✅Gas Dryer: Best Gas Dryer 2019 (Buying Guide)

gone are the days of noisy tumble dryers

with simple functions these days it's

about digital machines with smart

features and sleek modern designs

they're bigger in size and more energy

efficient gas dryers offer a variety of

choices and options to consider they can

be a bit more of an investment due to

the fact that they obviously required

the installation of a dedicated gas line

and a 120 volt electrical outlet this

should be done by a licensed

professional to avoid fire-related or

electrical accents if you're thinking of

getting a new gas dryer you've come to

the right place because today we'll show

you our top 5 picks of the best gas

dryers out there to make your laundry

chores easier and less time-consuming

let's begin


at number one is the Samsung gas flex

dry dryer with steamed this

seven-and-a-half cubic foot dryer

provides a combination of a large

capacity dryer with a delicate dryer in

one machine it lets you dry everyday

clothes and delicate ones simultaneously

giving you more time to spend elsewhere

the drying rack allows you to lay

garments evenly to avoid damage to your

clothes and prevent them from shrinking

using the power of steam this

fingerprint-resistant black stainless

steel dryer features multi steam

technology to relax wrinkles and help

you spend less time ironing the steam

cleaning cycle also removes odor and

bacteria from fabrics giving them a

fresh scent and making them more

hygienic the gas flex dry dryer also

enables you to monitor your laundry even

when you're away from home because of

its Wi-Fi connectivity it interacts with

the smart dryer app to help you diagnose

problems and offer immediate solutions

straight from your smartphone its sensor

and eco dry features protect your

clothes from heat damage by optimizing

the time and temperature of the drying

cycle and by using 25 percent less

energy for every load it also has a vent

sensor that notifies you if there's

blockages in the air duct as well as

reminding you when it's time to clean

the duct to ensure safety and efficiency

if you want the perfect combination of

form and functions you simply can't go

wrong with this gas dryer from Samsung

it is an easy to read ice blue LED

display with integrated touch controls

which blend right in with its modern

design parts and labor are backed up by

a one-year warranty including the

control board


number two is the whirlpool 7.4 cubic

foot smart gas vented dryer with remote

start if you want to control your

laundry from anywhere

this smart front-loading dryer fits the

bill with the help of the Whirlpool app

you can start and pause the drawing

cycle while monitoring its progress

while you're away the 27-inch wide gas

dryer has a rack where you can place

delicate items for tumble free drying it

attaches inside the stainless-steel drum

and remains in place throughout the

drying cycle it uses advanced moisture

sensing to keep large loads evenly dry

it is a wrinkle shield plus option with

steam feature that uses water and heat

to release wrinkles the steam refresh

cycle reduces odors to make your clothes

smell great it's sanitize cycle ensures

your clothes are germ-free by removing

99.9% of harmful bacteria commonly found

in all households the built-in touch

screen controls of this smart gas vented

dryer from whirlpool help you create

customized presets based on your

family's patterns of usage he can save

up to 30 combinations of your own

preferred cycles to get the right kind

of fabric air for closed pillows hats

toys and any other items your drying

the Energy Star efficient gas dryer

exceeds government standards in

conserving natural resources it uses

less energy that will no doubt save you

money in the long run it comes with a

one-year warranty on parts and labor if

you liked our first two selections but

still haven't found the right one for

you well don't worry because we still

have the three to go before we continue

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now back to our list at number three is

the LG large smart Wi-Fi enabled gas

dryer with turbo steam and graphite

steel if you're looking for a machine

that's even more room than a gas dryer

this is your best choice with its nine

cubic foot and mega capacity they can

accommodate a full set of bedding plus a

king-size comforter in the same load

given the size of this machine you might

never even here running thanks to LG's

quiet low decibel operation reliability

is a must in a dryer you can count on

the quality of the smart gas dryer was

steamed from LG it's equipped with the

innovative inverter direct drive

technology that enables the motor to

directly rotate the washing machines

never rust stainless steel drum backed

by a 10-year warranty from LG this type

of motor uses fewer moving parts

resulting in a longer lifespan

expand the limits of your laundry room

by using LG's smart think app with your

smartphone you can be control of your

Wi-Fi enabled gas dryer you can also

manage your laundry with simple voice

commands as the app works with both

Amazon Alexa and Google assistant

turning on the turbo steam technology of

the smart gas dryer will bring your

garments back to excellent condition it

can reduce wrinkles in just 10 minutes

half the time compared to other machines

with steam settings the elevated door

design and the extra six degree tilted

angle of this 29 inch wipe gas dryer

will keep you from straining your back

while doing the laundry the on door

panel with control a cycle knob adds

class to its built-in functionality at

number four is the GE 8.3 cubic foot

ruby-red gas vented dryer with steam

General Electric is one of the most

trusted brands when it comes to

appliances it's known for providing

outstanding quality using modern

technology to make our lives easier the

right height pedestal that's integrated

with the front loading gas dryer makes

the height ideal providing comfort when

loading and unloading your laundry the

steam D wrinkle steam refresh and

sanitize cycles also featured in this

non stackable gas dryer can get rid of

wrinkles refresh clothes and eliminate

harmful bacteria by 99.8% all with the

power of steam

it has a detangle assist function that

stops and reverses the direction of the

stainless steel drum two separate items

and avoid causing wrinkles on your

clothes if you're always in a hurry and

don't have enough time to do a whole

load of laundry this model has a quick

drive function that instantly dries

items its moisture sensor automatically

stops the drying cycle when finished

having a hard time finding that last

sock in the dryer well that won't be a

problem thanks to the radiant energy

efficient and long-lasting interior LED

light this energy-efficient machine has

earned an energy star badge and is

backed up with a one year limited

warranty for the entire appliance


rounding out our list is the Electrolux

perfect steamed gas dryer with

predictive Drive this 8 cubic foot gas

dryer in titanium as an extra-large

capacity to drive more in a single load

it gently eliminates wrinkles using the

perfect steam wrinkle release option and

quickly revives fabric in 10 minutes

using the instant refresh cycle option

if you don't have time to keep on

checking your laundry this front-load

gas dryer has a 90 second predictive dry

system which can help to get you a more

accurate idea of when your clothes will

be done it also has a luxe care dry

system that prevents your clothes from

over drying if you cannot remove the

clothes right after the drying cycle you

can utilize the extended tumble option

to keep your clothes tangle free while

gently tumbling without heat fabric care

is one of the things we considered in

compiling this list and this 130-pound

stackable gas dryer has nine cycles

perfectly tailored for every type of


it's activewear cycle takes care of here

expensive and delicate garments you can

enjoy the ease of loading with its

reversible door and peace and quiet in

your home while doing laundry

due to its luxury quiet system the

premium LED lighting illuminates the

interior of the gas dryer and the bright

LED light in the panel allows you to

easily read the information and the

display window it's backed up by

electrolux's platinum star limited

warranty that includes three-year

coverage on parts and one year on labor


well we're now done with our list of the

five best gas dryers now that you're

armed with all the right information

you're ready to take the next step by

purchasing the right machine for your

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