Best Hair Dryers in 2020 - Top 6 Blow Dryer Picks

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hi I'm Alison and on today's hot tools

how-to we're learning how to use the

hair dryer to get more volume out of

fine hair start by spritzing a heat

protecting leave-in conditioner then

you're ready for the new cut tool

Signature Series hair dryer while your

hair is still damp let's give it a quick

pull blast to fluff up your hair and add

texture continue until your hair is

about 80% dry now put the concentrator

on which is included with your hot tools

hair dryer and use your round brush to

set the volume in the crown this will

help to lock in volume once your hair is

completely dry top it off with a quick

spritz of hairspray there you go even

fine hair can be full all it takes is

you in the Hot Tools Signature Series

because everyone deserves beautiful


I'm going to take you from wax dry to

face big bounce of style using the

Raptor one-step hair dryer volumizer

starting with wet hair blow-dry each



to ensure that later lasts curl the

section and hits the head


once the hair is cold I'm hidden from

the head



the dyson supersonic hairdryer is

engineered so that you can adjust the

heat and air flow for different hair

types to protect against extreme heat

damage for thin fine hair or short hair

use low air

for medium density or textured hair

which to medium air in Union for thicker

coarse hair hi Aaron terrific

we're very damaged four-color tears he's

low heat and adjust the air flow based

on the density of the air when using the

diffuser adjust the heat to match the

density or damage waiver for highly

textured hair or hair to China

manipulate these high heat and adjusting

air flow based on the Harris finish and

with all these hair types

don't forget to use the coal chuckling

to really lock in that style and shine





the fold and go dryer from andis offers

baked 1875 watt performance in a compact

lightweight design and uses nano ceramic

and ionic technologies to shorten drying

time and create smoother silkier hairs

the three heat and speed settings plus a

cool shot button help lock in your style

the Andaz fold and go ionic dryer also

includes a concentrator that helps

direct the air flow to a particular area

providing greater control of the drying

process the convenient folding handle

makes it perfect for travel or for

storing in tight spaces and with the

push of a button the retractable cork

makes using and storing a breeze and

this every style every groom every cut