Best George Foreman Grills 2020 - George Foreman Grill Review





George Foreman the number one brand and

grilling just got bigger with over 240

square inches of cooking surface the

George Foreman indoor/outdoor grill can

handle up to fifteen servings at once

and it has all the classic features

you've come to love in a George Foreman

grill the George tuff nonstick coating

makes everything manageable signature

form and heating elements deliver even

heat from the center to the sides of the

grill the included removable stand

allows for the complete grilling

experience indoors or out and with a

removable grill plate cleanup is beyond

simple the George Foreman indoor/outdoor

grill now serving your party of fifteen

hey guys welcome to wicked gadget world

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today we are going to do a review of the

George Foreman grill I'll see in a

minute this is the style that allows you

to take both plates offs that you can

wash them oh my god I think it was about

$30 on Amazon now pros/cons let me tell

you it has this drip tray so that's cool

and they've made it so that this bit

here is more curved so that the juices

will flow down better and obviously

being able to undo the actual plates

let's sketch this out

voila plate is off I'll add the plate is

on now it works on the outside too so

what are the cons dang this thing is

small just gonna give you an idea let me

use my hand as a reference so basically

we're talking enough for two people it's

tiny however my husband when he is it

says he loves it because there's less

room to have to clean and it is just he

and I and he can remove the plates so he

loves it the George Foreman grill that

you can take off the plates it is small

I have to say it is small on this George

Foreman grill yes it is small so if it's

you and one other person two of you

it'll work relatively well and the

plates removed which makes it so much

easier to clean than the original that

we had so I'm gonna give this four to

five stars the reason I'm giving it four

instead of five again I've said five is

perfect but it is small and the first

thing we had before had a little deal up

here that would allow you to change the

and the temperature so this guy's a

basic models what I'm trying to say so I

give it four to five stars because the

place remove and it still cooks really

well so definitely wicked hopefully you

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much you guys have a great one this is

the George Foreman indoor/outdoor grill

one of the first things I'd like to

point out and that is the box that it

came in I saved this because I want to

show how careful it was packed the

reason I mention that was I did have a

little problem if you look over here on

the side you can see that this handle

arrived broken now this was interesting

to me because it gave me a chance to see

what customer service was like the

repairs for this or any problems you

have are actually handled by an

independent third company not by the

George Foreman grill company itself I

called them and they sent a part out

right away or it's on the way they were

very good to deal with so I was really

pleased with that first part of the

grill you can see is the cover a nice

solid cover will take that off and

expose the grill you can see it system a

nice looking grill it's got the Teflon

coating and it's a very nice heavy

Teflon one thing I'm not fond about

though is the fact that it is Teflon

because a lot of the newer types of

grills including one of the new George

Foreman grills has ceramic coating on it

I've heard some things lately about

Teflon and possibly it's not the

healthiest thing to have I've seen

indoor grills like this before

I'll just mention this size I've got a

yardstick across here you can see it's

about 17 inches across so it's good size

it's compact but it holds plenty it has

two little grooves in the bottom here

actually there drains so this is all has

a raised edge and the grease can roll

down and there's a nice drip pan this is

much better I think that a lot of the

George Foreman grills that you see on a

countertop they just have a pan that

sits on the counter so this is a nice

setup also it does have a stand and it

will lift off the stand you can see on

the bottom it fits nicely on the table

so there's some nice feet it's fairly

sturdy on the stand it does move a

little bit but there is a locking

mechanism which holds it in place so

overall it's very nice grill one more

thing I'll point out and that is the way

it works its electric so you can see it

has it fits right into the handle has a

control here you just put it in right


and there's a really really heavy-duty

grounded cord which is really necessary

any electrical appliance like this this

heats up fairly fast faster than I had

expected it's also pretty even heat I

think this has probably made out of

aluminum does a good job of of cooking

so overall I think this is a great one

it's easy to take apart and store

it's nice use indoors on those cold days

when it's too cold to go outside when

you're live in cold areas like I do so

I'm really happy with this I like it

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