Bring Down Fever With Garlic - Homeveda

fever is caused by a body's immune

system fighting infection when a body is

invaded by viruses or external bodies it

increases its inner temperature by one

to two degrees so it can send the

antiviral a new signal to defend itself

against the viral infection thus fever

usually caused by cells when the body

has succeeded in eradicating the

infection which takes about one to two

days however certain home tours help you

strengthen the response mechanism of the

body and recover faster from the fever

let's look at how to prepare these take

8 to 10 garlic cloves crush them to make

a paste add 1 tablespoon coconut oil mix

this well apply this on your feet make

sure you leave some spots uncovered as

this will insure the heat to escape wrap

your feet with galls and allow the

mixture to penetrate in your skin

overnight wash it out with warm water

the next morning anti-inflammatory

antibacterial and antiviral properties

and garlic helps to eliminate toxins

from the body it also promotes wetting

that helps to lower the temperature when

you are suffering from fever

take a cup of hot water add one teaspoon

of mustard seed powder mix this well let

it steep as it is for about five minutes

drink this while it's still warm drink

this two times a day mustard seed is

known as a warming hope it encourages

perspiration that can low fever and

clean the body of toxins eat light and

healthy food accompanied by proper rest

consult a doctor a fever persists for

longer than two days as it might be an

indication of a secondary condition take

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