How to choose the right hay for your horse

hi I'm Erica from inside out equine

health today I'm going to talk about hay

so people like to talk about premium

quality hay to me premium quality hay is

hay that is clean dust free and mold

free aside from that all hay has a place

in the equine diet and is not

necessarily one is necessarily premium

quality over the other premium quality

hay is the hay that is right for your

horse so let's talk about a few hay that

we've got here so let's start off with

the really obvious one so we've got your

loops of hay which is really really high

in protein and calcium really really

high in calories and really really

palatable so all horses love the taste

of loosen well all that I've come across

so very very easy to get them to eat it

but certainly not appropriate to be the

only form of roughage in the it fried

diets just too high in protein and

calcium and sets the whole diet out of

whack however it's really low in

non-structural carbohydrate throw

perfect for insulin resistant horses or

even laminated horses to have a little

bit of it to get their calcium and

protein content and as you can see very

very palatable even to the fussy

thoroughbred and as you can see this is

a very very grassy loose and very very

lots of leaves and hardly any stalk so

this is really really high in calories

and to get rid of these calories you

would have to shake off all the leaves

like this leaving the stalks or you

could of course soak it as well and get

rid of the water that it is so amusing

we go to the other end of the spectrum

now so this is a native grass hay this

is Road take really really low in

calories sugar protein everything like

that but a fantastic source of roughage

and if you've got a horse locked up if

you've got a laminated course if you've

got a really really overweight horse

this is the perfect thing to feed it

horses need between one and a half and

two and a half percent of their body

wait in roughage every single day so for

a 500 kilo horse that's about 10 kilos

of hay each day or through today so if

you've got a left up horse and they need

to eat 10 kilos of hate and this is the

perfect stuff for it and it's very very

clean okay we've got a right here so a

fairly green right again depending on

the horse and its needs this could be

appropriate it's got a tiny little bit

of clover in it to make it a little bit

tastier but again this is a fairly

standard rye and it would be impossible

to tell it's sugar content without doing

a hay test and then up here we have a

bit of a mixed Hey now this was perched

as purchased as a grass hay however you

can see that it very obviously has

potent hay and in fact the whole oat

still in it so if you've got a horse

that has issues with sugar so if you've

got an insulin resistant horse or horses

even a horse that ties off this kind of

hay is not going to be appropriate yes

your grass here is okay but it's got

quite a lot of open hay in it so again I

wouldn't be providing too many horses

with this as their major source of

roughage but a biscuit here or there no

problems at all

so as you can see the type of hay that

is is premium really depends on your

horse and your horses names but if you

look like encourage everyone to feed

their horse high it's a fantastic

addition even in spring you know if you

wants to eat a whole lot of this in

spring you really sorted it helps

they've got and all that kinda thing so

it's a small variety of the Hays that

are on option