Best Car GPS in 2019 - 5 Best Navigation Units For Your Car

in today's video we're gonna check out

the top five best card gps's in 2019 I

made this list based my personal opinion

and are trying to list them based on

that price quality durability and more

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in this video number five it's the

Garmin Drive 52 the American brand

Garmin specializes in GPS technology for

many industries such as sports outdoor

marine aviation and most importantly the

automotive industry

it's GPS navigators for cars have been

the industry leaders for many years now

and they've designed and manufactured

their tech in different price ranges

suitable for everybody while not exactly

in the budget range the Garmin drive 52

is one of their cheaper car gps's

however it delivers huge value for its

affordable prices with amazing features

performance and pre-loaded maps for the

50 US states and canada let's take a

closer look at this amazing GPS the

Garmin Drive 52 sports a 5-inch

touchscreen display that gives you free

access to pre-loaded maps of the USA and


bundled with millions of points of

interest that can be useful to you the

interface is really intuitive and easy

to use you can easily select businesses

from the screen without delving deeper

into the menus also right there from the

screen you can tap the upper head

details for things that can be useful on

your routes such as restaurants gas

stations car shops and many more the

major selling point of the Garmin drive

52 is its free traffic updates that come

from the company's traffic service it

has a huge number of roads in its

database and they're updated frequently

to give you the best options

it works by incorporating data from

other GPS users on the road Road

patterns at different times and many

different factors such as events and

constructions to help you avoid traffic

jams and spending more time in the car

than you have to

on top of that it'll give you alerts

about sharp turns speed cameras

railroads school zones posted limits on

major roads and much more to help you

become a more competent and safe driver

I was especially impressed by the voice

navigation which was not as robotic in

annoying as most of the other GPS

navigators compared to it's listed price

this GPS navigator is a bargain great

work from Garmin at number four it's the

Pioneer avoc a 201 NEX

the tech giant Pioneer has produced lots

of technology for the automotive

industry their car GPS navigators have

been one of the best especially the

Pioneer avek 8201 NEX this navigator is

the very best high-end GPS in the market

no other device can top its features and

performances however it comes at a hefty

price more than double that of its

competitors but if you can afford its

premium price point it'll make

everything worth it the Pioneer avek

8201 NEX is equipped with a 7-inch

multi-touch screen that offers you

maximum control from pinch to zoom and

different actions that we're accustomed

to from our smartphones for example with

just a simple swipe to your screen you

can select the next song or the next

screen on the menu without using the

arrow keys on top of that you can set

the perfect angle to operate comfortably

from the driver's seat while buckled up

you also have a remote control that's

included in the package that lets you

control the device without touching the

screen one of my favorite features of

the Pioneer avek 8201 NEX

was the intuitive convenient next

interface that offered the most

information that I've seen from a GPS

choosing musical sources was very

intuitive and quick because everyone

wants to listen to their favorite songs

on a road trip it synchronizes with your

smart phone excellently and even

displays your travel friendly apps on

the home screen for convenience

automatically this GPS features the

technology dumped as natural voice for

directions and I found it to be close to

a human companion and announces roads

landmarks and city names like a human

being not the usual text-to-speech voice

on the screen for ultimate orientation

you'll see the 3d landmarks and it

offers the best navigation on the market

furthermore in the package you'll get a

handy backup camera so you can park in

safely and you can connect up to two

cameras with this device and a dedicated

icon on the screen gives you quick

access to them the best car GPS on the

market but it's sky high price stops it

from being the best overall at number

three it's the TomTom GO 600 since more

and more users use their smart phones

for navigation and mapping GPS devices

have had to make extra effort to make

them stand out TomTom has been one of

those companies that survive this market

with quality products that provide

excellent value for their prices there

go 600 has been nothing but excellent

with this large screen an excellent set

of features such as the PIO eye database

great interface and voice commands on

top of all this it's one of the most

accurate and it's portable so you can

transfer easily from vehicle to vehicle

and there are reports that many buyers

have done so for their motorcycles the

TomTom goes 600 is one of the most

compact GPS navigators despite having a

large six inch color touch screen it

measures four point one by six point

seven by 0.9 inches and weighs about ten

point six ounces on the back panel

you'll find the large speaker and on top

you'll locate the power button while the

USB port

docking port and a micro SD slot are

located on the bottom part the

aforementioned screen has 800 by 480

resolution which is plenty for the

purpose and multi-touch capacitive

feature means that you get the same

functionality as your smartphone screen

the menu looks a little overwhelming at

first but after a while it'll prove it's


especially the search function the point

of interest search was one of the best

and it displayed countless options such

as restaurants gas stations motels and

other services by default it shows pio

is there are new your location but you

can search by city road latitude and

longitude and

even along your route and near your

destination the voice control of the

TomTom goes 600 was pretty interesting

but it has a learning curve to it and

it's not always on moreover on the

screen you'll see miles to the next gas

station or other points of interest Road

speed limits and free traffic and speed

camera alerts to your smart phone if you

don't need tons of extra features and

just excellent navigation you can't go

wrong with the TomTom goes 600 at number

2 it's the Garmin drive smart 55 as

we've come to know in recent years none

of the Garmin products disappoint

especially their car GPS line the Garmin

drive smart 55 is one of the best in

their lineup with excellent features

great navigating performance best in

business screen and alerts about

everything you may need on your trip

from congestion x' hazards staying in

contact with friends and my personal

favorite showing you the location of

parking spots near your destination the

Garmin drive smart 55 features a

gorgeous 5.5 inch multi-touch capacitive

display with 1280 by 720 resolution

definitely the best in the market the

display offers you pre-loaded maps for

all the North American continent

Caribbean islands and even Hawaii

bundled with countless points of

interest which can be selected by just

tapping on the screen without going

through the menus the screen is

excellent but not just because of its

resolution it's mostly because on top of

it rests a pretty smooth glass that

allows you to slide on top of it quickly

and efficiently one of its major selling

points is the built-in Wi-Fi which will

save you tons of time when you need to

make a software update or a map update

meaning you won't need to connect the

device to a computer when the time comes

the Garmin drive smart 55 also has voice

commands you can use for hands-free

navigation for safer driving you can

input addresses select routes and if you

have it paired with your smart phone you

can take cools and send messages without

touching anything with a Garmin drive

smart 55 you'll get 3d representations

of selected buildings and landmarks for

excellent orientation if you're in a not

so familiar area on top of that it

features active Lane Guidance with

colored lines so you can follow correct

lines on a highway for the upcoming turn

and you don't have to switch multiple


at once finally I want to praise the

garments free drive app which will in

turn optimize your trips for your

preferences and provide data for the

community this GPS is a definite gem and

you'll be pleased with its performance

and at number one it's the Garmin Nuvi

two five nine seven LMT on the top of

our list we have another Garmin GPS the

new v2 five nine seven LMT it may be one

of the newest products on the list but

it is a fan favorite and one of the most

highly rated car GPS navigators in

Amazon it features lifetime maps and

traffic updates for free it's Bluetooth

compatible voice operated commands and

countless points of interest with an

affordable package let's see what else

it has to offer designer looks wise like

all Garmin devices the new v rocks the

same design with its rectangular black

frame and a grey band on the bottom with

a Garmin logo on top of it it sports a

five inch touch capacitive screen that's

extremely responsive and sensitive

during my tests it even worked

accurately with gloves on on top of that

you can use it in both landscape and

portrait orientation but I felt better

using it in landscape mode it also has

an anti-glare coating that helps you

read the information from the screen

even in direct sunlight which is more

than welcome as other Garmin GPS

navigators the new V has the active Lane

Guidance feature which is very clear to

understand and provides excellent

navigation giving you stress-free

cruising in the highways eliminating

last-minute multiple lane changes which

can lead to accidents the upper head

feature shows you tons of points of

interest along your route so if you need

to make a cast stop the motel or a

restaurant just tap on the screen and

movie will provide you options Garmin

real directions is also present on this

device this feature essentially will

point out landmarks on your route so you

have better orientation in a not so

familiar city or area I found it a

little difficult to look out for

landmarks in the beginning however after

a while I found that it was very

intuitive but easier to navigate with

its lifetime alerts of traffic

congestion x' constructions or hazards

on top of the aforementioned features

the Garmin Nuvi - 597 LM T has no

competition all

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