these tear videos are proving to be very

popular on YouTube at the moment so a

thought I'd have a go my field of

endeavor is allegedly goth so my tear

video is going to be about golf

manufacturers the tears that have gone

for the levels wise we have got got to

you obviously that's the higher higher

than the highs that's as high as you can

get nowadays then we've got very decent

then we've got there then we've got put

that down and then we've got dog Mach

rated rating ranking golf clubs in order

so then without further ado let's get

into it first up we've got one of the

big boys we've got Callaway's when you

think callaway one of the first things

that springs to mind for me apex embiez

best-looking one-off best-looking and

you can buy today another thing oddly

enough that I think about when I think

of Callaway is the FG 3 drivers can you

remember the FT three drivers I remember

Phil Mickelson winning the Masters in 24

am I now you have to Westie three

drivers at a draw bias one and a fade

bias one so that's one of the first

thing I think about when I think of

Callaway's obviously we've got the Phil

Mickelson wedges which you've been

extremely popular sure that no yeah

again with koa we've got the magnetic

wedges which are hugely popular you also

have the Odyssey tie so I want to see

our own back Halloway idiso makes some

of the best putters available today

you've got the stroke lab series which

are the most current and popular putters

that obviously make you also have

another offset from the Callaway company

you have the two long design that's

their more premium Ranger Potter's kind

of looking at the Scotty Cameron realm

of putters price-wise certainly no one

criticism Callaway is are they getting a

bit too expensive not just of Callaway

that's with all the brands that we're

going to talk about in this video

however because of the quality of the

products from dragor to Porter all the

way through the bag I've got to put

Callaway god-tier to fly him a camera I

have to stare it in exactly it's like I

don't anything can see that right that

is which proper zinging in the eyes next

stop another bigot sir we've got


when you think of tailor-made you think

of Tiger Woods modern-day you think of

Rory McIlroy you think of Dustin Johnson

one thing that Taylor may do better than

most I think is paying the big box to

get the big boys on board so that brand

Association Alan Tory's extreme was

strung whenever you look on tell if

people will make the association with

the best golfers in the world using

TaylorMade Golf Club which is an extreme

smart marketing tool that they've

employed over the last few years the

clubs however also I've been making a

big impact over the last few years you

will look at the M series of drivers

before they brought out the M series of

drive as my main criticism a tailor-made

would have been that they brought too

many out across the year so when we were

looking at like our 11s and our ones and

arrow burners and jet speeds and

whatever far too many of them were

brought out each year and the one that

the product cycles worked in a way that

you can't sell all of the drivers in a

Pro Shop scenario before the new ones

will release so they don't really work M

series they've just gone M 1 M 2 M 3 M 4

so two drivers per year which worked

fantastically ever since in the p7 Twi

you have some of the best looking irons

money can buy again so there are kind of

one blade per manufacturer I'll probably

reel off that really aesthetically our

mega-mega pleasing but yeah the p7 TW

was our summer alt silently and even in

the port department something that

tailor made have not been renowned in

the last like god knows how many years

they've brought out the spider or

certainly the spider at all and I think

it was Jason Day that kicked it off he

was in that ever since then caught that

wildfire off the back of that they made

the spider X and it's just worked a

charm for TaylorMade ever since so again

from driver to put it even ball TP v TP

5 x also mint TaylorMade god-tier as

well next up we've got ping and now for

longstanding subscribers of the channel

you could probably say that i'm a ping

fanboy that is entirely correct you're

not wrong with that whatsoever

after ping ever made a back full cache

man back I can't remember I'm over

making a backlog now comment below if

you think ping of ever made a bad club

wacky down there and comments below

customer service from ping is absolutely

exceptional if you want to buy a set of

iron's I know that location wise I live

quite near the European 15 headquarters

which is in games Brits about 45 minutes

away from here and what they do if you

buy a set of ping clubs no matter way

bottom from if you take them back to the

fitting center on a Friday they will

adjust your land holes for free

exceptional customer service

fifteen capabilities a tremendous so we

obviously got the world-renowned color

coding for the ions as well

blueprints as the p7 TW and the apex NB

are like the signature blade design of

pings they're absolutely beautiful and

then you factor in the ant supporter

that you know it is the shape when you

think of a pata the portal that you're

thinking of right now is the an

supporter due to that incredible

popularity I have got to again pop ping

god-tier all these aren't got to you by

the way there are some terrible ones but

they're coming later on and whenever

good laugh about them next up we've got

Cobra now Cobra weren't necessarily a

bigot in my opinion in the Gulf and

Industry up until they release the f9

driver and within all the testing I did

earlier this year F man was probably the

best driver of 2019 when you think back

over the years to the most famous clubs

that cobra have brought out you think of

the trusty Rusty's the wedges that they

back running for quite a long time now

and in the last couple of years they've

been made a little bit more popular bad

rice and de Shambo and he's one length

irons and I think as soon as the

acquired Brighton de Shambo was a tall

player he's really started pushing the

boundaries of equipment technology and

really developing his own ideas through

Cobra and it's you know it's brilliant

to say you also factor in the you also

factor in the popularity of Rickie

Fowler and what Cobra doing here is

building an extremely strong brand so

for that reason they're not quite gods

here for me but I'm gonna say Cobra are

very decent next up we've got Mizuno

this is an interesting one problem at

and the best ions consistently

year-on-year of any of these

manufacturers I'm going to say Mizuno so

you the cater for all different types of

golfer feeling-wise they're just

incredible looks wise you've got the

bladed ones again that come out this

year that just looked sensational so new

drivers that Mizuno brought out are good

don't think they ever used to be but

they are good one reason why I say that

they never used to be was because you

look at the Tour players that Mizzou and

I have on their books which has looked

on all the always use the m-series or

certainly deviated away from visible

drivers but the recent ones like the St

180 and Coe very very good wedges very

good I know they've got the bettan Rd

association with the Potters as well but

yeah pretty much because of our good the

ions are I'm gonna say Mizuno not quite

got tip or the in strong to moderate

very decent next up we've got

tactlessness got a cameron for many

people the standard bearer in the golf

equipment industry i wanna start on the

golf ball the tactless probe you want

for many people and probably myself the

best golf ball that money can buy

they've got an incredible range of ions

wards wedges you think of the woods

they've got the extremely popular TS

range they've got a TS one two four one

and for not being as popular as a two

and three and you've got the new t 100

to 200 t 300 ions in past it's been a p1

ATP to a p3 you've got the ever-present

C B's em B's all incredibly well

performing good looking irons you get

into the wedges

you've got Volquez which is laughing

that the market share for the last five

six years now and then you get into

Porter's in you've got Scotty Cameron so

what more do you need

I think very easily for me is god-tier

because you look at that

Dravid sputter through the bag again

it's just pretty exceptional really I

think if you were to ask someone and if

you add the choice of any sponsor on

tour would you go for because of the

quality from top to bottom in the bag

the problem will go for tactless so

again Titleist got ear next door fit of

a funky one we've got pxg no doubt in my

mind that pxg clubs a sensation alright

know that from a lot of people that have

done some testing and shared their

results online it's as good as anything

that money can buy today for the problem

that we've got is that money that buys

them for me it's just a little bit too


I have always lack in these golf clubs

to roll it watches so I've got a watch

that cost me six pound I bought it from

marques de it's all the time it's

literally not skipped a second for as

long as I've had it and that's been

about two years so it's doing an

incredible job why would you buy a Rolex

that tells the time exactly the same

over my six quitter from market the Asda

it's a prestige thing into it people

will look in your bag if you've got pxg

items and go wow this guy must have some

serious cheddar you know I mean so when

it comes to performance there will be I

think well a well custom fits in every

manufacturer that will come out as good

as if not slightly better than the pxg

why would you buy it because it's a

prestige thing into it

if you can justify spending the money on

PhD clubs go ahead and do it you know

there's the probably will be as good as

anything that when we come back today

are they better and when I say no would

I justify spending the money on PhD

clubs absolutely not

for that reason they're going in to put

that down put that 790 but they're put

that down

next up we have Dunlop synonymous with

the sports direct brand

why why why would bind unlock clubs in

my experience to just break just just

like clubs balls just breaks they did

make one ball which was good and I think

it was called the VP one and it had the

really soft polyurethane cover you know

meant to mimic the likes of you probably

ones and stuff like that but to be fair

one piece of equipment out of God knows

how much they've made when you think

about don't learn what do you think

about I think about 64 degree love

wedges the puzzles got in his bag

because he can't loft it over bunkers

and I think about drivers with steel

shafts in and yeah there that's I'm also

thinking that driver was filled shaft

he's gonna snap at some point as well

and we out sounded too scathing I

wouldn't even buy a dunlop starter I

think that there's far better start

assets out there when you look at the

lacks of Wilson staff that we'll come to

later that the just so much better

quality for the kind of money that you

might was shelling out when you first

start yeah for me it's a big fat no

these go straight into dog milk next up

we've got Rick's and this is a funny one

this one so with the MEK some great golf

clubs nowadays tricks and they make

fantastic irons Cleveland is the one

that I want to come to an export day

obviously I think our own bias Rickson

or Cleveland own strict and restriction

on Cleveland not quite sure how that

relationship works they do make modern

day as well very good drivers very

good-looking very traditional looking so

you only have black

squat heads in the drivers a very

similar looking to the backs of the

tacklers now in 10 12 13 15 D range and

it's more like the d3 the the slightly

lower spin inversions so very

good-looking drivers a great variety

golf balls so you look at that mid range

of golf ball sector they pretty much got

that song up in the ad dribble three is

the soft feel and the Altis offs blacks

have before make some great combinations

in irons and yeah they're just a very

solid brand so for that reason these are

gonna go in at a pretty reasonable very

decent next door Cleveland as I said

owned by Erickson or not sure how that

relationship works great wages ever

since they brought the r-tx ranger and

AK remember even back to Cleveland see

g12c g12 of BCG 15 were really good

always had really good million in the

wedges self a really high spin high

performance unfortunately not that good

everywhere else I know that there is a

new launcher HB driver that just came

out that a couple of guys on youtubers

started reviewing not sure how that's

been performing I have heard good things

about it though the original launcher oh

my god first driver right with a carbon

composite crown you heard that ear first

pretty shot anyway don't don't quote me

on that I had that driver it was an

absolute beast I think I add a and shut

up in that I think I've got to stop

Cleveland shafting and it would just

mean carbon crown titanium face wicked

my first driver I think getting into

immense adults at that so yeah great

fond memories of that driver so yeah

probably better a few years ago than

they are now what you're still very good

though bought because there's not much

going for them at the moment wait to see

out this new driver in these new wood

sets come out what for me Cleveland goes

into there yeah next up we've got Wilson

formerly Wilson stop I think the now

just Wilson Gulf he was by current US

Open winner Gary woodland the ions that

the making it the minute the FG told I

think they are look superb the flagship

blade again just releasing driving iron

also looks mint you had the cortex

driver which was a byproduct of American

design shock I think we'll call driver

versus driver and people participated to

design a driver and the winning design

then got put into mass manufacturing

that's where the Wilson cortex driver

was born when you think back to Padraig

Harrington major days and when he

started being successful in the majors

that were using Wilson staff clubs

onions I think wedges not a porter not

the woods sort of primary lines even

back when Padraig was any

the balls at the next slide is a dx3 I

think they are a very very soft very

similar performing to lakhs of districts

and eighty triple threes ulti saath

saath feels those cannibals what for me

they're just a little bit dull as a

brand they're a little bit boring I am

fully aware that this video is not going

to get me any brand deals anytime soon

so I'm willing to take that hit but

again similar to Cleveland Wilson go in

there man and lastly but certainly least

we're going to talk about

Slazenger now I'm going to sum Slazenger

up in one photo yeah similar to Dunlop I

think they're just synonymous nowadays

for making clubs that break balls that

are probably more suited to pebble

dashing driveways than they are being

used on a golf course and yeah probably

good for seve but definitely good for

sever useless injury clubs back in the

day not so good for us nowadays it's

lessened you go into the dog Mach

section I'm sure you're not be surprised

to hear that rather if you've enjoyed

this video thanks ever so much for

watching of course these are just my

opinions don't take this video too

seriously this is just kind of a case of

me seeing what's out there in the

YouTube world then hopefully bringing it

into the golfing industry as that as I

attempt to do sometimes sometimes I do

it quite well I think sometimes I am

absolutely absolutely horrific at it so

I'll feel free to comment below what end

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