stay here yeah

staying Bangkok's is epic we had

breakfast just like 5 minutes ago

oh why is she still in the gown

seriously how good was that the

breakfast is insane here guys like yeah

it's top-notch breakfast I love it love

it love it

we got up early for the sunrise but

today is all about Bangkok and the

shopping which is yes her department so

today I thought I will share the best

places to shop because we have been in

Bangkok he's our man we've done a lot of

shopping yes and like I think in terms

of shopping trips Bangkok should be up

here on your list to consider as a good

shopping trip because it is so different

from Europe the malls are even maybe

there's malls I've seen in the world

like seriously I know that's a statement

I know almost almost Kinkaid in one

place but we're going to show you anyway

you're gonna take you out today I'm sure

I even can't wait can't wait I can't

wait so should we go I need to get ready

don't really know how I'm gonna get

ready I mean the bathroom is so small

just got no space did you get ready I

knew where I'm gonna be okay we've come

to platinum mole never been here before

first I'm walking around I'm indicated

in candy shop I don't know where to look

I'm overwhelmed I'm scared I'm scared

for my bank balance I'm scared for a

relationship of Graham I'm scared for my

weight allowance on our way home I just

don't know what to do but I can

recommend it it is overwhelming and

something for everyone check this Apple

they have all sorts of amazing things

we've got facade she spot

Hisashi skirt with the actual like what

are these things called safety pins we

have envy scoffs Chanel berries they

even have Burberry trench coat like

amazing amazing okay it turns out

there's actually more than just one zone

this is like the second building that

we're just entering looks like more

men's life but there's actually in total

three zones including IT fashion I'm

looking what else because I don't know

the third one I'm sure we'll find out

let's check it out when Theodora said

she wants to do a kind of like shopping

more video as they can't wait so we're

going to spend the whole day shopping

guys it just goes on and on and on

hoping there's a massage place so she

can just put me down for a few hours and

you'll see university' blog that there's

some high-end shopping as well and not

just like no this is my thing

we're starting from the bottom Wow em

became my bottom this might be the

second R Bar C bar but we love it

because at the same time there's lots of

shopping here and hang on there's loser

shopping and behave

men because I t-shirt you love the

gadgets the other gadgets

yeah guys how cool are these man the

guys in January were going to 20 feet

Tarantino snowboard


see what it is

hello yes I was saying we're going

winter sporting in January so we want to

find some cool stuff to wear on the

piece little bit scary everything 20 by

over here babe


right opposite that platinum all and

basically across from the road this this

whole market there's like a maze of

clothing and fashion and bags and I eat

anything you want what is he the ultra

me I'll show you on a map now this whole

area is full of shopping

there's bridges linking them all

together what placing once again you

basic car now get out especially

especially if you're with your

girlfriend or wife cement be warned

okay there's a big Leo lady we've got

quit fried squid and it smells so so


literally some cabbage and some spicy

salsa this cabbage cooked rice it she's

on the move here we go alright what


salsa really good kind of marriage super


supersoft contender babe I think you can

like this welcome to a toy Christmas

market order foods and all the stores

are a bit and say Monday but they've

really gone out for a corner and samples

we love it fills us up and weed out

today buy any food so we are in central

wells the next shopping mall yeah and we

just walked in this is probably the

fanciest Starbucks I've ever seen

check this out it says Starbucks reserve

icon was like at fancy smancy Starbucks

like seriously it feels like a hotel

lobby look at it it's gotta be one of

the biggest Christmas trees in a mall

that we've seen how amazing is I'm gonna

make a statement babe exclaiming thank

you very Christmasy might be the place

to go to go Christmas shopping before

Christmas no sorry

I'm here with interstate Gators yeah

stack up I have a festive time yes and

then go home and the temperature right

now is perfect

clear skies it's sunny there's no small

loving it okay so you've actually not

been to this mall before all night which

is unbelievable

however for example I think you know

what we should do we should go and find

a food court that's what I'm gonna say

we are actually looking for food we're

not yeah sure Wow okay so now I have

moved on from the central mall so

siam now and this is calling a good shot

to really showcase what is happening

with the wall please we've got the BTS

which is kind of like the overground

do you go Siam Paragon here with a

couple of other Siam snakes to it

opposite there you got the MBK and next

to that you got another SIA more which

is amazing for clothes shopping so we're

gonna like dive in now in the diet that

would you call that like the lion's lair

and we're going to dive into the

shopping and Lions Den okay so we have

arrived to Siam Paragon this is a one of

our favorite most it is always

beautifully decorated there's usually

something going on right now it's the

magical till it's all Christmassy behind

is here they're blowin up its creatures

it's the creatures of magic that's every

night at seven and eight that's like

some sort of show messiaen Paragon is

basically a pharmacy mall we have

Lamborghini rolls-royce shops and all

those kind of shops inside that cube for

her meds Chanel Louis Vuitton there is

just abundance of plenty right here but

we just love to come here because a it's

an amazing food food being you see all

sorts of flash and awesome people and

see they have a fairy lights walk

through come with so if you've never

been to Asia I swear the Western world

the UK Europe and America need to get on

board with these shopping malls because

you don't find this stuff in Europe via

how cute so Christmassy all okay it's so

Christmasy literally I find they're very

hard to beat the Christmas magic of

Bangkok babe but for now what we're

gonna do is head across the street using

the Skywalk and we're gonna hit MBK and

now this is a complete mixture of

something else again you'll see let's go

okay back in a day MBK more was there

more to go for all that kind of like

cheap fake stuff but like also iPhone

covers and iPad covers all that kind of

stuff really used to go crazy put aside

and lay covers you know soda Bose

speakers you know

oh yeah like 150 pounds were gone for

like six pound and they still work today

now I read for what we think it comes

from the same factory like it's a good

is that good again guys Christmas necks

like we're now in the heart of Siam

should we go through them became yes

let's go

so guys all the electronical things that

you possibly one you're going to get

here yeah and we come here every time

for phone cases we've already said that

my party you've really really got a howl

like half the price of what they say

just know she gets and bargains as

survivors all right let's go handle you

remembers the days of the Nokia this is

an actual phone and I've just asked if I

could like actually use it if it's two

SIM cards can you imagine mum hello yeah

I'm flying home tomorrow

see ya okay we got some iPhone covers we

got some ghost phone spinners and GoPro

bits say it's gone a lot more expensive

since like a few years ago and I'll see

the bar is really strong now so much

bang for your buck but also downstairs

there's more clothing and stuff lots of

counterfeit products isn't it it is like

it's a bit manic if but um I won't put

you through that baby I feel like you've

done good enough I think we should get

back to the hotel and I feel that my

still make up to our baby

she told me we were going home I've been

waiting a half an hour she's in Sephora

okay this is the end of the video guys

thank you for watching make sure you

subscribe to our channel we appreciate


we're about to pack up we are heading

back to Europe and little go back the

euro is gonna be Frieden anyway tune in

next time guys as the journey begins we

don't actually know if I'll fly that we

booked home it's actually going through

but find out why in the next video so

until the end Merry Christmas Merry