How Humidifiers Help Dry Skin


hi everyone welcome back to my channel

my name is Brittany and if it's your

first time here

I'm a lawyer living in New York City I

do a lot of videos about living in New

York I did a life as a lawyer series and

also do product reviews today we're

going to be reviewing a humidifier yes I

know it doesn't seem like a product or a

beauty products but it's actually

something that can really help your skin

I've been using this pure Enrichment

humidifier which is like radio really

high on Amazon I remember I asked for it

for my parents this is only a 1.5 liters

and while it's decent I don't know that

I notice a huge difference in using this

and the one complaint I would have is I

would have to fill it up pretty much

each night if I would turn it on high

and so the voit le voi tea was so nice

to give me this humidifier to try out

and I wanted to share my experience with

you guys so first I'm going to do a

little unboxing and then I'll test it

out for 30 days and tell you guys how I

feel about it the pros and cons if

you're wondering why you would ever want

a humidifier have the same question when

I moved to New York if you don't know in

New York the heater turns on by itself

so during the wintertime you don't

control the heater it just ran on your

turns on and it's right next to our bed

but he can sometimes be really really

hot and it'll just cause the air to be

very dry and because it's so cold in the

winter time outside it's also very dry

my skin is already extremely dry so

during the wintertime it becomes even

more dry and one thing to combat that is

to have a humidifier at night so that

when you're sleeping the air is much

more humid and it retains moisture that

way you don't wake up feeling dry and

itchy and just having all kinds of skin

problems I look into getting a

humidifier so I gone for Christmas and

I've been using it and like I said it's

decent but it's not the best I really

want to try something else out to see if

it'll be better if I don't have to

change it as often and so let's get

right into it

this is the hybrid ultrasonic humidifier

lv6 0 0 h h from the wit and it is a

whopping 6 liters here so I definitely

know what it's vicar which could be a

constraint if you have not very much

space like most people in New York I

don't know if it'll fit next to my

little nightstand Bowl see alright so

here it is here's the front area it

asides you can see it's much larger than

the one that I currently have

you could fit definitely several days of

water which is nice the nozzles are cool

there's like multiple ones you can do

different directions different mist

levels different humidity percentages

you want warm I guess if you don't do

warm then it's automatically cool does

feel cool there's also Auto all right so

that is the humidifier like I said I'm

going to try it out for 30 days and let

you guys know how it is the pros and the

cons I'll go over all of that thank you

again to the white for sending me this

to try it out we'll see how I like it

hey guys I'm back and it's been about 30

days since I've been using the low voice

humidifier basically I would say that

yes it is much better than my smaller

humidifier because it contains so much

more water as I said earlier I'm pretty

much how to refill my humidifier every

night because I whenever I would have it

on high it would run out of water so

quickly throughout the night with this

Lavoie one I can basically last about 30

days on level 2 if I did level 3 or

higher I'd probably less last little

less days but it basically holds so much

more water that I don't have to worry

about it for several nights and then I

don't have to keep refilling it which is

one big plus another great thing is that

it has the cool air mist function now

that we are in the summertime as you can

tell it's actually pretty hot here in

New York it's hot and humid so I people

might think why do you need a humidifier

but my skin is still very dry I actually

benefit from using the humidifier during

the summer time as well one good thing

is that has the cool air function so

it's basically like an extra air

conditioner that's blowing cool air at

my body and in my face another great

thing about this humidifier is that it

has a lot of options so not only can you

do cool air miss you do the warm air or

hot air mist you can do auto functions

you can change the humidity of it so if

you want to be a 60% humidity you can

turn up the humidity and then it'll

start producing enough humid air I guess

until the air in your room is up to the

percentage that you want it to be

there's also a timer function where

it'll turn off by itself you can dim the

display as well if you hold down on the

auto button so there's a lot of options

here and it's pretty easy to refill and

fill up the water as I showed previously

I will say that a con is that it's

pretty expensive

it's about $88 on Amazon

whereas when that I bought and Amazon is

about $40 so it's a half the price

however you're getting a much larger

humidifier plus you have a lot more

options so I guess you have to weigh if

those options are important to you or if

you want something really standard like

it also said previously in my video I'm

not sure that the first humidifier I

bought really did that much because I

still woke up feeling kind of dry but

here whenever I wake up my skin feels

plump and moist and it doesn't feel dry

at all and I have very dry skin

I should have excellent on my arms right

here but since using it my accent pretty

much went away so I think it really

helps to have a nice human atmosphere to

make sure that I wasn't scratching at

night unbeknownst to myself or

subconsciously so I would say that it

definitely helped my dry skin another

thing that I noticed during the night is

that sometimes I rub my eyes a lot

because they get dry and itchy I haven't

had that issue since I started using the

humidifier either and I also would say

that my nose hasn't been dry or felt dry

I know sometimes if the air is dry then

your nasal passages get really dry you

sneeze more you may not produce enough

mucus and it might get infected or you

might get a cold so I think it helps for

a lot of those reasons so overall I

would say that if you are really

interested in investing at a good

humidifier and you're willing to spend

about $88 for something that you can use

both during the winter and the summer

times and that will really help your dry

skin this is definitely a product that

you want to try here but I hope you guys

enjoyed it and if you have any questions

please comment below I will also link

all the product links and descriptions

below so that you can check it out for

yourself and see if you want to purchase

a low voice you know humidifier they

also have other products too such as

salt lamps air purifiers so I'm sure

that they have a lot of other good

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