Colleene Answers Questions (Ep.87): Best Gun for Arthritic Hands


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choline answers your questions today our

question comes from red rice three I'm

probably butchering the pronunciation

I'll put it here and it came in the

downbar of choosing a handgun episode


physical challenges and I'm going to

summarize some of it

this gentleman is trying to find a gun

for his mother she's in her 70s and she

has arthritis in her hands and she

initially tried semi-automatic but was

turned off basically because of the

weight and she liked the sights of the

semi-auto but wasn't real crazy about

having to manipulate the slide which is

really common with not only older people

but people who struggle with arthritis

in their hands

okay she then tried several different

revolvers so he had her try the Smith &

Wesson Model S P 101 the weight was

perfect with 38 special the weight

helped mitigate the recoil the sights

were not to her liking so she doesn't

like those typical revolvers sights I

agree they're difficult to line up and

hard to see on a dark target so she said

can you find that gun but with

semi-automatic sights basically so she

likes that squared off miss of

semi-automatic sights he searched and

found the widely Clapp version that had

perfect sights they went back for

another shooting session but the second

time she shot it the trigger bothered

her very common for revolvers have very

heavy triggers okay so he's not sure how

to deal with getting her something with

a lighter trigger you're not really

gonna find a revolver with a light

trigger unless you have something done

to it and then that's a whole nother

ball of questions there so basically are

there any arthritis friendly revolvers

is what he wants to know do I just take

a bunch of snap caps and let her dry

fire at the store

she finds one that feels good or do I

call her around and pray that someone

has one to rent

thank you for your vice definitely go

somewhere where you can rent handguns

and out of all the revolvers I've shot I

also have arthritis in my hands

especially my thumbs and my trigger

fingers probably because I use those the

most especially with loading magazines I

think I've kind of done some damage

there and I cannot handle shooting

double action on a revolver for very

long without severe pain in this joint

hurts terribly I also have the same

problem with really small micro pistols

like the Ruger LCP or the Smith & Wesson

little teeny what does it call a little

380 little MMP 380 Cal Tech P 380 that

one all those little teeny ones with

that really long trigger after you know

50 rounds I've got some severe pain in

this joint because of arthritis so I

totally understand what she's talking

about with the trigger out of all our

revolvers I've shot the Ruger LCR in my

opinion has the best trigger it doesn't

it's still heavy but it doesn't have the

same kind of feel as all the Smith &

Wesson's that I've shot I like it if I

were to ever go back to carrying over

water which I probably won't but if

Howard to buy revolver that's the one

that I would get I enjoy the way the

trigger is now the sights they might be

a tiny bit different than you know the

one that she shot the Smith & Wesson

that she shot but you're not gonna find

one of those with the big squared off

sights it's just it's kind of a balance

you know you might be able to maybe

paint a white dot that might help or get

fiber-optics put on there or something

like that but in my opinion that's the

easiest revolver to shoot now if she's

willing to try another semi-automatic

the one that I always will make the

recommend for people with truly weak or

with arthritic hands is the Sig sawyer p

238 it's in a 380 acp calibre it has an

extremely easy action it's very easy to

manipulate the slide it's very easy to


our magazines and cycle around into the

chamber the safety is fairly easy

however when my arthritis and my thumb's

is really acting up sometimes I have to

use the thumb of my non-dominant hand to

come up and thumb off and on the safety

it kind of depends because arthritis

goes in cycles sometimes you're really

flared up and sometimes you're not so

she'll probably find that that issue

also if her arthritis is causing

deformity in the hands which some people

do some people have hands that are so

wrecked by arthritis that there are

actually bending of the digits and

things like that then you have other

issues so if that's an issue please let

me know because I'm not referring to

that in this video if that's an issue

tell me down below and we'll we'll try

to figure that out but I would have her

try the Ruger LCR and the six sawyer p

238 and then let me know

what happens and hopefully you can find

a place where you can rent both of those

because that makes the world of

difference before you lay down the cash

to buy something it's definitely good to

rent if you can so hopefully I answered

your question if any of you have

arthritis and you have found a perfect

solution for yourself or if you have an

aged parent and you're trying to find a

gun for them and you have found the

perfect thing for someone with arthritis

please I'll leave that down below in the

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