Gluing metal to wood

so I was tasked with saying if tight

bomb - with stick to aluminum so I got a

piece of wood here glued with tight bond

- to this piece of aluminum before I

glued it I sanded off the coating that

was on top of the aluminum so it was

truly aluminum - tight bond and I've let

this set for 48 hours so now I'm going

to take off the clamps and at first

sight it actually successfully glute

however well that's pretty good tight


my cameraman is laughing at me so now

what we're gonna do is we're gonna try

to put some extra force on here

so we see how strong it is

of course that's not even

pretty strong however I happen to know

when I took it off it's not pretty good

but when I removed the glue off the edge

they squeezed out it peeled off really

easy where to my advice been advice and

I'm gonna try to take it off this way

it's a pretty good strong bond and quite

honestly it was still the wood that

broke I don't know if you can see that

in the camera the wood peeled off but

still there's no glue left on the metal

itself except for the lead with it the

it still glues but I don't really

believe it's strong enough of a bond to

to really be any use normal multi-tool


finally just remember after every

woodworking project you should always

count your fingers you end with 10 good