Is gluten-free beer any good? | The Craft Beer Channel

hi guys up to the craft beer Channel

today is an unusual one we're looking at

gluten-free beers we've had a lot of

people comment and say have you ever

tried them are they any good because

actually one in every 100 people are

gluten intolerant in some way so we've

only ever tried one it wasn't very good

at all

but I scoured Europe and came up some

more exciting ones what I'm going to do

is a blind taste test

comparing them to styles that have

gluten in so we've got a pilsner got a

dark ale we've got hot lager we've got a

Belgian amber and we've got an IPA

gluten is a protein which is found in

barley and that's where you extract the

sugars from to make alcohol and beer so

these clever guys have managed to make

alcohol from barley and then extract the

gluten that's left over and from the

mash the only exception to that is some

pizzas which is made with grains that

don't have any malting interestingly the

guys that make these evidently think a

lot of their process because they will

not tell me how they made them all they

will tell me is that they make it with

barley but they extract it and I asked

even for the tiniest bit of detail and

they were unrelenting so it must be a

pretty special process although at least

four of them have worked it out so my

glamorous assistant has been pouring the

beers and then mixing them up without me

watching so I have no idea what they

aren't so I'm going to use their color

their taste that smells to try and work

out a which one is gluten-free and B

which one I prefer and see if they

actually tally and then we'll know were

the gluten-free beers or any good so

we've got Celia here it's a premium

check lager - made in check and they

claim you cannot tell the difference in

this and I'm leaving other pills now

we're going to put that up against

scrimshaw which is from north coast

brewing on the west

okay they look identical

this couldn't fit okay so this one's got

lemon ad thin feel maybe a little bit

more hot but the lemonade and then it

seems a little bit froze up I think

that's going to come slightly thinner

kind of feel sweaty M my shadow is this

one much less of a hot profile and a lot

more a lot more depth it knows where so

I think the one at the front is my

gluten-free beer and therefore get to

cocktail up right so next one is the

hoppy lager so I've got some Peters

gluten-free beer it's kind of appeals

that they say but it's hot with amarillo

which is quite unusual so I hope

there'll be an orange epiphany kind of

note to it and that's going again Camden

Hills that's their super American pop

lager Amarillo comes up in a lot of

American beers so Mike when you trick at

the tail yeah it smells like a bag it

off this is borderline too dark for a

log not very carbonated

it's got like a honey kind of treacle

kind of thing going on there do you

really expect from a lager a little bit

of money I'm pretty sure that's this one

cause it's slightly off side it's got

that orange II pit the campus beer

tasting new evidence these are tricky as

normal umbrellas right next one

dark aid again these ones look I'm not

quite as identical as I thought we got

one that's a little bit lighter I'm

going to start with the lighter one

interesting that's got that slightly

savoury smell like the lager and which

makes me think maybe I've got the lager

wrong but it's really fruity lots of

raisin and tastes really like I hope

that's a gluten-free now that one's got

a bit of Belgium funk to it I think

there's a Belgian Easton and greens

why wouldn't we be here here here they

brew in Belgium so that might be a

slight giveaway now I'm going to go for

the full-on Belgian beer so we've got

dust and they they brew a modem liberal

belt of styles finally been around 1096

and it was much cool for gluten-free

beer back then and and I'm putting that

up again shimmy

it's got a slightly blackcurrant


that's an incredible bit one that's


which makes me think immediately if the

chili tastes Belgian you taste the booty

it's got like that really strong

something he knows I want a nail polish

pleasant very pleasant than anything and

the - much fresher and it's still got

this those kind of dark roots in there

but now we get over to here we've got

two breweries who are known for their

big flavors and you can actually smell

it smell it all the way along the line

till I got to here you've got McKellar

and they're gluten-free

I wish IPA it smells incredible just

like a normal one full of mango tropical

notes and then got rid of punk IPA you

want over that light Chee grapefruit all

kinds of things I'll start with later

yes that's got a really sticky mouthfeel

loads are no - hotter to finish it's

sweet and this smacks you in the face

I'll taste like a perfectly normal beer

on this one it smells so similar that's

much more bitter action with all the

others there's been a discernible

differences when something was made

you've done those two beers don't have a

look they have they have a lot in common

because something slightly different

than this one I really cannot tell

so that was my gluten-free bill garnish

assistant can you pass me the results

okay so that's me

wait I'm circling so that's bloom free

I've got that one wrong now got that one

right once I've worked out this

spectacular drawing it made me break in

I got the Pilsner wrong so well done see

you I can tell the difference between

yours and a normal filter from the west

coast and nice West Coast marquee that

so foggy scrimshaw next one got wrong

again this is the dark beer so that

should be there so move on to the hoppy


I got that one right yeah this one is

very very different it's much more sweet

much more honey a little bit more into

the finish this is the Belgian beers

basically Belgian doubles Amber's and I

got this one correct as well I cooked

the shimai a mile off and then I got

this one way as well which is a really

big relief because I love calm correctly

all five of these beers are great

actually some of the the recipes and the

alternatives of people coming up with

not only don't taste are different they

sometimes taste better and excellent and

I think it's definitely say that this

one it's just as good as anything else

you're going to find the booty I think

the safest thing for the senior and

different people that are out there

thinking they can't drink beer there's

this market that's coming out now I

didn't have to work too hard to find

these I'm from London so I guess it may

be a little bit easier for the u.s. look

for it is huge and you can get a lot of

all of these beers throughout Europe on

the beer website so if you are

gluten-free don't despair you can get

drunk on the good stuff responsibly ish