Where to Stay in Las Vegas | TOP 5 HOTELS ON THE STRIP.. in my opinion...

hey guys welcome back to my channel it's

shannon ashley here

and today's video is about las vegas

so if you're new here i make tons of las

vegas videos tips tricks all that stuff

but i do not perceive myself going to

vegas this year

but i didn't want to leave completely

leave out vegas content for you guys

even though it's august

so i thought i would share my top five

favorite las vegas hotels

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didn't make another video about vegas

this year i made

a video about my worst hotel experience

and that one was hilarious so

i'll link that down below for you guys

to check out but let's just get into

this video these two hotels kind of go

hand in hand together with

how i'm thinking and that is valleys

in paris they're actually connected to

each other which is cool

but i really liked bally's because the

rooms are

huge so you can book one bedroom and

bring an air mattress if you're on that

budget life

and they were pretty clean i think

they've redone them now

so they're probably even better so i

really like valleys and paris is just so

like the outside is so nice and the

inside's nice too

it still does just feel like a hotel

room but it's pretty big

the decor is okay and the both times i


at valleys and paris it was just a

regular two-bedroom suite so nothing


too crazy not sweet just a two-bedroom

guest room so nothing too crazy

but i did enjoy my time there i don't


like checking out the pools or anything

when i went there but i do remember

really liking

they have a really good buffet at paris

and i really like the casino area they

have like a good food

court like panda express chipotle all

that i would find myself there a lot

and then at bali's i don't know what it

is but i love the casino floor

i got carded there a lot but i also won

some good money they're not like tons of

money but like

it's probably the first casino actually

won money i'm not a huge gambler

so that's that but i do

like like when i gamble in vegas i

usually go to ballets like those

machines right there

are like where i feel like they're my

wedding machines but those two hotels if

i had to choose

number five those would be number five

okay so number four will always have a

special place in my heart because this

is the very first hotel i stayed at

my very first time in las vegas and as a

21 year old i did not film that i was

about to say i filmed that but i didn't

but i

do think i have a video of me staying at

planet hollywood so i will link that


but yeah i love planet hollywood it's

just so like girly glam glitch like it

just literally just feels like vegas and

not maybe because i'm from la and i

enjoy hollywood that's really like the

hollywood part of it but i really like

planet hollywood the rooms are

very well decorated they make you really

feel like you're in vegas

and i love the restaurants there i love

the shopping there

it's really like one of those places

it's just like a one like

it feels like a resort you don't have to

leave it's like right in the middle not

in the middle of the strip but it's like

in a happening part of the strip

so if you stay there i promise you will

not be

disappointed i also really like their

pool the past few times i've been there

they didn't have a pool party so if

you're looking for

you know a i don't think they have a

pool party

party period i know they have like it's

not like really a nightclub

but it's like a lounge that you can go

to there i've never been

um but it's just one of those hotels

where if you

don't want to be so much in the party

midst of everything you could stay there

because you don't have to see people


in their bikinis and stuff walking

around but you can still have like that

fun vegas

feeling so i really like planet

hollywood really just for like a girls

trip or even just for like friends but

it's just like it's probably like one of

the most perfect

affordable biggest hotels okay

number three is going to be

mandalay bay slash the delano but i

stayed at the delano we got we booked a

suite and it had a bedroom

and it also had um a couch it wasn't a

pullout couch or anything

nevertheless it had two bathrooms or one

and a half bathroom which was nice when

you were staying with like a large group

of people you're gonna want that

hotel's very clean has lots

of amenities and i really just like kind

of like planet hollywood where it's just

like a one stop because it's

really far down the strip so if you're

gonna stay at mandalay bay expect to pay

taxis or expect i wouldn't even walk

just expect to pay like taxis and then

not been or uber to get to the fun

popping part of this trip but what i

liked about mandalay bay

is that they have you know the beach

where it's like this fake pool but like

it has

waves and stuff that it's just really

fun for you to hang out

at and i also have like the nightclubs

they also have shows they also have the

day clubs and these are like really fun

day and night clubs you really don't

have to leave the resort at all like you

can get your whole vegas experience just

staying there

granted yeah you're gonna want to go

check out and walk the strip a little

bit but like

i feel like a lot of times when you

compromise where you stay at vegas you

feel like you always have to go

go go go go but if you stay at like

mandalay bay everything's there so you

just like wake up walk down to the pool

it's popping you know don't have to do

the most

and yeah when we stayed there it was a

really good time just because we did not

have to like

like it just felt like you were on

vacation like everything was there at


hotel people were nice if anything i'd

say like

if you really just want that like resort

hotel feeling

then planet hollywood mandalay bay like

those are great places to stay

all right so now we are at the top two

and i'm excited to share these ones so

number two

is the marriott chateau i love this

hotel it's so

family friendly and maybe that's why i

like it but it's also just

so perfect it's literally like one of

those things called um

why do i always forget stuff when i'm

talking to you guys it's literally

like a time share type of hotel where

you can

like marriott has tons of timeshares so

that's how it feels but the rooms are so

big they feel like an apartment so you

can like cook

there the couple times i've stayed we've

got in a two bedroom

so you can have like so many people so

it has two bedrooms

two bathrooms also has a pull out couch

full kitchen has cuts blenders all that

stuff so you literally

can get like a nice home away from home

feeling there

if you get what i'm saying and it's very


i've always like used that hotel to

save money it's very clean and it's

right next to planet hollywood so it's

not directly on the strip either so if

you want to be somewhere

where you're super close to the strip

you can still walk to the strip and not

i'm not talking about when i say walk

the strip you guys

5-10 minute walking not saying like this

20-minute excursion

no it's literally like planet hollywood

across the street so you could like walk

across the planet hollywood cut through

you're on the strip that's what i love

about this hotel the pool's okay

you know very family friendly though and

the rooms though

and the price is really what gets it for

me super safe as well to get to your

room you have to show your hotel card so

that's what i always like

it's like you're not going to have weird

people in the hallways

if you guys saw my other video you know

exactly what i'm talking about so yeah

i really really really liked staying at

marriott chateau i've stayed there

at least three or four times because

like that

is such a nice hotel to me it's not the

glitz and the glam it's just like the

comfort the home away from home feeling

that i enjoy

okay number one

if you know me you know what i'm gonna


and that is the venetian slash

palazzo i i've stayed at both they're


the same hotel you guys they just have

different names

i'm sure there's something different

about them but

i just i love it i love staying there

the rooms are just so

beautifully decorated and when you walk

in it's just so glamorous so

glitz so vegas i love it they have

amazing restaurants they have the day


and the night club there which i don't

like either one i don't really care for


personally but it's i guess it could

still be a good time personally i don't

care for it

so yeah if i'm going to stay anywhere in

vegas like my first choice is going to

be tower venetian just because

rooms are spacious they're beautiful you

can get quite a few people in there you

really feel like you're getting your

bang for your buck when you're walking

around they have a really pretty store

shops great food it's just like it's

kind of like the older 20 like when

you're in your like mid

to late 20s like that's a place to stay

all these other hotels in your early 20s

people say it doesn't matter where you

stay i like to differ but

those are nice granted you guys these

are just my

top five i know there's tons of other

really nice hotels to stay at

and some that i've never stayed at i've

stayed at caesars

i've stayed at the link you guys

go watch that video and i've also stayed

at excalibur

trying to think of where else i've

stayed and that's just like what we're

competing with i also know of the other

hotels like flamingo

treasure island all that i pretty much

walked into most of these hotels so i

know what i'm talking about when i say

my top five

as far as like luxury stuff i still love

to stay at bellagio the wind

what are the other ones cosmo i'd love

to stay at cosmo i'm sure

to be honest i'm shocked i still haven't

stayed at the cost but yeah those are

just my favorites i want to know what

your guys's favorites are below what you

guys think of my favorites am i missing

out am i too bougie

am i too broke let me know down in the

comments below

and if i do decide to go to vegas this

year i will be sure to vlog it it just

doesn't seem

like that much fun to me right now when

i go to vegas i'm not gonna say like i'm

really like party crazy type of girl

but i do like my pool parties in my


and i know they're happening right now

but it's just like table reservations

and girls don't really like to pay

when she goes period so it's like

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