User review VIP Hair Colour Shampoo | How to apply | Easy Hair dye

today I'm reviewing the VIP cutter

shampoo this is a very innovative

product which is supposed to be just

used as shampoo your regular shampoo and

with your bare hands

this does not require mixing or even

using gloves on your hands so as you can

see my Gray's are quite evident here in

the back on the sides and it's idea

it's just that out here does not show

much of the grace but when you finish it

up inside here they are part of the top

trace so the instructions are quite

simple there are three steps one is we

have to first ever wet wet our hands

although they do mention that it has to

be dry as well as no oil

I do like to attack at some point in my

hair so I'm still going to try it

hopefully that the oil does not really

not so much so the instructions go this

way I first have to wet my hands my bare


and then I need to take generous amount

of shampoo in my hands lather it well

and once I have the lava start applying

it on my hair and I think the most

important instruction here is I have to

wait for 15 minutes

I mean the lather in the hair has to

work for 15 minutes and finished

applying I have to wash my hands within

the first three minutes so here we go

that me just get started here

stuttering I

alright pour it I'm just going to shake

this and now I'm going to

applying it sides

nice in


just so that I PFC you can see that I

have nothing on my hands right now I am

going to take a little bit of this here



I think that at all

at this point I'm gonna wash my hands


leave intoxicate anywhere else on my

skin as of theater my hands are clean no

stains my air hose that's it

wait for 30 minutes before I shower

and let's see what the shampoo does to

my face

so it's been about 15 minutes and I

think ready to wash my hair but before

that I'd like to show you this is how

the shampoo looks like after 15 minutes

of having the rinsed it on your and now

just walking it and this one I use

regular soap so once I wash you will

either see the

what's my hair now I notice that the

first thing I'm noticing here is I don't

have any stains on my skin which is good

my hands come up clean nothing is

evident here as far as my hair is

concerned I did like you here here it's

all all the Grays are covered so I think

you did a pretty good job so I will give

you my review ones I have dried my hair

and we take the closer okay