Best Hair for Sew In Weave

so the most important factor and having

a good sewing it's a type of here you

get it's the determining factor in the

way of your looks behaves and blanks

all here was definitely not created

equal so this is very important the main

things to avoid include here that is too

shiny and won't match your here here

that tangle too much and here that sheds

or falls out too much if you're started

looking into buying here you will

realize that there are literally

thousands of here companies to choose

from and it can be a little overwhelming

so in this video I'll try to simplify

the process of buying good here for

sewing we've all here can be divided

into two categories beauty supply store

here and unprocessed here beauty supply

store here is processed and it's they

care that you can find at your local

beauty supply store while unprocessed

here they call virgin here is bought

online you can also buy beauty supply

store here on online retailers you don't

really want to stay away from beauty

supply store here because you do get

much more value from buying

unprocessed here online however if you

aren't necessarily wanting to commit to

leave for a long period of time and you

just want to see if it's something you

like or just to wear it for a special

event and I would advise you to buy from

the beauty supply store within the

beauty supply store there are different

levels of hair quality there is the

cheap the intermediate and the pricey if

you're just buying hair for a special

event or short term where I would advise

you to buy from the lowest cheapest

level good here in this range is

anything by milky way it's good for

short term where it looks good right we

install it won't have any problems with


to like say one or two weeks after but

after that it's a mess I would advise

you not to keep it in for longer than

two or three weeks but you can keep it

in as long as you want but you will

begin to have problems with it for two

packs in this length which is 16 and 18

inches Milky Way will run about $50 and

up depending on the type of Milky Way

you get because there are many and just

by based on your budget but price does

go up with length so if you want to

spend less just buy shorter here for

something more long-term that still want

to stick to the beauty supply store

because you're afraid to buy it online

and just don't like taking that sort of

risk a good intermediate beauty supply

store brand up here is goddess

sensational ready which will run you

about 150 dollars for this plane and a

good beauty supply store brand of here

at the highest range is bobby boss here

which will run you about $200 for two

packs of this plane all of these hair

brands look nice and can be heat styled

nicely what makes each of these

different levels of hair different it's

helped frequently they tangle and shed

and how soon after you installed in here

that you start to notice these problems

they will all start to give you problems

eventually I've used all of these hair

brands and when I spend a lot of money

my hair I tried to get the most out of

it so I've worn all of these for a long

time with the exception of the Milky Way

here which I wore for three weeks

knowing that it was not a long-term type

of hair I have the goddesses ational

here for about six months and it was

really good here too throughout the

entire time that I used it I would say

though after about one to two months I

did start having

rooms with tangling I found that I would

have to carry a brush around with me and

comb at least every three hours because

if I didn't I would have a huge bird's

nest looking thing on my neck because it

would tangle a lot and I kept the bobby

boss here for about 10 months so so

longer and it also was very nice here it

did tankful it would form a bird's nest

on me but I only had to brush it maybe

three or four times a day so I did not

tangled as badly and as frequently asked

about his gear so Polly oh definitely

does go up with price and these were not

continuous wares of course I did take

out and reinstall the hair many times

without within those periods but anyways

knowing what I know now I would not have

even bothered with the more expensive

beauty supply store here whenever I knew

that I wanted long term here because the

best place to get long term here is

online online is where you will find

unprocessed here and I'm not talking

about that online beauty supply store

here like Sam is feeding all of that I'm

talking about the place that sells just

pure virgin unprocessed here and where I

like to get my here and through my

experience I found the best to be from

Aliexpress and there are many different

vendors on Aliexpress but for my

experience I found the best to be a li

clean hair products I love this hair

because it's good quality and it's a

reasonable price for about this late I

would say it would cost you around

one hundred and fifty dollars so it's

still cheaper than even the most

expensive you supply store here but it's

much better quality than here like Hobby

boss you never have to walk around with

a comb and worry about a

because what makes what I've noticed

what makes rich and unprocessed hair

different from the hair that you find at

the beauty supply store is that whenever

it tangles it tangles like regular here

and what I mean by that is that it

doesn't form a huge fall on your neck

you can't see the tangley you can only

feel it we run your fingers through it

the thing about especially my ally clean

hair products here it literally last me

forever the only time I have to buy new

here is if I want something longer if I

cut it up or dyed it or just just want

something new it will last you as long

as you want it to last you so you save

money I'm having to buy and grieve I

hear so you maybe send a like two or

three times as much compared to Milky

Way but it's lasting you ten times or

even more as long that being said I now

only buy here from online retailers who

sell virgin here like Alex where's Alex

person where you will find the cheapest

and the best vendor like I said is Ally

Queen hair products overall if you're

just buying here for someone for a

special event and aren't planning on

wearing it for a long time or if you

just want to try it out

wheezing sew it and see if it's

something for you I would advise you to

get any milk you wait here it's cheap it

looks nice it'll last you for the two

weeks that you'll need it and that's it

if you're looking for long-term here

that you will use for a long time and

you know that we use are something that

you want to do I would advise you to

just skip the process of all of that

like goddess and bobby boss here and go

straight to Ally queen hair products on

Aliexpress get and get you here that

will last you a long time that is

affordable and good quality I hope that