Home Remedy for Nail Fungus

hi everybody

this week I'm going to share with you a

home remedy that I came up with to help

my husband with his toenail fungus he

has had these problems with his toes for

over 20 years and has asked me to come

up with a home remedy that would help

him cure it once and for all in this

video I'm going to share with you the

recipe that I came up with and why I

chose each ingredient it only has four

ingredients but I believe that these

four ingredients are the most powerful

to help cure toenail fungus fungal

infections of the nails can be a

persistent and sometimes embarrassing

problem and occasionally can become

painful these infections develop when

fungi burrow under the nails causing

them to be crusty thick discolored and

distorted first of all what causes nail

fungus you can pick up nail fungus while

walking barefoot at a swimming pool at

the gym or public showers or even when

having a pedicure under less than

sanitary conditions the fungus thrives

in warm dark moist environments like

showers or sweaty shoes susceptibility

may be heightened among those who have

diabetes an immune deficiency condition

a history of athlete's foot or those who

are prone to excessive perspiration foot

fungus usually will travel through an

opening in the skin or a separation in

the nail bed and if continually exposed

to warm and moist environments will grow

in abundance I like using natural

remedies but what about conventional

treatments there are antifungal creams

available over the counter but their

efficiency is questionable the oral

antifungal medications are more

effective but not without bothersome

side effects ranging from skin rashes to

liver damage these medications should be

used with caution they can also become

quite costly now let me share with you

the ingredients that I used in my remedy

and why I chose them coconut oil is

known for its effective treatment for

nail fungus the antifungal acids found

in coconut oil are what make it so

effective for treating nail fungus

infections it also naturally moisturizes

the skin and replenishes a number of

vital nutrients oregano oil as you

probably already know is one of my

favorite oils I know

oregano works amazingly for ingrown

toenails as you can see in this video

but it is also known for its

effectiveness at combating fungal

infections keep in mind oregano oil is a

very strong oil and should always be

diluted I know it will work wonderfully

in this mixture of Awesome oils tea tree

oil is also known for its antifungal

properties and I found a lot of comments

online stating that it has worked for

lots of people so I decided to give this

oil a spotlight in my home remedy too

for our last ingredient

I chose castor oil because of castor oil

is amazing healing properties in its

antifungal and antibacterial qualities I

chose to put this in my magical home

remedy cure also this oil is one of the

most fantastic moisturizers I have ever

used and it is known to be great for

nail and hair growth so it will

naturally promote a faster healing your

unhealthy nail will grow out faster and

be replaced with a healthy nail in no

time if you would like to learn more

about the healing powers of castor oil

check out this video now here is my

recipe 3 tablespoons of coconut oil 3

tablespoons of castor oil 23 to 25 drops

of oregano oil and 23 to 25 drops of tea

tree oil I use a clean jar to store this

home remedy in I always prefer using

glass for my oil remedies because I

never want plastic leaching into my oils

and decreasing its medicinal qualities

I'll start by adding my coconut oil I

want my coconut oil melted because it

will make mixing the oils easier because

it's a hot day my oil was already melted

and I didn't have to do anything to it

once the oils are mixed they are ready

to use simply apply the oils on your

toes two times a day for at least two

months the nail has to grow out for the

fungus to be eradicated completely so

understand that it may take up to a year

to be fully rid of the fungus after the

two months can

can you the treatment once a day until

the nail has grown out completely the

summer months are the perfect time to

start this treatment because the warm

weather makes it easy to walk around in

open-toed shoes this encourages your

feet to get plenty of air and Sun which

discourages the growth of bacteria and

fungus before I end this video I want to

share with you a few tips to help you

while you are doing your treatment give

up nail polish and artificial nails

although it may be tempting to hide your

nail fungal infections under a coat of

pretty pink polish it can trap unwanted

moisture and worse than the infection

you can also spread the infection to

other nails wash your hands and feet

regularly and keep your nails short and

dry trim your nails straight across and

file down thickened areas wear socks

that allow your feet to breathe

synthetic socks work great avoid wearing

old shoes which can Harbor fungi and

cause a reinfection or treat them with

disinfectants or antifungal powders

before trying any home remedy it is best

to do your research and follow your

intuition because every body is

different I will keep you posted on my

husband's progress in the description

box down below to keep you updated on

how this is working for him if you give

this remedy a try or try another home

remedy that works for you please leave

your feedback in the comment section

down below

thank you so much for watching and I'll

see you next time with another tip bye