GAS CANS COMPARISON-2017- What one is best?

somewhere around five years ago or so

this was a popular fuel can that you

would see in the big-box stores and you

just feed a lot of people at the gas

stations filling them up the one issue

is there's really no cap to protect the

end of this I think they made something

that would go in here that you'd have to

get that fuel smell on your hands just a

real pain and I never really liked it

that much so a lot of times these cans

right here we're just like sit in your

garage or wherever and like dust could

fly into there I didn't really like it

that much I ended up like making this

plastic cover with duct tape is that's

there's a better way than that about

four or five years ago I came across

this exact can right here this was for

my mixed fuel the 50 to 1 ratio fuel and

I figure why pay this is probably

somewhere in the twenty five dollar

range it seemed a little more expensive

but I was really impressed with the way

that it works you can see they push the

button right there has a cap you know

it's always on there this works very

well the one thing that I thought was

pretty cool

well before I get into my full review

just have like an auto shutoff so when

that's inside like your line trimmer you

would or your chainsaw or whatever it

went over flow it kind of had a sense of

when to shut off automatically I thought

I was right so then a few years ago I

saw someone from the shurkia company

they commented on one of my videos

reviewing one of these two cans here and

I saw that it has a flip-down thing and

I wasn't real sure about it now I see

them in Banaras to see them Lowe's not

sure Home Depot's are in there yet or

not this runs about $45 roughly the no

spill I think this one runs about 35 I'm

seeing these a lot of the big-box stores

as well - including like your tractor

supply stores I believe

this can I just picked up this week I

always thought these are pretty awesome

I would see like in hardware stores or

equipment rental stores this is what

they use to top off their tanks and they

really never seem to spill any fuel

using this the only concern that I have

with this is the funnel right here could

get dirt and debris in it so I guess you

could take it ah you're not using it

maybe wrap it in something so I filmed

some of these right here and timing how

long it takes for them to fill up your

your mower or and how well like works

for like putting fuel in your trucks

things like that

for anything we're going on no school


hopefully there's no spill okay I like

this with three in the top you can see

in there easy

nice big spell y'all gonna go around

yeah you can go around a little bit


sir can you sure can do that all right

I'm coming up with joke trolleys this

one it's a 45-degree angle so you can't

see there let me going to get down a

little bit so this one I'm actually only

recommendation I would say this is just

my personal preference is to have it on

the top so you can see there laser not

at the angles like that so here's the

safety can either these are a little

trickier to fill laterally going to take

the funnel off yeah do that up here

ciello certain thinking

that's the para confusing from CB down

such as doing there

can you get in there computers of screen

helping that screen comes out so you

just put it there hopefully doesn't

splash that screen doesn't cause it to

splash I don't mind go full we're going

to put five gallons in here so it looks

like if you're doing it you can just let

it go on its own I'm going to trickle it

in if they forgetting close to five

gallons which I am let's slide down then

you can leave the funnel off or you can

put it on spring-loaded I think I will

use a funnel off right now so here we

have the shirt hand and I have exactly

five gallons of fuel in here we're going

to see how long it takes to fill up the

term tiger here all right

ready to start the test sorry about the


here we go already set so alright

it's feline I'm going to guess this guy

take about three minutes so I probably

won't let you sit here through the whole

entire three minutes but I will show you

the exact amount of time it takes I like

this because I can just squeeze the

trigger rested on something there's a

like finger grips you want hold it right


it's nice to be flexible right there

let's top so you can make those awkward

angles almost there and that's about it

all right we'll call about right there

now it's good yeah all right but you

just tilt it back up turn that on store

it into place

beautiful okay now we have the no-spill

gas can five gallons this cap broke off

no big deal

sticks on there very well still dust cap

we're going to set off the side a minute

all right let's see how fast we can

empty five gallons all right we do is

you push the green knob here ready set

and hold it down ray set go oh so we

have to stop we're getting full we're

almost to the end we got a stop right

there all right ready go

and stuff we're gonna test the Eagle

safety can since it's dark outside I

figured I would just fill this empty

five yon can instead of filling my mower

with it actually I think my bar is

pretty boy don't ever thrown a book like

more gallons in so here we're going to

test it okay so here we go I've never

used this before I'm thinking I can like

open that wide all the way full and just

pour it all in there so we'll see how it

goes all right racer timer set go well

it's really pulling back can you get it

closed up inside of there see how it

just really got one out class I have a

wide open but I did the little splash on

me so you might get a little more

splatter just tiny bit this is amazing

how fast this goes and that's it so

we're going to check the time on this I

will have the numbers down below to see

which one is the fastest I'm thinking of

this one most of the time there's PS

cans are used for filling up your

equipment like your trackers your mowers

things are on the house snow lures but

once a while you may be really low and

yet don't have enough feet the gas

station see you try to fill up your

vehicle with it so the first one to show

is the no spill this one

they actually make an extension for

things they were on $10 I think it's

like a flexible extension I didn't buy

it but if you had to you can angle that

and kind of get it in there I showed

this in another video so I recommend

getting that extension if you're alright

now there's this this looks like it

would be pretty tricky I don't know if


I hope you can angle that or not I mean

now I can't angle kidding little phone

so if you have this full it looks like

you can get just the top of that in

there so I'm guessing I could put just a

little bit in but from what I can see

this is another work very well you might

need another phone before in let's see

if this works unscrew it

as you can see put that right in there

screw the trigger you're filling it up

no problems all right so you ready for

my final results the winner of the three

well I guess when I have a couple

different categories

whenever I have gone to rent equipment

or a hardware store where the rest stuff

I have to see this key right here and

I'd say this is probably the best for

like the quickest so they just want to

go up to the wood splitter and fill it

up they don't have to twist much they

just walk over to it lift that back and

they're pouring fuel and races away so

this is probably the quickest easiest

for that application

so there's somebody that's just filling

up your lawn equipment I would say this

one probably isn't gonna be your traffic

because you have to deal with the funnel

take it off or you can get dirt in the

funnel and filling it here just you know

taking the foot file on off that's a

little more inconvenient than these two

models so let's take this off to the

side I'll compare these two head head

for two off like your lawn equipment

where things are on the house so the

winner between these two I'd say they're

both pretty comparable they both did a

great job I like the way that

everything's contained there's no

funnels they both feel relatively fast

identical so yeah the short can get the

edge because it has this spout that goes

down so if you want to slow up your

vehicle you can do it really easy and

like there's a little hand grip

underneath so when you're holding it you

have this hand up here let's hand down

here yeah so wrong I'd say if you have

either these two you're going to do

great with them I had this one the

longest and I really liked it and I just

bought this beginning of the mowing

seasons the sure can so it's the most

expensive but it probably has the best

features so you could buy a funnel

adapter to this but so both of them you

can plumb in your car you don't

I like that strong fuel smell or one of

them tipped over you want to worry about

it dumping gas like in the back your SUV

or me applause the back your truck or

whatever in case something you know

wasn't strapped down properly so all

right so please put your comments down

below which one you like the best and if

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