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get a load of this place it's my last

story let's go this is enormous

I love the design this is class crushed

velvet seats I feel like I've walked

back in time we had to wear a tie to go

to the movies this isn't just extreme

it's luxurious I'm home I heard there's

a special story behind the installation

of this place something do a Florida

the homeowner was presented with 3d

renderings of different designs we sent

complete dimensions of the shell the

room was designed built and assembled in

Florida then taken apart put on an

18-wheeler and delivered here to Los

Angeles and then assembled right here on

site in 26 days in every theater I try

to look around and find the speakers and

I have yet to find one in here where are

they Murray the main speakers are behind

the screen just like in a real movie

theater so that the sound comes through

the image there's a synergy between

picture and sound all the surround sound

speakers are hidden behind the

acoustical panel and it's projector the

projector is not from the ceiling but

it's somewhere one of the signatures of

our rooms is you won't see a projector

hanging from the ceiling we often try to

actually build a projection booth so you

don't deal with the noise and also just

allows us to make it easier to update in

the future

we just finished a room where we were

dealing with an existing space

get away get away leave me alone you

suggest and I said I suggest you buy a

pool table so this I'm guessing is

master control right we try to make a

room intuitive we can control the sound

the video all the sources and the

lighting so once you sit down there's no

need to get up I can order stuff the

concession stand that you put in you're

working on that that's another update we

got work on there I'm looking at the

night sky how is this possible this guy

does have a star-filled ceiling in it

what's unique about this one is that we

have LED color lighting this ceiling

actually goes through the color sequence

of a sunset over five minutes and then

the stars come on and there is a

shooting star feature that we throw in

just for fun and let the client discover

that hi Marie it's time to take this

thing for a spin it's movie time