Beginner's Guide to Hulu - Hulu, Hulu + Live TV, Hulu Add-ons, Hulu Channels, Pricing & More

hello my friends this is Mike that

helpful dad coming to you with another

review for you of an online streaming

service this is an updated review of

Hulu now we're going to talk about a lot

of stuff with it we're gonna talk about

the different Hulu plans which includes

just the $6 regular Hulu plan as well as

the Hulu with live TV plan we're gonna

review what is available on these are

there any ways to customize them we're

gonna review how Hulu compares to other

streaming TV services like sling and

Direct TV now and PlayStation and

YouTube TV we'll talk about all that

stuff we'll talking about ways to

customize it how many streams you can

watch on what DVRs is available and also

any kind of Hulu originals that are

important for example like The

Handmaid's Tale which is probably their

most popular original so before we get

started just so you know who I am you'll

find me on YouTube I'm the helpful dad

you can also find me on my website that

helpful dad come I'll put a link in the

video description I write about lots of

things one of those topics is cord

cutting and streaming TV online you can

see some of the examples of the content

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reviews I also have a free guide if

you're an older person trying to get

into streaming online TV like me I'm

almost 50 I did all this myself and put

the research online I've got a guide

that will walk you step-by-step through

that you can get that for free on my

website but today we're talking about

Hulu so that's kind of focus on that so

there's really two options for Hulu so

Hulu is essentially a streaming TV app

and you can download it to your Smart TV

or you could download it to your like if

you have an Amazon fire stick or Apple

TV or Roku or to your computer or to

your phone or tablet you download this

app and then you can watch TV that way

so who knew would potentially allow you

depending on which version of Hulu you

got to get rid of cable TV completely

you need to keep your internet but this

could be the way that you would watch TV

normally and it would include some of

your local channels potentially

depending on your area so there's two

main options so there is regular Hulu

which you can see right here as little

as $6 a month and so what this gives you

access to is Hulu's streaming library

and so that's gonna include a lot of

older show

some you know older movies kids shows as

well as what we called Hulu originals

and I'll talk about that in a moment you

can watch on your TV tablet phone


you can cancel anytime and it may or may

not include ads depending on you know

the kind of service that you offer and

there are potentially some add-ons that

you can do so the regular service for 6

bucks is including ads you could add on

the no ad option or maybe some premium

channels as well too so this could

potentially be a way to even watch you

know some of those HBO shows like Game

of Thrones or something else if you're

very interested in that now it's not

just for 6 dollars you're gonna have to

add an add-on and we'll talk about that

in a moment

so that's the basic plan with the basic

plan you would get access to Hulu

originals and those who lose rigea NAL's

there's there's quite a number from here

they're starting to make a name for

themselves you can see some examples of

them here right and the biggest one of

course is the Handmaid's Tale which is

now a gigantic popular series coming out

again in June 19th you also have the

Mindy project Mindy Kaling from the

office as well as some other things as

there as well too you can see the

schedule on Hulu's website here of

what's coming out and when they're

premiering so you can get a chance to

see the premiere dates of coming up so

as I said you got a new series catch-22

based on the book then Hulu Handmaid's

Tale season 3 comes out in June and you

know you can go through all this

yourself and you can kind of see what's

on this week and this month etc but that

would be the Hulu basic package for

again just $6 and it's really a great

deal so you know again you might not

want just the $6 plan because you would

have ads associated with that but if you

already had another streaming service

that you're happy with say like a

sleighing or a Direct TV now and you

don't want to change completely over to

who lose placed Hulu streaming service

you could just add this $6 plan and

maybe add a little extra for the no ads

and then you can watch your Hulu

originals if you want however most

people are probably watching this video

I would guess because you want to know

about Hulu with live TV and so Hulu with

live TV is their streaming service

package so if you want to try to get rid

of your cable bill or lower it and just

keep the Internet

potentially get Hulu with live TV and

use that as a way to access all your

cable channels now on my website I do

have access to a free access to a cord

cutting chart and you can see it here

I've got all the cord cutting services

that are available and I go through when

I talk about all the different channels

that you could potentially get and you

know how many streams you can get and

have a DVR etc today we're talking about

Hulu so Hulu is 60 channels $45 a month

you get two streams although you could

select an add-on and get unlimited

streams you get a DVR for 50 hours you

could pay more and get up to 200 hours

and then of course you can see all the

different channels that are available

compare them to the different networks

let's go back to Hulu's website and

actually do this okay so Hulu with live

TV as you said I already talked to you

about that $45 a month they do have a

free trial okay and here's what we would

get now what you would want to do is you

want to click here where it says view

channels in your area and then what you

want to do is you want to enter your zip

code so you can see what's actually in

your area so I'll enter Mayon but I

encourage you to do that for you and

this is gonna show you any additional

local channel so if you want to use this

as your streaming TV service and get rid

of cable TV it's important to make sure

that the service has locals not every

streaming service provider offers local

channels sling which is a great option

doesn't do a great option with locals

and you most likely will need an HD

antenna in some cases with sling Hulu is

actually pretty good you can get in my

area local ABC yeah I can get CBS I can

get Fox I would get NBC on demand so I

just wouldn't get live there so that

would be the one- and then of course i

get some entertainment options as well -

but we're gonna review this at the basic

level so you can see all the different

channels that are available so there are

some plans for example like Direct TV

now that has what's six different

options then there is PlayStation with

one two three four options sling has

three options Hulu is one of the

providers that only offers one option

it's a package of either you like it or

you don't

and there are some ways that you can

customize it but not

really a whole lot so these are the main

channels that you would get so again

check your area to see if you would get

your locals you would get a and II don't

see a MC here on the basic you would get

boomerang you get some Disney networks

you don't get the Knicks Nick jr. etc

with with who lose basic package you do

get Cartoon Network I'm not gonna go

through all these here but you know you

get the ESPN's which is certainly nice

Food Network the FS networks FX networks

NBC golf but you know what's gonna be

missing is NFL Network which is not

necessarily easy one to find if we go to

the chart and you're interested in NFL

Network we would have to go through this

and see where can we get NFL Network and

NFL Network here it is is DirecTV now

just took it away fubo TV has it

PlayStation has it sling has it but Hulu

does not ok so again you can go through

this and you can see on your own now

that's the basic package you can also

add some potentially extra options this

is just kind of pointing out some things

for you of you know the different news

stations that's are available this is

all part of the basic basic package so

there's nothing you need to do extra

here's where you can customize okay so

you could add some premiums so you could

add HBO $14 a month so that's how you

get your Game of Thrones now you could

add this to the regular Hulu plan

remember that $6 plan you could

customize that with HBO then you can see

Cinemax Showtime etc I talked to you

about increasing your DVR from 50 hours

to a hunt 200 hours you could do that

that's an extra charge the unlimited

screens that's that's again it's an

extra charge and then there are some

network add-ons okay so there are

entertainment add-ons and they're

Spanish add-ons easiest way for me to

show you is actually to go back to my

chart here and I can show you Hulu's

add-ons so the entertainment add-on is

eight dollars and you would get American

Hero CNBC world and up everything that

you see here DIY fYI some discoveries

and science and then there's also the

Spanish add-on I haven't done that one

yet actually what's in the Spanish

add-on so for four for five dollars we

can get some Spanish channels including

ESPN Deportes

history universe oh and CNN that's

really not much else you can do to

customize Hulu so you're really kind of

locked in with these basic networks and

there's a lot of them so if that's good

for you then for $45 you know you can

certainly do it now but you're not

locked into any contracts so you can try

it for a month and switch to something

else if you don't really like it you

know in the past Hulu had not a very

good TV Guide type interface but they

have updated that so that's good they've

improved their DVR they've got great

access to originals and the other thing

I want to point out to you is how can

you watch it it does have the ability to

watch on a number of different devices

now your big ones are going to be Apple

TV Roku and the Amazon fire sticks you

know I recommend the Amazon fire stick

especially if you're really young or

really all they really easiest way to

watch online TV but you can also see

chromecast Xbox lots of different stuff

caving the Nintendo switch this

obviously includes them being able to

watch on your Android or Apple phones or

tablets as well too so that's the big

feature with Hulu and again what I would

say is if you already have another

cord-cutting service that you like and

you just want to add Hulu originals go

ahead and add the basic six dollar plan

maybe get it without ads if you're

really trying to get rid of cable TV and

you want to you think Hulu can be that

service for you you can try it for free

for seven days if you want to lock in

for a month you can do that and you can

just go month-to-month from there so

it's really a nice option I used it in

the past it's not my current preference

of choice I'm with Playstation view I

currently have the PlayStation core

package for 50 dollars as well as adding

on I have a Netflix plan and then I also

have I'm an Amazon Prime members and you

know with Amazon you get all those prime

TV shows and movies for free too but

that's just me you might have other

things that are appealing to you and

Hulu could be that option for you again

I'm just an average Joe I don't know

everything I really do appreciate your

watching if there's something I messed

up or missed or something you want to

point out please do so in the comments

section if you liked this video and you

want to share it with a friend I would

really appreciate that until next time I

say god bless you and have a great day