The best natural hangover cures

now as we all get ready to kick off 2018

with a big party we've got the best

cures just in case you get a little too

carried away on new year's eve dr. Jen

Ashton joins us live from Boston with a

look at the latest hangover remedies

doctor good morning to you happy early

so just walk us through before we start

here on the cures what happens to the

body when we're hungover well Dan you

know medically we don't totally

understand what causes a hangover but we

definitely understand that feeling very

unpleasant the leading theories

dehydration electrolyte abnormalities

there can be some gastrointestinal

disturbances low blood sugar obviously

your sleep is disrupted when you take in

too much alcohol all of this adds up to

not a good feeling yeah you just

basically describe college for me well

if you wake up on January first and you

realize you have overdone it what is the

number one thing to do call me I will

make a house call number two hydration

hydration hydration there's been some

theories that for every 250 milliliters

of mixed alcohol that you consume your

body loses a liter of free water so I

can't emphasize this enough before you

go to bed try to drink a liter of water

it will definitely help how you feel the

next day there's no question there are

also some newer trendier so-called cures

out there can you walk us through which

one which ones may actually do some good

right so I think we have them in front

of you I sent them to you from Boston

one of them is borage oil or you can say

borage oil depending on your accent it's

starflower there have been some studies

versus placebo that it can help if you

take it before you go to drink

same thing with Korean pear juice I just

like the sound of that it sounds exotic

it probably tastes delicious

it can help cut good I'm glad and then

pickle juice that's been out there for a

long time as the Matt are you drinking

the oh my god I listen it people say it

hydrates you well I think it is nasty

but do whatever works for you at the end

of the day

steroidal 'he's like ibuprofen they're

really really gonna help i will caution

people watch acetaminophen that's

tylenol that can affect the liver so you

don't want to mix that after a heavy

night a drink and of course the number

one cure is to drink in moderation dr.

Ashton thank you very much

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