A beginners guide to choosing the right hockey stick

so if you're learning to play hockey one

of the first things gonna need is a

stick and if you like me when I first

started I had no idea even how to hold

one whether I was a right-handed or a

left-handed player so anyway I've come

down here to United cycle with Kelly and

he's gonna talk me through the entire

process from start to finish the process

we would go through Yuri when selecting

the stick would be one which way do you

shoot to which B would be the best stick

for you based on your usage so how are

you gonna use it once a week once a

month once a year or five times a week

we want and then what's your performance

level try to get something that's gonna

help you be better

then we help you find the right flex

then we'd help you find the curb that

you're most comfortable with and then we

would find them the lie once we've got

to cut toward the height you want that

we'd get you to put it on there make

sure we got the right lie of stick once

we get all those things we'll tape it up

for it away you go

so the next thing to consider then is

lye and what the lye means is that as

you're standing on the puck where is

that where is the blade Center so the

center of the blade here we want to be

riding in the center of the blade so I'm

gonna exaggerate some things but if I

were to hold my stick like this normally

you can see that the toll is a blade is

way too high if I was really tall maybe

and I was holding it like this you can

see that the heel is lifted so even

though again that these are all the same

stick and a lot of them are the same lot

or the same flex is that I'm holding the

sticks flat and you can see here that

they come up at different angles from

the eggs

taping the blade taping the the butt end

is real a personal preference thing I

encourage you to think about some wax on

there so you don't get any ice buildup

and then he can have sweet hands like