The BEST Hardwood Flooring (Why Buy Exotic Species?)

hardwood is gorgeous there's no denying

that when it comes to hardwood there's a

lot more to consider than just the color

the species of hardwood can have a big

impact on how durable the floor is as

well as how it reacts to sunlight so

let's take a look at a few different

hardwood species on today's video hi my

name is vini verka i'm here with big

bombs to talk about hardwood species

with you in today's edition we're gonna

be talking about the exotic species and

how they differ for some of the domestic

ones that we talked about in our

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single week first we need to talk about

the Janka scale the u.s. Forest Service

puts out the Janka scale which ranks how

hard and durable different hardwoods are

does it say that five times fast the

higher the number on the genka scale the

more resistant to scratching and denting

at the hardwood is it's important to

know that the type of construction and

finish used with the species does impact

how it performs these are general

statements that were going over by

species they will vary depending on how

the floor was constructed and remember

put felt pads beneath your chairs and

furniture as when they slide they're the

most likely thing to cause a scratch in

your hardwood floors Brazilian cherry

also known as jatoba is one of the

higher ranking hardwood floors on the

djenka scale and being a cherry it's got

great color variation it is the most

popular exotic hardwood species because

of its richness especially when it takes

a red stain and the light and dark

variation that's naturally seen through

the floor even when stained a different

color what's great about Brazilian

cherry is it's perfect for mosaics

medallions and inset hardwood floors so

if you're looking for something

extravagant look no further than jatoba

Brazilian teak also known as cumaru

ranks in the thirty-five hundreds on the

chenko scale making it even more durable

than the Brazilian cherry and one of the

most durable hardwoods on the scale

kumara has a minnow

graining so it's more of a subtle look

although the richness comes in the color

of the floor which can be stained to a

variety of different colors but

typically appears in a tannish to

reddish-brown color

Tiger Wood has become really popular

because of the extreme late to dark

variation not just board to board but

within the planks themselves Tiger wood

is a much higher jenker rating than most

of Essex 2160 though not quite as

durable of some of the other exotics

we've already talked about on this video

what's most distinct about the Tiger

wood is its greening and in fact it gets

its name because it almost has stripes

like a tiger Santos mahogany is another

one of these four so with a genka skill

rating of 2,200 Santos mahogany is

unique and that it starts actually

lighter and darkens into a richer redder

color over time unlike most floors which

when exposed to sunlight actually get

lighter bamboo is hard to talk about

because it's djenka scale rating really

is dependent on the way that it's

constructed it can be engineered it can

be solid and there are different grades

of the wood with bamboo so when it comes

to bamboo it's important to understand

there's a couple of things scratch

resistance tends to be pretty decent

with bamboo myth is the water resistance

hardwood by its very nature is a natural

product so it wants to pull moisture in

so while bamboo is more water resistant

than other hardwoods it's not waterproof

or water-resistant like vinyl plank and

some of the laminates that are being

produced today don't be fooled it's a

great floor just understand the

limitations that all natural products

have bamboo hopefully this video helps

you in choosing your next hardwood floor

are you gonna choose a floor that's

higher on the djenka scale does the

rating matter to you or is it more about

the style and color comment below and

let us know as we're curious to find

what you want