5 things EVERY hockey player should know about sticks before buying

hey guys Chris from hockey tutorial and

today in this video Richard and I are

going to be taking a look at some of the

things that every hockey player should

know before they buy a stick whether

you've been playing the game for a few

years or you're new to hockey these are

going to be some points that you should

bear in mind before you pick up your

brand new hockey stick we're also going

to be taking a look at some of the

terminology used with hockey sticks and

explaining it a little bit more detail

so in order to look at all aspects of

sticks we've broken it down into five

different areas there's a height grip

blade pattern flex and kick point so the

first thing nice and simple grip you

either get sticks without grip or you

get sticks with grid grip sticks have a

few variances 1s for example we've got

new ridges down the back as if you're

the different you want to stick to stick

however basically do you like to tack

you feel if so go for grip if you like

to stick to be quite smooth and by that

I mean fairly slippery going in grip so

next in the list is stick height now

this is going to depend a lot on the

individual height of the player at all

guys is just going to need a longer

stick more often than a short guy but

also this changes depending on the

players skating stance if you skate

quite upright you can need a longer

stick depending again on life but this

is something we'll go over later in

grade pans

somebody that skates really bent over

short stick if you look at Crosby always

got his knees bent use the really short

stick now there are going to be a few

things that will definitely happen

depending on your stick length if you're

going for a longer stick you're going to

have better reach you're going through a

short stick you're going to be better in

place take these things into account

when you're picking how long you want

your stick so those are some fundamental

rules that should be quite easy to

follow however as we always say here

it's personal preference as much as

anything if you prefer a short spear or

you prefer along the stick

feel free to just go with it whatever

works for you ultimately these are just

rule of thumb the final thing to mention

about stick length is flex some stick

lengths are only available in certain

places if you're looking for say a 77 in

Bauer you may not be able to get that

the same way you'd get a 75 in CCM so

just be aware of that before you four

gather money this leads us nicely into

six flex now flex is a number attached

to how flexible your stick is the number

actually means the amount of pounds

needed to flex the stick one-inch again

we have some rules of thumb that can be

followed for stick

flex if you're a player who's normally

going to be taking slap shots a slap

shot tend to refer a higher flexing the

stick this being you're going to put a

lot more energy in and going to want

that stick to really kick back

conversely players who are taking real

quick release in tight shots are going

to prefer a lower flexing the stick this

is just so you can get more force

through that stick without as much

energy as I briefly touched on before

flex does occasionally reflect the

length of stick you can be able to buy

so make sure you check your chosen

manufacturers stick information before

you make your purchase as you can

imagine with Flex is again personal

preference I'm a defenseman I need the

75 flex because I'm not the strongest of

guys ultimately again what works for you

is going to be the most important thing

but these are just some general rules of

thumb that might help you make the right

decision off the bat another rule you

may have heard is that your Flex should

be half your weight in pounds so for

example if you're a 210 pound guy you

should be using 105 flex this is again

just a general rule it helps if you are

a heavier guy with a higher flex however

if you prefer higher flex for your own

personal reasons

speak handling for example and passing

which very low flex for your own

personal reasons you like to bend the

stick like a fluke and blow an arrow

then go with it we've touched on this in

previous videos but you may have noticed

that some HL is so Johnny Gaudreau is a

good example infill capital is another

using exceptionally low flex sticks due

to personal preference Johnny Gaudreau I

choose the 55 which is I believe in

intermediate flex that's just example

that you shouldn't be afraid to go with

something a little crazy if it works for

you so one of the things that marries up

really well with flex is your kick point

on your stick we tend to see either mid

low or super low tech points on speaking

out it an example of a mid kick stick

would maybe be a warrior HD one or a

Bauer 1s similarly we're going for low

kick that's going to be a warrior alpha

or a CCM ribcor and if we're going super

low kick we're looking at say a warrior

2 RL or Bauer 1x now if your points are

well stick is going to flex so this is

going to change the type of shot that

you're best suited to with that stick

super low kick point sticks are more

often used for a snap shot or maybe a

wrist shot whereas for example slap

shots are going to require a high kick

point if you're really looking to get

most out the stick notice it prevents

you from taking any kind of shot it's

just certain sticks are better suited to

taking a particular type of shot and

that's where they excel you tend to see

that the kid point because it's the

related to type of shot shares a typical

Flex snapshots tend to have a lower Flex

low kick point sticks 1030 be used for

snapshots therefore you tend to see a

lot of say 75 warriors URLs or bio 1 X's

conversely slap shots you're looking for

a higher flex point you're looking for a

high kick point so you'll have to get a

bow 1s with a 100 or 105 flex that being

said if you're used to using a certain 5

flex and that's where you get on best

with yet you prefer about 1s don't feel

like the two are mutually exclusive if

you want in 1s and you want in a 75 legs

go for it these are just guidelines

finally we come to what is probably the

most personal preference aspect of any

stick and that is your blade pattern now

you can go to any website and look at

their blade pattern chart and that will

tell you all sorts of things the length

of the blade the openness of the blade

the depth of the curve these all change

the way a shot will roll off the blade

and the way you're going to be able to

use a stick to its most effectiveness

now as much as we can analyze how

different patterns are going to affect

shot in different ways this is the most

hands-on aspect of sticks you're going

to have to go out then you're going to

have to try a few I'm lucky enough that

I've managed to try for you in my time

and I know exactly what I'm looking for

now but at the time when I didn't have a

clue now the two most popular blade

patterns are going to come across our

bow is p90 2 which is the equivalent of

a warrior wo 3 and the P 88 which is the

equivalent of a w 88 these are two

completely different curves but again

these are the two most popular curves

you're probably best off starting here

and then moving on from there depending

on your personal preference these are

probably the best two examples of two

completely different stick pans

pa a is a slightly shorter blade it's

closed faced and it's very very shallow

this is typically a stick handle type of

blade it's easy to control on the

backhand but it's not the best we're

getting real hard powerful shots and the

closed face isn't the best for going


by contrast the p90 2 slightly longer

blade it's open and it's a toker which

means it's quite a deep pocket and it's

mainly located towards the toe

it's really good for going top-shelf

because the openness of the blade and

toe drags and quick wristers are what

this dick is all about the heel aspect

of this stick is also really straight

which helps it in the stick having

Department however I don't personally

prefer as much as I would like the Paea

so these two blades also come in two

different lives this is the angle of the

stick blade to the shaft this is

dependent on where your hand position is

when you're playing the game if your

hands are low you're going to have a

different light as you stand too high

this is to ensure maximum blade coverage

on the ice despite your personal skating

stance high your style though we have

only highlighted these two curves even

say there aren't many many more to pick

from especially in the North American

market you're going to have access to

hundreds literally hundreds of different

curves if you go across all makes and

models make sure if you're not happy

with what you've got go down to local

Pro Shop have a chat try and work out

what's best for you and give it a try so

most stick manufacturers will have a

blade pattern chart which will give you

the pros and cons of all their different

patterns whilst these are reasonably

accurate the only way you're gonna be

able to tell for yourself exactly what

you like and exactly what you're looking

for is to try things out so make sure to

get your hands on as many different

curves as possible if you can to get the

right fit for you

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